LifePoints Review-Your Goldmine For Making Money With Survey Taking Or Just Another Scam?

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Is LifePoints your goldmine for making money with survey taking or just another scam and waste of time? 

As you search for opportunities to make money from the comfort of home, you may have come across LifePoints. LifePoints is a platform that allows its users to make money by performing specific actions such as survey taking and product testing. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities LifePoints has to offer then read on to find out more. 

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LifePoints provides a platform where over 5 million members get rewards and cash for performing micro tasks. To date, the company has paid out more than $22 million dollars to their members. Their members receive payments for doing different tasks such as product testing, behavior tracking, completing surveys, completing mini-polls, and more. The company was created by Lightspeed which is an analysis and global research company. 

LifePoints offers companies the chance to get in-depth market research facts for their target market. It also offers in-depth,  current information about consumer preferences so that businesses can better tailor their offers. At the same time, they provide people with the opportunity to make income from home doing simple and straightforward tasks. 

Users can receive their points for: 

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal payouts
  • Charitable donations

When Did LifePoints Start?

LifePoints is owned and operated by LightSpeed which is a Kantar Group company that has been providing survey services since 1946. They are now a worldwide company that is available in 45 countries.  

What is LifePoints All About?

LifePoints offers their users the opportunity to earn money or gift cards by taking surveys. Once a survey is completed, members can redeem their points for gift cards for popular brands. Some of the companies that the gift cards can be redeemed with include iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon, and more. Users can also redeem the points for PayPal credit. 

Users Make Money With LifePoints By: 

  • Signing Up
  • Taking surveys
  • Product Testing
  • Recording Behaviors

How Much Can You Earn With LifePoints? 

Although it sounds fun to get paid for taking surveys and completing other simple tasks, when it comes down to it, you will want to know how much you can actually earn. It helps to know how much LifePoints are worth and how you can redeem them. Typically, one LifePoint equates to about 8.3 to 9.09 cents. It will take about 550 LifePoints to get a $5 gift card. It’s also important to note that LifePoints do expire after 3 years. 

Is LifePoints Worth Your Time?

As with any income opportunity, there are always certain benefits and disadvantages to be aware of. It helps to know this ahead of time so you can be sure of whether or not this opportunity is the right one for you. 


  • Earn rewards reasonably quickly as soon as you earn a minimum of 550 points.
  • Choose from well-known gift card brands to redeem your rewards. 
  • The website shows the estimated time it will take to complete surveys prior to you getting started. 


  • Not many different ways to earn points as survey taking is the most common method on this site. 
  • Long wait times to cash out and redeem rewards (10 day wait time). 
  • No rewards for video watching, gaming, or other fun activities

What Are People Saying About LifePoints Review?

“This is a great website to earn money although it took me 2 months to have my first cash out. Probably because of my profile and a not-so-frequent visit on the site. But this is a guaranteed paying website. You just need to answer surveys and earn lifepoints(LP).” -Jay Mark F. 

Someone else said:

Lifepoints is simply an overly controlled low self esteem website. Invariably there are technical problems. But unless you agree with everything support tells you about completed and not paid surveys to you — they withhold further surveys for weeks. Their explanation is that this is normal. They are passive/ aggressive and revengeful Horrible employees dump on survey takers. But you must tell them they are perfect. Ridiculous and pathetic.” 

– Anonymous

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Our Conclusion For Lifepoints:

If you have been wondering how to make some extra cash with very little work, then taking surveys may be a great option for you. LifePoints can offer the cash or perks you are looking for especially if you have the spare time. However, if you want to make this your full time income, you will need to look elsewhere. The payout and rewards you will make for the amount of time you spend will be very small in comparison so you will need to find other online income opportunities to make a steady stream of income. 

Do you have a different opinion or experience than our LifePoints Review? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your comments below and be sure to check back often for more informative reviews on work from home opportunities. 

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  1. Thank you for this LifePoints Review. I think you have summed it up pretty well. My personal experience of trying out survey taking was that it is just not worth the time for the minimal rewards. In addition, I found that once I had taken a survey, I had loads of spam into my inbox offering me insurance, medical insurance, motor car insurance and other retail products. It took quite some time to unsubscribe from everything. Affiliate marketing is definitely a much better option.

    1. Good eveing Jenni Elliott, and thank you for sharing your experience and recommendations with us. I’m pretty sure everyone who visits and reads thos post will find it useful. Thank you so much for commenting Jenni.

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