CoinBulb Review- Make Money Just Clicking Ads Or A Scam?

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Can you really make an income just by clicking on ads with CoinBulb? Read on to find out whether or not you can earn an online income or if it is all just a scam. 

How would you like to get paid just to click on ads? If this sounds too good to be true, then you should read on to find out more information. One of the websites that offers this opportunity is CoinBulb. They are well known for providing the opportunity to earn Bitcoin for surfing websites and clicking on paid links. This Paid To Click (PTC) site is one of the newer websites offering this income-earning option.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we’re going to break it down to the basics to let you know whether or not this opportunity is worth your time or not. We specialize in reviewing work from home opportunities for our valued readers. By taking the time to perform in-depth research, we hope to save you time and money as you pursue your online career.


CoinBulb (Website is off-line now) is a growing Paid to Click or PTC website that provides users with two different ways to make money. This site will provide you with Bitcoin if you perform different tasks. The amount provided will vary depending on how much time is spent viewing the ads and how many clicks are made.

When did CoinBulb start?

CoinBulb started in 2016 and claims to provide memberships for users to earn Bitcoin faster and more effectively.

What is CoinBulb all about?

CoinBulb is essentially a pay-to-click site that pays users in Bitcoin based on actions performed. In this case, those actions are clicks on advertisements made on advertisers’ websites. It is also possible to sign up with CoinBulb as an advertiser. To advertise your advertisements on CoinBulb, you will need to deposit credits into your Advertisement Balance and you will need a minimum of 0.10000 mBTC. mBTC stands for millibit which amounts to 0.001 Bitcoin. (BTC)

The price of CoinBulb ads as well as the amount compensated for clicking on them is all calculated in Satoshi. This is the smallest unit of Bitcoin which equates to one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.

Cashing Out With CoinBulb:

Cashing out your CoinBulb account is actually pretty simple as you will need to send the funds to your Bitcoin Wallet. To cash out, you will need to have earned a minimum of 0.2 mBTC. The other way that you can cash out is to send your funds to Faucethub where you will need 0.05 mBTC to cash out. Payments are manually completed within 72 hours.

How to Join CoinBulb?

People interested in making money by clicking on advertisements can join CoinBulb in one of two ways; either with a free plan or with a paid, Premium plan. To sign up, you can just go to the website and complete the registration form.

The free plan offered by CoinBulb allows you to earn from your clicks as well as from referrals. This plan provides 100% earnings from your clicks, 8.5% for clicks that come from referrals, and 1.5% for referral deposits.

With CoinBulb’s premium plans, you can earn 200% from your earnings which is twice as much as the free plan. Referral clicks pay 17.5% and referral deposits will payout at 12.5%. The Premium plan offered by CoinBulb lasts for 90 days and will need to be renewed after that time. The cost of this Premium plan is 0.0005 BTC (Bitcoins).

How Much Can You Expect To Earn With CoinBulb?

Users of the CoinBulb site will need to watch ads for a certain amount of time ranging from 10 seconds up to one minute before they can earn their reward. For every ad that is viewed, a user can earn up to 0.00100 mBTC.

Most of the time when people are cashing out on CoinBulb, they are earning less than $1 USD. If a user spends 10 seconds watching an ad and earns .00000010 BTC, they will be essentially earning about 36 cents per hour.

Is CoinBulb worth your time?

The question of whether or not CoinBulb is worth your time depends on your goals for making money online. If you just want some spare change, then you can benefit from spending time on CoinBulb clicking on ads, or referring others to the site and earning from their activity. However, if you want to create a real and sustainable income online, then CoinBulb may not be worth it for you. The amount that you can make is very low and so you will need to spend hours each day just to convert all of that effort into dollars.


  • Entry-level beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use and the actions are very simple to perform
  • You can make money by referring others to the website


  • The amount you earn for the time you spend is very minimal
  • It takes a long time to finally make enough to cash out your earnings
  • Not a sustainable source of income

What users are saying about CoinBulb?

A very dissatisfied user wrote:

“I ever regretted investing with this site, they took all my hard-earned savings without returns.. after my first and second deposits, I requested a withdrawal. All of a sudden my account was deactivated. But I was fortunate enough to get my initial deposit out of their portal with the help of a recovery expert from Australia.” -Molley Adrienne

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Our Conclusion For CoinBulb:

CoinBulb does not appear to be a scam but instead is a legitimate website where users can earn money by clicking on ads. This doesn’t mean that we’re recommending it as a source of earning money online though. It looks like you would have to spend a very long time on CoinBulb to even begin earning anything worth mentioning. Our official recommendation is to avoid this site and spend your time elsewhere so you can make a real income online.

If you have a different opinion about CoinBulb, we would love to hear about it! Do you have questions or comments about our review? If so, be sure to leave them below. Thank you again everyone for reading our review about CoinBulb and we wish you the best.

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