Max International Review- Your ticket to financial freedom or the latest MLM scam? 

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Is Max International your ticket to financial freedom or the latest MLM scam? 

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Max International is one of the most well-known health-based MLM companies, with a wide selection of products focused on the protein Glutathione. During his research, Dr. Robert H. Keller (while in a meeting with one of the founders Steve K. Scott), shared his clinical studies on a patented breakthrough formula. Dr. Keller had been using the product with his patients for over ten years and had witnessed some incredible results. This would begin the journey towards the creation of Max International, which would take the health industry by storm.

When Did Max International Start?

Max International was founded in 2007 and the 3 founders include Steven K. Scott, Gregory Fullerton, and Fred Ninow.

What is Max International All About?

Max International is a multi-level marketing company founded by Steven K. Scott. The company sells health-related products based on Glutathione and allows it’s distributors to build an online business around the products by recruiting other distributors.

There are different earning levels within the company that will allow you to earn certain benefits, rewards, and income so that you can eventually enjoy financial freedom. However, the percentage of high earners is smaller than the number of distributors, which is similar to many other MLM companies.

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Max International Products:

The Max International product lineup includes products that fall under the umbrellas of Nutrition, Skin Care, and Weight Management.

Max International Products Include:


  • MaxGXL: Increases and supports the body’s levels of Glutathione
  • MaxATP: Offers the cells fuel and energy
  • MaxOne: Provides support to cells so they can function optimally
  • MaxNFuze: Protects the body from free radicals and supports the body’s levels of Glutathione
  • CellGevity: A formula made of Riboceine that provides advanced levels of Glutathione

Skin Care

  • One Minute Wonder: Exfoliates the skin
  • Facial Serum: Smooths and tightens the skin
  • Visible Solutions: A pack with the full line of skincare products
  • Purifying Cleanser: Refresh and cleanse the skin
  • Soothing Moisturizer: A natural skin moisturizer


  • Switch: A stimulant-free pill that helps with metabolism
  • Curb: A fiber-rich nutrition bar

How To Join Max International:

Like many MLM companies, there is a fee to become an independent associate with Max International. You will need to pay $49 to enroll and this comes with a starter kit and access to all of the company’s back-office tools.

Some of The Benefits & Bonuses:

Max International has its own selection of rewards, benefits, and bonuses that it’s independent associates can strive towards.

These bonuses include:

  • Retail benefits: If an associate buys a product at a wholesale price, they can sell it at the retail price.
  • FastTrack Bonus: When a newly sponsored associate buys their starter pack, you get weekly FastTrack commissions.
  • Preferred Customer Bonus: Preferred customers who are on auto-ship allow you to get commissions from their purchases.
  • Double FastTrack Bonus: Associates get the chance to double their fast track bonuses.
  • Team Bonus: You get a percentage of sales from your sponsored associates and their downline.
  • Unlimited Seven Level Matching Check Bonus: You get 50% of commissions from anyone personally sponsored by you up to 7 levels.
  • Diamond and Platinum Leadership Pool: You get bonuses for getting to higher levels within the company.
  • Global Bonus Pool: A percentage of the company’s commissionable volume is paid out to qualifying associates.

How Much Can You Earn From Max International?

To maintain your Max International account, you will need to bring in at least $100 every month. If you aren’t then you will need to pay this amount to keep your account open. This would leave you in the red for $1,200 a year if you aren’t making any income. If you are a senior associate, bronze, or silver associate within the company, your average monthly commissions range from $18.14 to $324.16. This doesn’t seem to be a particularly lucrative income stream as this is the level where the majority of the independent associates are earning.

Is Max International Worth Your Time?

If you are searching for health, wealth, and success with a powerful MLM company, then steer clear of Max International. The entire company seems to have been built on a good idea at one point, but the results are lackluster to say the least.


  • Health-based company products that appeal to many people.
  • MLM system which is easy to get access to.
  • Scientifically backed products
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Low income earning potential.
  • Limited to outdated marketing methods.
  • A history of many different lawsuits.
  • Distributors have to buy the product and store them at home.

What Are Users Are Saying About Max International:

One satisfied user wrote:

“Max is the Best company ever. You can achieve success with significance..”

-Independent Associate

Another satisfied customer wrote:

“I love Cellgevity. I started taking it and experienced an energy boost; both physically and mentally. I was even lifting heavier weights at the gym. Do you want an immune system booster? Try Cellgevity! They don’t pay me to write this. So you know it’s good!”

-Amazon Review

We couldn’t locate any bad reviews, at the time of writing this review.

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Our Conclusion For Max International:

So is Max International a scam or what? Well, not exactly. It is a legitimate MLM company selling Glutathione-based products, which are made from a real health supplement. The products are backed by research and science. However, making money with this company is a whole different story. With the max earnings that the majority of their associates make topping out at around $300 a month, you are better off looking at another MLM company or a different online money-making business.

Thanks for reading our review of Max International and if you have a different opinion, definitely let us know! Be sure to leave any questions or comments below. Thank you again to everyone for reading our review about Max International and we wish you all the best!

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