Neora Review-The latest age-defying beauty business or a beauty bust that will leave you broke?

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Is Neora the latest age-defying beauty business or a beauty bust that will leave you broke?

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Neora is one of the most popular skincare companies offering a wide range of anti-aging skincare solutions, wellness products, and personal care items for men and women. The company is set up as a multi-level marketing company that provides its independent contractors with opportunities for advancements and flexible income with no caps on earning potential. The company has been featured on well-known shows such as The View, Good Morning America, and in magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

When Did Neora Start?

Neora, formerly known as Nerium International, was founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson, and the company is currently headquartered in Addison, Texas.

What is Neora All About?

Neora defines its business as a “global relationship marketing company.” They provide premium skincare products that are sold in a multi-level marketing system. The company has general managers around the world including in countries like Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, and Singapore.

Neora experienced a huge growth surge and in certain locations, they even doubled in size. In 2015, they were placed 12th on the list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. They also made more than 1.5 billion in sales by 2018. With such exceptional growth, they are on track to become one of the most profitable MLM skincare companies in America. Neora | a picture of Exclusive Age-Defying Skincare & Wellness

Neora Products:

Neora has an amazing lineup of products that are big sellers in the anti-aging market. Two of their most popular products include Age IQ and Night Cream.

Additionally, they offer a full selection of anti-aging products such as age-defying eye serum, Invisi-Blic sunscreen gel, Prolistic skin balancing lotion, and complexion clearing acne treatment pads. They also offer Age IQ Face Wash and Firm Body Contour Cream as some of their top-selling products. Neora | a picture of Exclusive Age-Defying Skincare & Wellness

Neora Health and Wellness Products Include:

  • Youth Factor supplements help with digestion, boost the immune system, and speed cellular recovery.
  • Wellness Energy Chews to provide a caffeinated energy boost
  • Prolistic Probiotic Vitamins for digestive health

How To Join Neora:

The most direct way to join Neora is by signing up on their website at

Does It Cost To Join Neora?

There is a fee to join Neora and the minimum amount you can currently pay to join is $49.95. Once you have signed up as a brand partner, you will get the following:

  • Marketing materials to help market your new business
  • A custom e-commerce website
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer service
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Online training

How Much Can You Earn From Neora?

The Neora compensation plan is set up to allow people to make money based on the volume of products they sell as well as the number of brand partners they have recruited. They also allow contractors to earn bonuses and commissions from the brand partners they have recruited. The percentage of commission is dependent on the volume of monthly sales and whether or not the customers have signed on for auto-delivery. However, the only way a contractor can earn with Neora is if they have an “Active” status every single month.

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Is Neora Worth Your Time?


  • Comprehensive training materials that include personal development materials and success planners.
  • Fast Brand Partner Growth
  • Research-backed by scientists


  • You will need to recruit a lot of brand partners to make sales
  • They charge $30 a month for members to use their resource center
  • Lawsuits and claims of pyramid schemes abound with this company

What users are saying about Neora?

“I requested a product from Neora in the spring to try. I didn’t know I was set up for automatic renewal, nor did I ever approve to have this order auto-filled. I tried it and found it did not work. To my surprise, I received a second order in the mail a month later, along with the automatic Credit Card charge. .My complaint is I cannot contact the company to cancel my order.” – Customer

“I was charged for a subscription that I never asked for or used. They are not willing to refund my money. They take the money and do not do what is right.” -Customer

“Being a brand partner with Neora has benefited my life tremendously. I have discovered personal development, met the most amazing people, and have earned free products for almost 4 years, and made some really good income. Our motto is really “making people better”. -Neora Brand Partner

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Our Conclusion For Neora:

Many people stay away from MLM companies because they have a reputation of being similar to a pyramid scheme. Some people think that they are a scam, however, many people have success with MLMs and find that they do very well and make a great income. Neora is a company like many other MLMs in which you have to recruit a lot of brand partners before you can see the type of income that will have you quitting your 9-5. So although it may not be a scam, the amount you earn depends on whether you can recruit a lot of people and make consistent sales each month.

If you have a different opinion about Neora, we’re eager to hear about it! Do you have questions or comments about our Neora review? If so, be sure to leave them below. Thank you again everyone for reading our review about Neora and we wish you all the best.

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