GoodLife USA Review- A Good Way To Start A Business

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Are you planning on going on a vacation or starting your own business? If so, you might want to consider becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with GoodLife USA! This private travel club primarily offers incredible deals on hotels, dining, entertainment and much more. To become an IBO, all you have to do is market their products, once you’re approved.

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GoodLife USA is a brand that offers lifestyle or travel services based on your membership selection. It was launched in the year 2015 and was positioned as a “one-stop-shop for all travel and lifestyle solutions”. Aside from providing discounts to direct consumers, Goodlife USA also offers individuals an opportunity to become an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

Who Started Goodlife USA and When?

Mark Seyforth and Edward Dover are both CEO’s of Good life USA. They launched their travelling company in 2015. Their collaboration with each other gives them a great advantage, due to their incredible skill set. Goodlife USA is an MLM company that offers discounts on all your future dream vacations.

What Goodlife USA is all about?

Goodlife USA is all about providing traveling and tourism discounts to it’s members. The discounts are on hotels, food, cruises, entertainment, airfare, dining, and more.

How does GoodLife USA Exactly work?

GoodLife USA provides monthly membership deals where its members pay a monthly fee, in which can be cancelled at anytime. If you decide to keep they’re monthly membership, you’ll have full access to tons of discounts and other services that are travel related. You’ll also have the option to join as an IBO, promoting these deals to future members for a reasonable commission. And the more memberships you sell or the more people you bring in personally, the more you could possibly earn.

How To Start With Goodlife USA

You can join GoodLife USA by visiting their website, signing up, and then going through their approval process which only takes a minute. You’ll then receive your very own VIP CARD in which you would use to promote your rewards to others. You just have to complete their approval process.


Goodlife USA’s most extravagant and typical aspect is a free VIP Club Card of 200$. These club or gift cards are offered to unaffiliated future members, for discounts by GoodLife USA’s current IBO’s. These cards are definitely utilized as a marketing tool.

The Product line Of Goodlife USA

The product line of this company offers discount cards for tickets, hotel booking, etc.

But the members who sign up, get access to bigger rewards. And the products that Goodlife offers are within their membership.

There are various types of memberships offered by Goodlife USA and they are the following:

  • Level one is the standard level. You pay a one-time fee of $80.00 and another amount of $9.95 per month, for becoming an IBO.
  • The second level is the Platinum level in which you pay a one-time fee of $299.00, and an additional amount of $49.95 per month afterwards. This membership is perfect for individuals looking for travel discounts but not looking to resell the membership products.
  • The third and final level is the “All-In-One Membership” in which you would pay the one-time fee of $380.00 and another $60.00 on going fee per month. [This memberships a combination of both the standard and platinum levels].

GoodLife USA’s Commission Structure:

Sale Commissions for Silver Level Members:

  • Silver Affiliate Memberships: $25
  • Gold or Platinum Affiliate Memberships: $75

Sale Commissions for Gold Level Members:

  • Silver Affiliate Memberships: $25
  • Gold Affiliate Memberships: $75 if on 1st level, $25 if on 2nd level
  • Platinum Affiliate Memberships: $75 if on 1st level, $50 on 2nd level

Sale Commissions for Platinum Level Members

  • Silver Affiliate Memberships: $25 if on level 1 and $25 if on level 2
  • Gold Affiliate Memberships: $75 if on level 1 and $25 on level 2
  • Platinum Affiliate Memberships: $75 if on level 1, $50 if on level 2, $25 on level 3

Pros And Cons of Goodlife USA:


  • You can easily make money by promoting discounts on travel deals.
  • Easy payout structure
  • Training materials and the ability to sign up sub-partners and earn from their deals



  • You cannot get a commission on purchasing VIP CARDS.
  • Goodlife USA also has some complex plans that are sometimes difficult to sell.
  • This company has a low overall rating ratio.
  • It’s very hard to sell memberships due to premium prices
  • Its Recruitment policy is not easy.
  • The travel offered by this company is not suitable for new travellers.
  • This company is not providing the proper details about their offers.

What Are People Saying About Goodlife USA:

Are you wondering what would it be like to be a member of Goodlife USA? If you are, we’ve added a few experiences from previous users that can help influence your decision. We found numerous positive and negative reviews concerning Goodlife USA.

One satisfied customer wrote;

I have ordered a gillette mach 3 cartridges (pack of 8 + 2 free) for rs.550. to my surprise, I have received the product in less than 24 hours. I have never seen such fast delivery before. the packaging was good and neat. the product description was slightly wrong as they have mentioned that with 8 cartridges of mach 3 a pack of 2 cartridges of mach3 turbo is free but, I have received all 10 mach 3 cartridges. so no problem nonetheless as still it’s a cheap bargain compared to the prevailing market price.

As I was shopping for the first time, I was a bit reluctant to go for a major order but after seeing their service efficiency, I am now rest assured about any future associations with them.

Another satisfied customer wrote;

I am Ratika, recently I purchased a Teddy Bear from and it was awesome. Actually I searched a lot for a website where I got discount on teddy bear.

I found a website i.e. here all the stores are at one place that helps me a lot to choose the right teddy. I greatly thanksful to couponskart for such website. must shop anything by using couponskart.

On the other hand, we found a few negative reviews as well. One customer wrote:

While three previous orders on goodlife had been delivered on time, very disappointing experience this time. had placed an order worth Rs. 1100 of skin care products on 6 June.

The items are caught in some sales tax issue. and not delivered by 19th June. have been promised repeatedly by customer care that they will get this sorted out soon. my requests for refund have been ignored.

Another dissatisfied customer wrote: and sells inferior quality products. I purchase a bed sheet of me sleep brand from after few day use and 1st wash, it has turned out to be of horrible simply tore apart and is of no use. cost was more than 650 after discounts, initial cost being mentioned as 2000. goodlife doesn’t offer any support or service now.

They say I should have used and washed within 7 days. I wonder, suppose I had purchased 10 bedsheets from them, did they expect me to wash all of them on day 1. they offer absolutely no solution now and refuse to take back the bed sheet or provide refund. it was a horrible experience buying from


For more real reviews concerning GoodLife USA, click here.

Goodlife USA: Is It a Scam?

This is not a Scam. There is no indication of stealing money or any lie in their services. However, this business opportunity is not for those who aren’t good at marketing or networking. This company is on a mission to enlighten people and to help individuals make money and to get dream travel savings.

A screen shot of the Good Life usa website logo

Our Conclusion For GoodLife USA:

According to our research, GoodLife USA is a legitimate business, not a scam. Goodlife USA offers opportunities for discounted travel and lifestyle such as discounted tickets and hotel residency booking etc. You can also receive rewards and commissions on buying a membership. If you’re a marketing wizard, this definitely is the perfect opportunity for you! Remember, selling the products is not quite easy due to high membership prices. The returns however can be quite lucrative.

Do you have any experience with this “GoodLife USA” program? Do you have any questions concerning our detailed review? We’re sure you do. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to leave your concerns below in the comment section. Thank you again for your time and reading our post concerning “GoodLife USA”, and we wish you nothing but the best with all your success online..

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