SuperPayMe-Is It A Legitimate Earning Platform?

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Do you like getting paid to fill out surveys? If so, your in the right place. We’re certain you’ve seen ads promising to pay you for filling out surveys online. However, thousands of people have been scammed due to unreliable websites. Websites that aren’t real at all.

This is probably the most important reason why we here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, conduct extensive research into the authenticity of each opportunity. We do our best here to safeguard our valued readers from being scammed online.

SuperPayMe Introduction:

Are you ready to earn money online from the comfort of your home? If this is still the case, SuperPayMe is a widely used popular survey platform, that offers you different ways to make money online. SuperPayMe is also a GPT (get paid to) website. So if your interested in getting paid for your opinions, your in the right place.

Who started SuperPayMe and when?

SuperPayMe was established in 2012. The owner of SuperPayMe is 99Ventures Ltd. This is a free survey panel that pays you when you seriously take part in trials, click on ads and fill out surveys.

What is SuperPayMe all about?

SuperPayMe is a survey panel that offers you different ways to earn money online. It is a completely free site. SuperPayMe has several daily earning choices, which you can easily master. SuperPayMe also has a very small minimum payout amount you must reach ($1), before you can cash out, and you can join this plateform from mostly anywhere in the world.

Cost of joining SuperPayMe

SuperPayMe is free to join! The signup process is extremely simple!

Earning Opportunities Offered By This Site:

  • SuperPayMe Surveys
  • Paid Offers
  • Cash Contest

SuperPayMe Surveys:

There are several tutorials on how to use the website to fill out your surveys. A simple youtube search would be all you need.

It’s extremely important for you to have a lot of patience while filling out these surveys. This is because you have to strategically weave out the surveys that your qualified to complete. Your not allowed to choose and complete which ever survey you want. This does depend a lot on the country you reside in. But don’t worry. After some time on SuperPayMe website, you’ll be capable of figuring out what kind of surveys your most frequently approved to complete.

Paid Offers:

SuperPayMe also offers paid ads, which is another incredible opportunity to earn money from home. All you would be doing is clicking on some ads, signing up to some websites, downloading an app, or watching videos. The offers of paid surveys can have high advantages like SuperPayMe has provided access to several offer walls as compared to other websites.

Cash Contest:

SuperPayMe also offers a cash contest where you can win rewards up to 1000$. To take part in this contest, you just have to complete a lot of offers and surveys.

What Are People Saying About SuperPayMe:

As is the case with most GPT websites, there’s numerous positive and negative reviews concerning SuperPayMe.

One satisfied customer wrote:

“I enjoyed its survey plans and offers. It’s very easy to operate and free to join. I would recommend you to join this survey platform”

One satisfied customer wrote:

“SuperPayMe has interesting surveys and it is very easy to answer all questionnaires. This site has high-paying surveys you should join it. Best of Luck!”

On the other hand, one dissatisfied customer wrote:

“It’s a scam, instead of paying they also suspend your account. Never work with them they are robbers.”

Another dissatisfied customer wrote:

“When I go to get the cash they never verify my account and didn’t pay for my hard work. It’s a scam. Never waste your time on it”.

So the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, thus assuring us of SuperPayMe’s legitimacy.

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Pros and Cons Of SuperPayMe


  • SuperPayMe is free to join and it’s a beginner-friendly
  • Takes less than a few minutes to set up your free account.
  • It offers daily opportunities to make money online.
  • It also gives promo codes that provide you with free cash
  • They offer high rewards through cash contests
  • Provides very fast payments (within 24 hours) through PayPal
  • Low Cashout Threshold of $1.00


  • Can be initially confusing to use when starting off
  • Some of the surveys can be tricky to handle and complete
  • The Pay out is low and not sustainable
  • You get a whopping $0.20 sign on bonus when you join SuperPayMe

How Much Can You Expect To Earn From SuperPayMe?

Even though SuperPayMe has paid out more than $4,000,000 to it’s affiliates and participants, it’s still a ‘Get Paid To’ website, which means that as a participant, you’ll earn small rewards for carrying out minor tasks that are offered by the plateform.

The list of tasks presented on-site includes such things as sponsored offers, watching videos, taking part in paid surveys, as well as many other things. Examples of the earning rates offered by SuperPayMe include surveys that pay anywhere from $0.430 to $2.10. Payments for clicks range between $0.0001 and $0.02, per click. By watching they’re videos you’ll earn 50 to 100 points, per view. But you have to watch each video in full, before receiving your points.

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Is SuperPayMe Legit Or Is It A Scam?

This is a legit GPT (get paid to) website and offer’s you numerous paid surveys that’ll allow you to earn money online. It’s not a scam! As a matter of fact, this site actually has a relatively good image online, and has paid out over $4,000,000 dollars to it’s participants.

A screenshot of the superpayme website

Our Conclusion For SuperPayMe:

Through our research, we’ve concluded that SuperPayMe is a real legit online business, that could be used to make money online. This company has a good reputation in the GPT industry, and has the best offers and surveys on the market. They also have a wide database of satisfied members who love what they have to offer. Their cash prizes are uniquely high, in which other GPT websites don’t offer. Or at least to that degree. So we believe SuperPayMe is definitely worth a try!

Do you have any experience with this “SuperPayMe” program? Do you have any questions concerning our review? If you do, please leave your concerns below in the comment section. Thanks again for reading our post concerning “SuperPayMe”, and we wish you nothing but the best with all your success online..

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