WorldVentures – Is It Worth Your Time?

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WorldVentures Introduction:

So do you like to travel? Is there a place that you’ve only dreamed about, that you would love to visit? If this is the case, WorldVentures might be just for you. Especially since it can be a frustrating task (when searching online) choosing the right affordable travel package. WorldVenture’s one of a kind Travel Search Engine and discount travel packages, are here to make things a lot easier for you. They also have a nice compensation plan where you can get paid to help others also find the best travel plan. Read on to find out more.

Who started WorldVentures and when did it start?

WorldVentures was founded by businessman that goes by the name, Wayne Nugent in 2005. For ten years they’ve been successfully constructing networks of direct vendors to sell holiday club memberships to.

What does WorldVentures do?

WorldVentures is a direct retailer that sells travel-related products such as car rental services, discounted travel membership packages and much more, thru their exclusive membership plans. 

World Ventures Products:

WorldVenture customers have the option to choose from 3 different exclusive membership deals. They are the following:

  • Dream Trips Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Platinum Membership

When you choose the first option, which is the “Dream Trips” membership, you’ll be given access to multiple different discounted travel packages. When you choose the second option or the Gold Membership, it includes more perks like flight accident insurance, air fare discounts, and transfers. When you choose the last option or the Platinum membership, you get all the benefits from the previous plans, plus perks like spa discounts, resort credits, and the option to check out late. Members can also earn more points through something called, the Loyalty program.

World Ventures Compensation Plan Details:

WorldVentures (being a network marketing company), also offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to earn passive income. In 2010, the founder of World Ventures was nominated as  “Entrepreneur of the year” increasing the company’s revenue from $15M to $90M, from 2006-2009.

Now even though the program comes under the category of a multi-level marketing scheme or MLM, many reviews from real people online have vouched for World Ventures authenticity. The referral program works like this. When you first join WorldVentures affiliate program, your suppose to refer an additional four people. Once completed you’ll be good to receive a 1st tier bonus. But in addition to this, you’ll are obliged to get $1600 in the down line sales, by which you can earn another $200 bonus. The Tier 2 bonus is achieved in the same way, but the amount to be earned on this tier is $3200, with the bonus being $300. WorldVentures tier 3 bonus is commission-based.

Pros and Cons


  • WorldVenture offers a diverse product in a very broad mark. It’s not similar to competitors when it comes to the promotion of weight loss products or cosmetics.
  • If you love travelling and you fly regularly, you can benefit yourself from the membership benefits. 
  • It’s broadly appealing across diverse demographics.


  • Membership benefits are difficult to calculate and with minor research, you can find the same or better deals.  
  • It’s affiliate program is based on a multi-level marketing structure. So if you don’t know anyone who might be interested in joining, or if you don’t know how to market or advertise, this may not be for you. The better option would be to join an online business that doesn’t require any recruiting 
  • This is not your business. In case you want to quit or have any other reason everything you have put in goes to their benefit.  

The Bad History Of World Ventures:

Over the years, WorldVentures has been sued by many for being a deceptive marketing agency. Recently in 2017, the founder Wayne Nugent settled a class action suit and tax evasion charge against the company. The Norwegian government has regarded this scheme as an illegal pyramid scheme and the information about this company on Wikipedia is not in high praise. So this may not be a very good choice to invest in. Many other countries have banned WorldVentures and called it a scam.

Customer reviews

Despite the company’s reputation, customer reviews vary greatly. Some people succeeded in earning money from it and are very happy with the results. Others aren’t.

One satisfied customer wrote;

“World Ventures motto is about creating, “fun, freedom and fulfilment!” It is an incredible, positive-minded culture that helps people check off their bucket list items and create memories with their loved ones that last a lifetime”

Another user praised the operations of the company and wrote;

“Great working model, it is a dream come true for me”.

While there were some people who had a great experience with the company, there were many others too who were not happy.

One unhappy users wrote; 

WorldVentures is a scam, They are making people work only to get rich themselves. Avoid even opening their website.”

Another user backed him up by saying; 

“I am extremely disappointed how they are scamming people, who come to them with the hope of earning money and fulfilling their dreams, Wouldn’t recommend working with them to anyone.   

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Color Blue and white Screen shot of World Ventures logo


It’s clear that WorldVentures is not a scam, and is worth your valuable time. If this were the case, WorldVentures wouldn’t have lasted these last almost 20 years in consistent business. However, this may vary depending upon your location. On Wikipedia, it has been classified as an illicit pyramid game by the Norwegian Lottery. It is not shown in a positive light by Wikipedia pages and it isn’t a reliable option. Many users have reported problems during payout as well. There’s tons opportunities out there that’s better than this.

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