Viggle App Review: Earn Money Watching TV or Time Wasting Scam?

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With numerous potential opportunities to earn money online, more and more individuals fall prey to scams that exploit individuals to give absolutely nothing in return. There are plenty of legitimate opportunities available online. Some pay much more than others. However, it is important to know which online businesses you can trust, and which businesses you should avoid.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we review apps and websites, analyzing whether they are legitimate opportunities or scams. Our research is based primarily on the experiences of individuals who have used the app or website themselves. Through our efforts, we aim to help you identify and select the best legitimate opportunities online.

What is Viggle?

Do you enjoy spending hours in front of the TV? Well, we have good news for you! Viggle offers users to earn money by just being your regular couch potato self! All you have to do is watch TV on google. The Viggle app is available on IOS and Android for all users.

Who Started The Vingle App?

In the year 2012, well-renowned entrepreneur Robert Francis Xavier launched the popular app intending to revolutionize the world of online earning. The name was changed to ViggleInc (official website), by its parent company later on.

How Does Viggle Work?

You first have to create an account thru the Viggle app. Then you can start earning points by watching television, listening to any music album, or even by streaming. After you have watched the show or listened to music for few seconds, you will be able to earn Viggle points and bonuses according to company policy which are converted to Perk Points at the point of redemption.

How Does Viggle Pay You?

You get paid through gift cards or merchandise by ViggleInc. After the conversion of Viggle points into perk points, you may redeem them. However, if you want to get paid in cash, you can do it in two ways.

  1. You can get a Perkplastic Debit Card to use to redeem points through it.
  2. You can get points redeemed in cash through Paypal.

How to Best Take Advantage Of “Viggle” And What They Offer

If you are trying to use Viggle as your primary source of earning, follow these tips to take full advantage of the app.

  • Turn on the notification of the app or your phone notifications to help you remind yourself about the shows that give more points.
  • When travelling, use the app more, and binge-watch shows to spend your time and earn rewards.
  • The more people you invite to the app, the more you earn points. So ask your siblings and relatives to sign up too.
  • A trick to earn a bonus is to watch shows after midnight, as most bonus shows are available.

How Much Can You Earn With Viggle?

The limit for points earned per month on the app is 60,000. You get one Viggle Point for each minute watched. The points you accumulate depends on the show and the music you play. There are certain rules that you have to follow to earn, which include watching ads and acknowledging prompts during breaks between shows. This is a security measure to ensure that you are really watching and not just leaving it on while you tend to other matters.

What Are People Saying About Viggle on The Internet?

There are mixed views of people on the internet regarding their experience with Viggle. Some people find it a good way to earn money and also recommend it to others.

One of the users mentioned his experience in the following words;

“I really like this app. In about three short months I was able to cash in for a Dell tablet and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I hear the ps4 is coming back in June so I’m saving up my points for that. Now it’s a pain the butt to grab points some days but during the prime time there r so many shows on with the Viggle live that I have no problem hitting my 12,000 goal Lickety-split. I like the app. Then again any app that just gives me something for free is worth praise. No complaints here”.

Another one assured that it is legit and you can earn money through it. He said and we quote;

“We got enough points as of today to get the Keurig. We redeemed the points and have the confirmation email and are set to receive it in 1-4 weeks. I don’t think it’s a scam, my husband worked tirelessly to get this for us and it took him a few months but we didn’t get booted or our points unjustly taken”

On the contrary, there were also some people who mentioned it as a waste of time and called it a scam. One user expressed his anger and wrote;

“Don’t waste your time. Viggle is a Scam they make tons of money off you by marketing and tracking your TV viewing preferences. When you get any significant amount of points they will boot you off stating some false violation of their TOS. They will be vague at best giving any reason why or explanation how you violated their TOS. Viggle is a Scam!”

Another user backed his point and said;

“Yes, Viggle is surely a scam. My Viggle account was around 250k points. There was one time when ads kept popping up and of course, I kept clicking them. They kicked me off saying that this was a “violation” of their policies.  Even though they popped up the ads! It was definitely not me!!!”

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Pros and Cons of Viggle App


  • Free Sign Up

You can create a Viggle account thru the Viggle app, free of charge.

  • Various Reward Options

Your points can easily be redeemed to buy merchandise through perks, to get gift cards and even cash using the payment withdrawal options mentioned earlier in this article.


  • The App Has Poor Ratings

Although the prospect of earning while watching your favourite shows may sound exciting, the app is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a lot of users have reported issues with signing in and using the app.

  • It’s Not Available Worldwide

Viggle has not yet opened its doors worldwide. It only allows usage in selective regions.

  • Be Prepared To Have Your Time Wasted

You may be at a loss if the application crashes, as you will lose all your points.

So Is Viggle Legit Or A Scam?

After conducting extensive research, the Viggle app definitely appears to be a legit application. You can earn money through ViggleInc. There’s no denying that. But it would also mean a lot of screen time and spending a lot of time comprising on health and social activities for too little of a return. To sum it up, although it is a legitimate opportunity, Viggle requires a lot of time and effort, while paying out very small returns. To learn more about other legitimate lucrative opportunities, explore the other articles on our site.

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