Valued Opinions: Is It Legit Or A Big Scam?


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Earning online has become easier than ever before. There are thousands of potential earning opportunities online. However it is extremely important to know which ones are legitimate, so that you can avoid being scammed. Scammers are beginning to become extremely innovative. They continue to invent new ways to scam unaware individuals.

LegitWorkOnlineForReal was established to individuals aid and assist individuals in identifying legitimate opportunities in order to get maximum returns for their efforts. Our team reviews each website/app extensively to figure out what opportunities are scams, and which are worth pursuing. Stay tuned in to our articles for reviews on various legitimate popular opportunities to earn online.

What is “Valued Opinions”?

Valued Opinions” is a well-known company where your opinions, and completing paid surveys can earn you cash! It is widely known as the best survey website online that’s easy to operate, and simple to be a part of. “Valued Opinions” is the perfect platform to ensure that your voice gets heard, while earning for sharing your valued insights or feedback!

Who Started “Valued Opinions” And When?

In the year 2000, Andrew Cooper and Chris Havemann brought “Valued Opinions” to life. The company offers gifts in the form of shopping tokens, gift cards, and other rewards when you do complete a survey or provide your valued opinion.

What Is The “Valued Opinions” Program All About

Valued Opinions” is an online research market company, that gives rewards to it’s members for sharing their opinions on several policies, products, and/or services. This company has established a strong global presence, soon after first being established in London, UK in the year 2000. Note that even as a massive wide variety of panelists and numerous members over a great wide variety of nations internationally doesn’t always scream LEGIT, the members themselves vouch for the authenticity of the “Valued Opinion’s” website. This website has survived online for well over 20 years. This long period of time definitely counts for something.

How “Valued Opinions” Helps People In Becoming Successful

Valued Opinions” was established for the cause of empowering the voices of opinionated individuals and rewarding them for it. According to reviews online, it is not a scam but a great opportunity to get money online by surveys. “Research Now Ltd” which owns “Valued Opinions”, is another online survey website. This site also offers gift cards, tokens and more for completing surveys. “Research Now” gathers details and viewpoints and sells them to Research Companies. These companies improve their products and services from opinions and reviews. The surveys are given by “Valued Opinions” which members can fill out to earn cash.

How And When Does Valued Opinions Reward You?

You earn credits everytime you finish filling out a survey, including a $5 sign on bonus when you first create your account. Everytime you complete a survey, your account is automatically credited the proper amount. Each survey has a value of $1.00 to $5.00, depending on how long the survey your completing is. And once your account reaches $10.00 or more, you’ll be able to redeem your earnings as gift vouchers from Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and more.

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Pros and Cons of Valued Opinions


  1. Trustworthy
  2. No membership fee
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Simple to use
  5. Credible
  6. Sincere and Transparent


  1. Low Income (Large Effort For Very Little Return)
  2. No Bonus
  3. No Bonus on Sign-up
  4. A Lot Of Time Consumed In Gaining Gifts
  5. No Cash Payouts

What are people saying about “Valued Opinions” on the internet?

Most people on the internet are very satisfied and happy with the “Valued Opinions” plateform because of it’s paid surveys but there are some people who are also dissatisfied with it because of the cons of “Valued Opinions”.

Analyzing customer reviews is a simple yet very effective way to work out the performance and legitimacy of a company. Many users appreciate the paid surveys that “Valued Opinions” offer.

One user wrote: “Valued Opinions is a great online legit work which is highly paying. I definitely recommend that you sign up on Valued Opinions and you can earn more money per hour on it compared to other surviving panels. You can change your fate by signing on it.”

One more wrote: “High paying online legit platform, easy to operate and get quick rewards”

Negative reviews include:

One member said: “I’m not happy with the fact that I can’t withdraw my earnings in cash and am forced to get a gift card.”

Another says: “It takes AGES to earn enough to withdraw, it feels like I spend my entire life filling out surveys. It really has become demotivating, due to the low rewards.”

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What Improvements Can Be Made In Valued Opinions?

These improvements should be made to the “Valued Opinions” website:

  1. Signup Bonus to attract more members.
  2. Improve reward system to enhance quality
  3. Rewards should be given in Cash form
  4. Compensation should be increased to make it worthwhile

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Valued Opinion’s” is definitely not a big scam! Through our research, we have identified that “Valued Opinion’s” is a legitimate platform with thousands of satisfied users worldwide. By allowing individuals to share their opinions through completing surveys, they’ve accumulated a wide database of users globally. However, with their inability to generate payouts through cash instead of gift cards is becoming a major inconvenience to many and may cause users to look for a more reliable alternative.

So, would you happen to have anything to say about the “Valued Opinion’s” website? Something extra to add? Do you believe this business is a legit too, or a scam?Are they’re any questions you might have concerning our “Valued Opinion’s” review?

If so, please leave your concerns below in my comment section. We would be more than happy to respond back. Thank you again for checking out and reading our post, and good luck with all your success online..

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