Easy1Up Review-Is It Legit Or A Big Scam?

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Are you looking to start your business and pave your own way to financial freedom? If so, Easy1Up may just be the platform for you! Easy1Up, is a platform that focuses on empowering new and current entrepreneurs. Easy1up offers a very detailed training program, where they teach you different ways of how to go about making money online. You could also choose to earn money with Easy1up as an affiliate, by promoting their training program.

Who Started Easy1Up and When Did It Start?

The Easy1Up plateform has been around since 2016, and was founded by internet marketing guru, Peter Wolfing.

What is the Easy1Up Affiliate Program All About?

When you sign up as an affiliate with Easy1Up, you’ll recieve a unique referral link. All you would need to do next, is simply promote their products using your unique URL. Any purchases made through your referral link will generate a commission.

Most affiliate platforms allow you to earn up to 50% of the sale price. But as an Easy1Up affiliate, you get to keep 100% of your earned commissions! They also have a process in place where your 2nd commission goes to whoever referred you. After that, each commission you earn goes straight to you.

You’ll also get compensated everytime you bring a new affiliate in. So either way, you make out!

Another thing to keep in mind as an affiliate, is that if you haven’t personally purchased any products from Easy1up, you won’t quality to earn any affiliate commissions. They claim to have put this in place, so you can test and know the product yourself before referring it to someone else.

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What’s The Earning Potential Like With Easy1up?

The earning potential is limitless because their courses are popular worldwide. So with a little bit of effort and marketing skills, this could definitely become a profitable source of income for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Easy1up?

Easy1up charges different prices for different programs and instead of making monthly reoccurring payments, your only charged a one time fee. Easy1up offers six different types of programs, which are categorized according to the payment.

Easy1Up Products:

Easy1up offers six different packages. Each package offers a different one-time payment amount.

The six tiers of Easy1Up in the marketing industry are:

  • Elevation Basic
  • Elevation Elite
  • Vertex
  • Vertex Elite
  • Vertex Pro Connect
  • Vertex Live

Elevation Basic:

This course costs 25$, with another additional fee of $5. This course mainly consists of very basic information regarding how to build a powerful network, and generate leads from social media platforms.

Elevation Elite:

This course costs 100$ and is designed to dive deeper into the video aspect of online marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Udimi.


This course costs 250$ ($25 additional fee) and it’s main focus is to provide knowledge concerning the basics of Affiliate Marketing, as well as how to use the power of the search engines to earn even more money.

Vertex Elite:

Vertex Elite costs 500$ and it provides information on how to generate free online traffic. This course also contains information concerning the business of dropshipping and how to earn money doing it.

Vertex Pro Connect:

This course costs 1000$ and it covers a variety of services. But it’s main focus is concerning Facebook advertising and how to generate traffic using they’re platform.

Vertex Live:

This course costs 2000$ and it also covers a variety of topics. There’s 18 hours of detailed Internet marketing training included, as well as 2 tickets to a live (future) training event.

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What People Say About The Easy1Up On The Internet?

As is the case with all MLMs, Easy1up has positive reviews as well as negative reviews, all over the internet.

One satisfied customer wrote:

It’s not a scam, Easy1Up provides a great opportunity to earn as an affiliate by selling different informational courses about network marketing on the internet.

Another happy customer said:

The platform which teaches you how to earn a dollar through strategic techniques also allows an opportunity to earn while learning. Very satisfied.”

On the other hand, one unsatisfied customer wrote:

“I would not recommend it to anyone because it is a pyramid scheme and you will waste your money and effort because this scheme is not allowed in many countries.”

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Pros and Cons Of Easy1up:


  • Easy1up provides you with a great customer support
  • Easy1up provides very low-cost packages to start
  • It provides a very honest commission structure
  • You get 100% of the commission’s earned
  • Fast Payouts


  • You have to give your 2nd commission to your upline.
  • You can only earn if you get a lot of sales
  • Easy1up puts pressure on recruiting, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.
  • There’s no refund policy.
  • You have to buy the course before you can promote it.

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Our Conclusion For Easy1up:

Easy1up is a business that is 100% real and legit. It provides an opportunity to earn a huge amount of money, if you’re a wizard at sales and marketing. The referral process only has one hitch. You have to give all of your earned commissions from your 2nd sale, to your referrer or upline. Other than that, with 100% of commission’s being all yours, along with great training courses, why wait? Easy1up is most definitely not a big scam.

Do you have any experience with this “Easy1up” program? Do you have any questions concerning our review? If this is the case, please leave your questions or concerns below in the comment section. Thanks again for reading our post concerning “Easy1up”, and we wish you nothing but the best with all your success online..

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