MicroWorkers Review-Make Money Doing Small Jobs Or Big A Scam?

Are you having a hard time finding a reliable earning opportunity online? If so, we are here to help you out. With numerous opportunities available online, it’s very important to identify which opportunities are legit and which ones are a scam, before investing your valuable time and effort. Unfortunately, there are many websites that exploit the efforts of individuals and ultimately scam them by not compensating them for their efforts. Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we manually review each opportunity to see whether it’s legit, or a scam.

We’ve also added a list of pros and cons which could possibly aid you in making a better, more informed decision, concerning joining this program. We aim to prevent you from wasting your time and losing your hard earned money to scam sites. Scroll through our blog to find more legitimate opportunities, incuding our #1 recommendation.

With this article, our whole goal here is to make you aware of whether or not Microworkers  legit, or a scam. Were going to provide you with important information concerning Microworkers, including the experiences of people who have already used they’re services. Just reading this article in full, to learn more. Let’s begin…

Microworkers Introduction:

Are you a pro at delegating tasks and getting work done? If so, Microworkers might just be the perfect opportunity for you! Microworkers is an online platform that allows you to make money from the comfort of your home, when you complete simple small tasks known as “micro jobs”. By registering as an “employer”, you get to outsource your jobs to experienced individuals. And as a ‘worker’, you’ll earn extra cash as well.

So What’s Microworkers?

Microworkers is an online platform that connects companies and businesses to potential workers that they feel they can outsource their projects and/or jobs to. Jobs like data extraction and moderation, collection and analysis, translation and transcription, survey jobs, research, content evaluation and more.

When did Microworkers start?

Microworkers started in 2009, and consists of a team experienced in delivering customer value and dishing out quality assurance.

What is Microworkers all about?

With Microworkers, you can choose to be an Employer, a Worker, or both at the same time.

As an “Employer”, you offer jobs thru a particular campaign, that is processed by designated personnel. This is released to workers on the Microworkers platform.

But as a “Worker”, Microworker gives you the opportunity to earn money by choosing from a list of jobs that are available to you. And the good news is, there’s no limit to the number of jobs you can accept. Oh, and if you specialize in something like writing, drawing, or any other skill for example, you could earn even more.

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What are Micro jobs?:

Tasks assigned to workers are known as “micro jobs”. This is because the jobs listed tend to be simple, quick, and can sometimes be completed in minutes. And when a worker finishes a job, it has to be rated by the employer, who will only get paid if the job is rated “satisfied”.

All workers are mandated to undergo qualification test, to ensure quality of service.

Who is Microworkers best suited for?

Basically anyone. Whether you’re an online business owner, you’re in need of traffic for your website(s), or need reviews for your new app, feel free to join MicroWorkers.

However, joining MicroWorkers as a worker doesn’t mean you’re employed by the site. It only means your a private “freelancer”, who can choose to work as little or as much as you want.

The “MicroWorkers success rate” feature, is in place to enable employers to get quality results and prevent workers from posting low-quality work performed and completed.

A poorly performed task decreases your success rate, and that’s why it’s advisable to only accept jobs that you’re capable of completing sufficiently as a worker.

How Does MicroWorker Help People?

This site allows you to earn at your own pace, earn as much as you want, and from the comfort of wherever you are, regardless of wherever you are from.

All jobs are taken and submitted online. So you don’t need to be physically present to land a job on the website. Depending on how good and how fast you are, you can get a lot of jobs, and get paid when you complete them successfully.

The Good vs. The Bad Qualities:

We have gathered the pros and cons of MicroWorkers, to give you an idea of what to expect when using their platform.



  • Your jobs are quickly attended to.
  • You pay for a well done job only.
  • Lots of default templates to use for campaign.


  • Anybody can be a member.
  • Registration is free.
  • No limit to jobs you can take on.
  • Access to lodge complaints about incorrect ratings.



  • You need money to fund your campaign (Employer)


  • Availability of jobs depends on the zone indicated in employer’s campaign
  • Poorly completed tasks reflect negatively on your success rate, makingvit hard to recieve new jobs.
  • Charges deduction on well rated tasks (worker).
  • Address verification by pin number, may take weeks or even months.
  • Getting paid can take weeks or even months
  • Customer service doesn’t always respond to your needs, unless they feel it’s urgent.

What are people saying about Microworkers?

Several people have used the Microworkers website, and have all had different experiences. Some are satisfied with what they got, while a lot of others aren’t.

One user who enjoyed using this platform said:

“Very helpful for all user of this website, you can earn money even from the comfort of your own home”.

Another satisfied user said:

“It’s nice website. I have also gathered many skills through this website. It’s an outstanding website to earning money”.

An anonymous dissatisfied user said:

“Fraud Microworkers, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS SITE….they deleted my account without even sending me a notice, and they say (by request) while logging in. I had 28dollars in my account …they took everything. Rapidworkers is way better than this site. I think the people in Microworkers are like bots, they don’t even read the message properly”.

Another anonymous dissatisfied customer wrote:

“Microworkers is a big scam site! I requested withdrawal on 9/9/2020 – 18/9/2020 now but still don’t get a payment. I asked them on email and got no response from them. Don’t waste your time for this shit site”!

Our last, very dissatisfied customer wrote:

“I cashed out 4 weeks ago, and it said it takes up to 4 weeks to receive PIN by mail, yet it STILL says the PIN is pending. I asked on their blog how long it takes for PINs to be mailed, and received no response. I reached out via support 5 days ago (it says they respond in 5 days unless it’s urgent, I would consider this urgent), and received no response. I requested a second withdrawal and it won’t be made either because the PIN from the first request was never sent. Several reviews on other sites say PINs were never received, and some have waited YEARS”.

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Things you should note:

  • You can’t have more than one account as a worker.
  • Changes cannot be made to your name after you register.
  • You need to provid an ID for your verification
  • You need to earn the minimum withdrawal amount before you can pit in a  request for a withdrawal
  • Customer service doesn’t always respond to your needs, unless they feel it’s urgent. And when they do respond, it takes a minimum of 5 days.
  • It can take weeks or even months to receive your payout. Some people have claimed to have never received a single penny of their hard earned money, after requesting payout.

screenshots of the Microworkers website dashboard

Our Conclusion for MicroWorkers:

We can honestly say from our gathered research, that although user experiences may vary, Microworkers is a platform you could consider making a side hustle from. Just keep in mind, that there’s a lot of complaints about not getting paid on time or not getting paid at all. Not many people are happy with their services. MicroWorkers has a rating of 1.85 stars on “Sitejabber”, and 2.5 stars on “MouthShut”.

And it’s not advisable to depend solely on MicroWorkers as a means to make money, if you consider the “Cons” we listed earlier, along with the “things you should note”. Nobody wants to get paid late, or not at all. Either way, we strongly advise that you do your own thorough research, if you do consider registering with MicroWorkers, either as a worker or an employee.

So, would you happen to have anything to add, concerning our MicroWorkers Review? Do you believe this business is also (for the most part) legit? How about some question’s concerning this review.

If so, please leave your comments and concerns below in the comment section. We would be more than happy to hear what’s on your mind. Thank you again for reading our post, and good luck with all your success online..

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