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Are you looking to earn passive or a full-time income online? If so, you might want to consider becoming a Picoworker! This exciting platform connects businesses with talented individuals for small ‘gigs’. However, before you begin investing your valuable time and effort into this particular website, it’s important to analyze if it’s a legitimate opportunity to earn income or a scam.

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Picoworkers is an online platform that gives folk’s the option to complete jobs of there choice, in exchange for cash. Picoworkers business model focuses on connecting businesses (looking for workers) with private freelancers. These jobs would be either short-term, ongoing projects, one-time tasks or longer-term projects. PicoWorkers also has an affiliate program, where you can also earn money from referring others to the plateform.

From Picoworkers initial outlook, it seems like a great marketplace for earning extra cash from home. Especially if you’re looking for quick cash, but not looking to work any long, crazy hours. In this review, we’ll outline how you can earn money using thier platform and we’ll also conclude whether Picoworkers legit or a scam. Let’s begin!!

When Did Picoworkers Start?

Picoworkers was based in Santa Barbara California, and this “micro job” website has been around since 2012. The site was launched by a company based in the US, with the vision to empower individuals who wasnt to make money online.

What is Picoworkers All About?

The Picoworkers platform allows two types of individuals to sign up for work.

PicoWorker allows potential freelancers who are looking for work to sign up, or businesses that are looking to get work done to sign up.

While their emphasis is on ‘Micro Tasks’, they also have plenty of long term positions listed in their database.The signup process is fairly simple too. You just need to provide your name, email address, location, date of birth and password. Once completed, you’ll be verified instantly.

Although Picoworkers is slightly similar to “Jobboy”, one slight difference between the two, is the way you can apply for jobs. You can search for jobs through their search bar and read the requirements of each job before applying for it.

How does Picoworkers work?

Before starting a new job with Picoworkers, you’ll first need to ensure that your able to complete the project your applying for, by simply checking the requirements. And if you don’t find something you quality for, not to worry. More and more jobs are always being added to Picoworkers daily! It’s an endless database with many micro-jobs available, that you can bid on within the clients desired budget.

As we mentioned earlier, Picoworkers is an online platform that’s all about connecting freelancers to business owners for work. Once the two are comnected, you’ll be completing either a small job, long term job, or a micro task like:

  • Testing apps
  • Completing surveys
  • Writing honest reviews
  • Creating marketing videos
  • Liking or commenting on social media pages
  • Writing small blog post
  • Data Entry

And more…

Once completed, PicoWorkers will then review your work and submit your completed work to the client or business for review. You can also submit it along with screenshots or pdf files as proof, for the client to review.  If the client or business is satisfied and approves your completed work, PicoWorkers will then deduct a small percentage from your earnings, while releasing the rest of the earnings to you (the PicoWorker). The client or business will then be given the option to publicly rate you, which will then be added to your “success rating”.

When you maintain a good success rating, you could be promoted to a higher level within PicoWorkers, which envolves you making slightly more money. So the more positive ratings you recieve, the more money you could possibly earn.

They can also leave a negative rating if they’re not satisfied and turn down your completed work. If this happens you won’t be paid, and that negative rating will be left on your profile for everyone to see.

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How to be a successful working with PicoWorkers?:

You can succeed with Picoworkers by:

-Submitting Compelling Proposals

  • Your proposal needs to be compelling in order to stand out from the competition. This will also be where you explain your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the project.

-Making Sure You Meet The Job’s Criteria

  • Some jobs are limited by country. If it says “INT” (international), it’s suggesting the job is worldwide and you can apply for the job without worrying about where you reside. Luckily there’s plenty jobs available that are open to all countries.

-Keeping an Excellent Success Rating

  • You get rated on the quality of your deliverable. Its imperative that you always submit quality work. Your profile displays your success rating, which gives buyers a better insights on which freelancer to hire.One of the best perks of working on this platform, is that you can withdraw your earnings from anywhere in the world, in the form of Cryptocurrency. You also have a Paypal withdrawal method that you can use to withdraw your funds.

What Are People Saying About Picoworkers?

Picoworkers has many mixed reviews from it’s real users. Some of them are quite happy to come across this beneficial website, while others call it out as a huge scam. Upon our research we found both types of users commenting good and bad experiences.

One very happy customer wrote:

“I am so glad that I was referred to Picoworkers by my friend. It has helped me a lot in earning a little extra for my adventures”.

One other very satisfied customer mentioned:

“Firstly, I also did not believe it, but I would say my experience has been a lot better than I expected. Thank you Picoworkers!”

On the other hand, one angry user wrote:

“It’s a scam without a doubt, don’t fall for their attractive advertising and offers. It is a waste of time.”

Another one backed him up by saying:

“Got banned out of nowhere. I will warn every one of my close people to stay away from this scam site, they are just wasting innocent people’s time”.

To be fair, if you violate their policies and aren’t performing well on their website, you’re bound to be banned from the platform eventually.

Pros and Cons Of PicoWorkers:


  • You can join for free.
  • Referral registrations lead to a 5% sign-up bonus.
  • Offers plenty of easy Micro jobs.


  • The withdrawal process can be a bit complicated with two way authentication
  • Support is not always helpful and
  • Supoort responses are very delayed.
  • Very low income potential.
  • No BBB rating
  • You have to upload an ID before you can vet paid

Is Picoworkers a scam?

According to our research, Picoworkers isn’t a scam. It’s registered as an LLC with a physical address, and contact number.

You can also find tons of payment proof online, posted by different freelancers. This show us that freelancers really ARE getting paid for their work. But the earnings from this platform aren’t great.

Again to succeed on this platform, it’s imperative that you apply for small jobs that match your skill set. That way you can finish them in a timley fashion, and be on to the next job quick.


Through our research, we can safely conclude that Picoworkers isn’t a scam. However, due to it’s low income potential, this might not be the dream job for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for passive income for completing short tasks that don’t require a lot of time or commitment, you’ve hit the jack pot!

Do you have any experience using this “Picoworkers” plateform? Do you have any questions concerning our review? If so, feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you again for reading our post concerning “Picoworkers”, and we wish you nothing but the best with all your success online..

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