Cash Alarm Review-Get Paid To Play Video Games Or Scam!

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How would you like to get paid for playing video games? Sounds too good to be true right? Well according to this Cash Alarm app, the more you play, the more money you could possibly earn. But is this really the case?

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we examine online businesses or work from home opportunities and determine their legitimacy for our valued readers.

Most businesses that sound too good to be true, aren’t. Nevertheless we’ve conducted thorough research on Cash Alarm, to determine if it’s a legit online opportunity or just another scam opportunity on the internet.


Cash Alarm is another popular GPT (get paid to) app, similar to Cash’em All, that provides rewards to it’s users for playing their games. Through their interface, Cash Alarm track’s how long you’ve been playing games. You earn coins which eventually are converted into cash, when your ready to withdraw your earnings.

However, the earning potential from this app is EXTREMELY low.

In fact, individuals have reported that the longer you’ve been playing on the app, the more the compensation per minute goes down. So for example, if you’re getting paid 50 coins for a minute of gameplay, after a while it would take you 10 minutes to earn the same amount of coins. Not fair at all right? Let’s continue..

When Did Cash Alarm Start?

Cash Alarm was launched in early 2019.

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What Is Cash Alarm All About?

Cash Alarm was created for the sole purpose of promoting new video games. They did so by compensating new users to simply try it out. To build an online business, it’s quite hard to get started and get your basic referral traffic flowing.

Which is what Cash Alarm aims to assist you with. Any and every business needs new energy and a strong support system to grow. This platform offers just that, with a supporting community of over 1.5 million members. Cash Alarm uses live support thru chat, (PM) Private Messaging, and Blogging.

The Cash Alarm app gives you points every time you play their recommended games. The more you play, the more points you earn. For receiving payouts, it has a very simple and easy process which is handled thru PayPal, gift cards from Amazon, Steam, iTunes, and/or other online stores.

How To Join Cash Alarm?

It is really easy to join Cash Alarm. Go to the App Store, search Cash Alarm, and download it. All would have to do next, is simply create an account and your good to go. You can also provide your Facebook or Google account information (if you have one), for an even faster account set up.

Does It Cost To Join These Programs?

You can actually download Cash Alarm absolutely free of charge. However, most of the games on the Cash Alarm app include in-game purchases, which are marketed to you as you play the video games.

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How Much Can You Earn From Cash Alarm?

The exact amount of points earned per minute for playing these video games depend on the country and the amount of time spent playing that particular game.

Dedicated users can earn 5-80 points per minute, depending on their level. You initially get 500 points for signing up, as well as another 250 points for every referral you bring in.

One major problem with Cash Alarm, is that it doesn’t always give you the best return for your hard efforts. An example of that would be your rewards diminishing over time. According to user reports, the compensation amount per minute of gameplay slowly reduces over time.

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Is Cash Alarm Worth Your Time?

Our honest suggestion would be no it’s not. The returns are extremely low and you’d be forced to play horrible games with glitches for hours before you’d be able to earn any real money. Sure if you’re a gaming fanatic, you might like the idea of getting paid to play games. But it definitely isn’t a sustainable source of income.


  • Free To Join
  •  500,000+ downloads On Google Play Store
  • Easy Signup process
  • Games are easy to play


  • Diminishing returns
  • Support is slow to respond
  • Tons of irritating ads
  • Too many permissions are required
  • 1000 points converts to about 0.08 cents
  • Takes a lot of points to convert to $1.00

What Users Are Saying About Cash Alarm?

As with every other GPT website/app, there’s numerous positive and negative reviews. For example, one happy user stated;

I do really love app i have played the games and the games are really cool. You get great reward for earning alot coin when you playing all of the games. I highly recommend downloading it if have time to pass or want earn reward”.

On the other hand, other dissatisfied users said; “I’ve cashed out 3 times now. First time was at least 3 weeks ago. Haven’t seen a penny yet. If the reviews are real they seem to pay everybody but me.”

The app currently has a 4.3 rating on the google play store, which depicts that there are plenty of satisfied users as well.

A screenshot of the cash alarm app


This Cash Alarm app is definitely not a scam, but it is important to remember that it does not commit to allowing you to earn hundreds of dollars. You’d be lucky if you made a few dollars after a few months. If you want to make substantial income, find another legitimate opportunity online.

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4 thoughts on “Cash Alarm Review-Get Paid To Play Video Games Or Scam!

  1. There are so many opportunities and apps available online these days, that it is often difficult to establish whether they are worth your while, or just an outright scam. Cash Alarm does seem to be a legitimate platform, but I don’t like the diminishing points that you earn, the longer you are using the app. 

    The earning potential with an app like Cash Alarm, is similar to completing online surveys, where you earn peanuts, so it is not something that I would explore. I far prefer your recommendation of affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing. 

  2. I always heard about making money while playing games. But it sounds like surveys payout method. It is very low amount of money and will take a long time or never to make it your only income. I haven’t heard about cash alarm before, but will just see how is the games for fun and not for income. Thanks for the thorough review.

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