Inbox Blueprint Review-The Latest Goldmine or The Latest Scam? 

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How does getting paid to send emails sound? If this sounds like something that you could make work for you, then read on to find out about whether or not you can create a profitable online business, using this website that goes by the name, Inbox Blueprint.

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Many businesses that sound too simple and easy, actually are. However, there are also several business models built on a simple concept, that can help you make a lot of money. We have done thorough research concerning Inbox Blueprint, to uncover whether it is a legit online opportunity or a scam opportunity online.


Inbox Blueprint is a comprehensive course designed to take someone from beginner to complete email marketing business owner, by the end of the course. The course is designed to show anyone how to build a profitable business using the most effective email marketing techniques. It offers anyone an opportunity to expand out from their safe and traditional boundaries, to create the ideal outcome in their business using email marketing.

When Did Inbox Blueprint Start?

Inbox Blueprint was started by Anik Singal and was originally called Email Startup Incubator. The program was started around 2014.

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What is Inbox Blueprint All About?

Inbox Blueprint is a step-by-step course that shows you how to make money online by selling affiliate products, through email marketing. The system utilizes training in combination with software, to help individuals promote other people’s products. According to the Inbox Blueprint sales page, anyone can create a business and they don’t need their own products to do so. They claim to have integrated the top products into their training system, to make it even easier for their students.

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How to Join Inbox Blueprint?

It is very simple to join Inbox Blueprint, as it is sold from the main website which is When a user joins Inbox Blueprint, they immediately gain access to the entire Inbox Blueprint system, their software which is entitled LaunchPad, access to over 20,500 unique articles, and much more. Three bonuses are offered for users joining this program.

  • The 1st bonus includes a free 12-month membership to LURN which is their online educational platform.
  • The 2nd bonus is called Traffic Academy and provides training for users to learn techniques for both free and paid traffic methods.
  • The 3rd bonus is a 6-week Fast Start Program which is set up to help users get their first 1,000 subscribers very quickly.

The program shows students how to use paid ads to get sales on affiliate products to make money. The software that is included in the program is designed to help users easily promote their chosen products.

Does It Cost To Join These Programs?

Inbox Blueprint is not a free program and instead, it carries a cost which is $997 to join. However, there is also the option to pay in installments to make the cost more affordable. The payment plan is offered at 3 payments of $397.

How Much Can You Earn From Inbox Blueprint?

The amount of money that users earn after purchasing Inbox Blueprint will vary, based on how well they implement the training and techniques. It will also vary based on how many products they choose to promote at one time. The basic system of Inbox Blueprint involves a step-by-step approach where the user uses paid ads to get traffic to a one-page website or landing page. On this landing page, a free gift is provided which is typically a PDF in exchange for getting an email subscriber’s email address.

Once the subscriber joins the email list, they are redirected to a thank you page where they are also shown another product. In addition, the subscriber gets regular emails where they are shown affiliate offers related to a specific niche. Following this system, the earning potential according to Anik, is roughly $0.50 per subscriber, every month. With 2,000 email subscribers, someone can expect to earn $1,000 per month.

Is Inbox Blueprint Worth Your Time?

The bottom line that most people would be interested to know is whether or not Inbox Blueprint is worth their time. When it was first launched, Inbox Blueprint was very popular. However over time, it has lost it’s popularity and effectiveness. Below are some of the pros and cons of Inbox Blueprint, to help potential students decide whether or not it is a viable income source. After doing some research on Inbox Blueprint, it looks as though it may not be worth the almost $1,000 investment.


  • Live Coaching
  • Built-In Landing Page Software


  • Students are encouraged to promote low-quality products
  • Not many recent success stories
  • No refunds are provided if the system doesn’t work

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What Users Are Saying About Inbox Blueprint?

As with all products, some users find the product helpful and there are those who wouldn’t recommend it. Below is a review from a user who didn’t feel the course had updated information.

“I tried it and I gave it 5/10. An honest pitch but dated info. If you know nothing about email marketing it’s good but… “ DSitz

Another reviewer had a similar review:

“I purchased the InBox Blueprint class last Spring, and I would concur. I give a thumbs up because I was a complete newbie and I learned a lot, but overall the class itself is a lot of fluff and not too deep.”

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Our Conclusion Concerning Inbox Blueprint:

Inbox Blueprint isn’t a scam. It’s also not a good program to join, even though it is legit. Overall, Inbox Blueprint is a program put together by one of the most well-known internet marketers Anik Singal. The system has had a great deal of initial success which has since fizzled out to lackluster reviews. The bottom line is that for the price tag, you will be better off investing in other comprehensive training with more updated information.

If you have a different opinion about Inbox Blueprint, we would love to hear about it! Do you have questions or comments about our review? If so, be sure to leave them below. Thank you again everyone for reading our review about Inbox Blueprint and we wish you all the best.

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