Affilorama Review-Best Training and Resources Or Just Another Scam?

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The next best training and resources for affiliate marketing or just another waste of time?

It’s no secret that one of the most popular ways to get started making money online is with affiliate marketing. Many people are drawn to this option because they don’t have to rely on their own product or service in order to make a living online. Instead, they can choose a niche and select products in that niche to promote and then make a commission. Affilorama is one of the websites that offers training and teaches people how to get started making money online with affiliate marketing.

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Affilorama is a website founded by Mark Ling and Simon Slade which is aimed at providing premium training on affiliate marketing. This New Zealand-based company offers a comprehensive array of tools and training including both free and paid resources. If you have been wanting to earn money as an affiliate and you are wondering whether or not Affilorama may be able to help you meet your goals, then read more of our review to find out about this company.

When Did Affilorama Start?

Affilorama had its inception in 2006 and was founded by Mark Ling. Mark Ling had more than 8 years of experience with affiliate marketing when he founded this website. The website includes step-by-step video instruction to help students earn money as affiliate marketers.

What is Affilorama All About?

Affilorama involves a comprehensive resource list of trainings that are offered on a membership platform. Users can log in and view training videos and use the tools to create their very own successful affiliate marketing businesses. The company states that they want to remove the barriers to entry that others may face when beginning the journey of starting an affiliate marketing business.

On their website’s about us section, the company has a list of awards that they have won over the years. This provides proof to their members and prospective members regarding their legitimacy and excellence in offering affiliate marketing training.

How to Join Affilorama?

Even though they provide a solid database of training, Affilorama is easy to join and there is no registration fee to join the site. To join, simply head over to the website at and click on the large green button that says ‘Create your free account and get started.’ Once you join, you will have access to an affiliate marketing quick-start guide, a downloadable roadmap to success, and 120 video lessons.

Does it Cost to Join Affilorama?

To join the Affilorama site, there is no charge, however, the company does offer paid options that have more information for members. The main paid product offered by the company is a product called ‘Pathway to Passive.’ This product is sold for $37 on their main website under the ‘products’ tab. Affilorama also offers access to a suite of tools called AffiloTools. These are free to create a standard account, however, there are paid upgrades available.

How Much Can You Earn From Affilorama?

If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing and you haven’t set up any websites yet, then Affilorama can help you to get set up and possibly begin making your first round of commissions. However, if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, you may find that you don’t need to use the tools and resources offered on this site. The earning potential is entirely dependent on how much you can implement the training you have learned and apply it to your business. One of the downsides of this affiliate training site is that a lot of the methods they teach are outdated. It can be hard to earn a great income with obsolete training methods that no longer work.

Is Affilorama Worth Your Time?

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is whether or not Affilorama is worth your time. There is plenty of valuable content available on the site and a lot of it is available for the free account. The premium upgrades and products can also prove to be useful. However, as anyone can tell you, the Internet world is always changing. Affilorama doesn’t do the best job of keeping up with new changes on the Internet and so many of their tools and resources are no longer relevant.


  • Free of charge to join and over one hundred videos available once you have joined
  • Helps beginner affiliates get started learning about the world of affiliate marketing
  • Offers a quick start guide to affiliate marketing


  • Too heavily focused on ClickBank without enough diversification
  • Outdated training that no longer works for the modern affiliate marketer
  • Not enough how-to material with hands-on tutorials

What Users Are Saying About Affilorama?

One satisfied user wrote:

“Affilorama Support is always willing to help and do so relatively quickly so that I can get on with things with confidence.”

On the other hand, a dissatisfied user wrote:

“Nothing about Affilorama is cheap. The actual cost of the premium training videos, content, programs, and systems itself is just a little too high, in my opinion.”

Our Conclusion For Affilorama:

We always give you an honest assessment and based on our research, we have found that Affilorama is great for getting your foot in the door with affiliate marketing. If you are an absolute newbie and know nothing at all, it can serve as a great resource and starting point to help you on your journey. However, if you are an intermediate affiliate marketer, you may want to look elsewhere for training that is more specific and more recent without as much outdated content.

Do you have a different opinion about our Affilorama review? If you do, then definitely leave it below. Thank you again everyone for reading our review about Affilorama and we wish you all the best.

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