MobileXpression Review- Get Paid For Using Your Device or Scam?

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Would you like to record your internet activity and get rewarded for using your device?
If not, we can certainly understand, but consumers are frequently offered competitive platforms to monetize their data and securely encrypt their internet security in today’s age. Especially as the Web 3.0 revolution comes full force, companies will continue to leverage technology to monetize web activity.

Unfortunately, MobileXpression is not a company using cutting-edge technology that can
genuinely help you monetize your internet activity securely and without the risk of
compromising your livelihood.

MobileXpression is a company that deploys seemingly ordinary software onto your device, only to have sometimes adverse outcomes. Suppose you have recently entered the market or are considering entering it for competitive internet activity monetization. In that case, you might come across MobileXpression, so it is best to be informed about their suspicious history. We’ve conducted thorough research on MobileXpression, to determine if it’s a legit online opportunity or just another scam opportunity on the internet?


Mobilexpression is a market research company that studies people’s internet activity trends and behaviors using their smartphones. Can you make money with MobileXpression, or are they just another scam?

Anyone with a background as a remote worker knows of the difficulties of running into scams,
schemes, or just outright fraud. Often, consumers are geared towards internet monetization that frequently ends up as scam websites that don’t let you access your rewards, provide little to no customer support or engagement, and potentially even contribute to financial schemes, scams, and frauds.

Here at, we are digging deeper to uncover the truth to
MobileXpression’s business model. With our team at, we help you cut out the noise and focus on
making an informed decision. We perform extensive research to provide our users with accurate resources.

Who started MobileXpression, and when did it start?

The company is operated by Comscore, Inc., a global leader in digital marketing research.
Comscore is located in Reston, Virginia, United States, and the company is listed on NASDAQ as

What is MobileXpression all about?

MobileXpression claims to be a market research company that monetizes your internet activity securely and transparently. User feedback for the platform remains negative as most users report that they experience onboarding errors due to flagged accounts. This prompts the user with a message that “Unfortunately, based on your account not meeting the standards of activity and participation, we have canceled your order.”

The app routes your internet traffic through a virtual private network (VPN) for data collection. When this app is installed appropriately, it is set to run without interruption. While this isundoubtedly a great idea, being able to monetize internet activity securely – most users report having a poor experience with MobileXpressions. They are reportedly unimpressed with their ability to pay users in gift cards from name brands like Amazon, Walmart, Itunes, Visa, and other e-vouchers or sweepstakes. MobileXpressions leverages the growing trend of consumer feedback brands offering an easy way to get “real” consumer insights. That means this enterprise is built on trust, and in the case of MobileXpression, they are seriously deficient.

Does it cost to join MobileXpression’s programs?

No, it does not cost to join the MobileXpression program. There are several incentives to joining
the MobileXpression program, including the monetized rewards of Amazon Cards, select charity donations, sweepstake entries, and more. Currently, the platform does not offer immediate cash payouts; however, they do offer a variety of previously listed perks that competing sites lack.

What Membership/Product/Service do they provide?

Once you are a member, MobileXpressions users sign up and install the app on their phone (or tablet), harvesting data about your mobile phone usage. Some of the tracked information
includes the websites you visit, your shopping habits, app usage, and more.

Is MobileXpression Successful?

Yes, MobileXpression is moderately successful. This is what makes it even harder to determine
whether the business model is a scam or not. The organization successfully generates users and has meaningful software that funnels data. There is a business model that MobileXpression may be able to carve out a niche in; however, their lack of world-class customer support and rumored malicious software breaches might provide a fatal blow to any customer loyalty.

How does MobileXpression Help people make money online?

MobileXpression operates as an application that routes users’ internet activity through a virtual
private network (VPN) and extracts, transforms, loads, and ultimately sells users’ data for
rewards in e-vouchers and gift cards.

The website claims to offer an innovative solution to internet monetization. If you are interested in comparing plans for internet monetization, MobileXpression should be at the bottom of your list.


• Monetized system for internet activity.

• The app runs continuously without you       having to check on it.

• Credits are easy to earn.


• Unfortunately, the software is rumored to have malicious code.

• Users report being locked out of accounts, having funds stolen, and mishaps with the
application resulting in unwarranted tracking.

• To add to that, the management at MobileXpression is absent and fails to respond toessential community obstacles.

• Lacking Customer Support, MobileXpression management never had a solid track record
with responding to customers, which is a surefire way to jeopardize your market position.

• Your internet speed could slow down, due to the large amount of data needed to run the app.

What are internet users saying about MobileXpression?

From our preliminary investigation, previous users and contributors on the MobileXpression
platform were not thrilled about their experiences. Users often report frustration rooted in malicious, poorly designed code that locks users out of their accounts, steals funds and records unwarranted data when not installed appropriately.

One users reported:

“I finally got enough points to cash out, but when I tried, a message popped up that my account had been locked.”

On the other hand:

“I’ve been using it for 8 months. It’s unintrusive. It does affect battery life a little, but not enough to warrant uninstalling it.”

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Our Conclusion For MobileXpression:

MobileXpression had the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of internet monetization.
Ultimately, MobileXpression achieved its plan of establishing a monetized system allowing their
company to gain access to market trends directly from consumers. However, MobileXpression was never one of the legitimate players in the incentivized internet activity field.

Although MobileXpression is not a scam, it isn’t an app that we would recommend to you. It’s
best to find another internet monetization option if you are looking for passive income online. The bottom line is that with their suspicious software and payout of only a few cents per task, it is hard to see the value of MobileXpression.

If you have a different opinion concerning MobileXpression, we would love to hear it! Do you have questions or comments concerning our review? If so, be sure to leave them below. Thank you again guy’s for reading our review on MobileXpression and we wish you nothing but the best.

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