MyView Survey Review- An Opportunity To Work Remotely Or A Scam?

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Would you be interested in serving customers and getting the opportunity to work entirely


Well, if you are in the market for completing simple tasks with survey websites to make extra
money at home, you might have come across MyView Survey’s. Anyone with a background as an at-home reviewer, knows of the difficulties running into scams, schemes, or just outright fraud.

These fraudulent websites frequently do not let you access your rewards, provide little to no customer support or engagement, and fill your inbox with inapplicable email clutter. Here at, we dig deeper to uncover the truth to MyView Survey’s business model.

Is this a legit business opportunity? Can you make money with MyView Survey, or are they just another big scam? With our team here at, we aim to help you cut out the noise and focus on making an informed decision. We perform extensive research to find the right opportunities for our readers.

Who Founded MyView Surveys And When:

MyView is owned and operated by Critical Mix, which was established back in 1996.
Unfortunately is not undoubtedly a fraud. Since it still remains online, a semi-conclusion can easily be achieved that MyView is a somewhat successful network of members who offer their feedback on consumer products, and make it easier for you to make your most informed choice.

What is MyView Survey all about?

MyView or MyView Survey, is essentially a niche online community of members willing to provide feedback, in return for points that allow users to earn gift cards from name brands like Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Visa, and other e-vouchers or sweepstakes.

MyView leverages the growing trend of consumer feedback brands offering an easy way to get “real” consumer insights. That means this enterprise is built on trust. And in the case of MyView, they are seriously deficient.

Does it cost to join MyView Survey?

After performing some essential research, we discovered that MyView Surveys is free to join. BUT, consuming hours of your valuable time, is really what they’re charging you. Time that could be used towards something more giving. We say that because MyView compensates their users an average of $0.17 per hour for survey submissions. You have to consider how much money you are missing out on in trade-off cost at that rate.

What Membership do they provide?

Once you are a member, MyView would allow you to fill out surveys and ‘earn’ money online.
Their model operated on a single-tier account, allowing submitters to contribute, and be paid
out via account credits reflecting gift cards and other e-vouchers.

Is MyView Survey Review Successful?

Yes and No. MyView is not successful, but they are operational. If we could give them a rating, it would be a C-. Their web presence is sufficiently faulty, and little to no customer engagement can be reviewed, reflecting a wonderful experience. Sadly only the opposite!

How does MyView Survey Help people make money online?

MyView operates as an online community of members. These members can share their opinions and thoughts about companies, brands, and products by taking online surveys focused on gathering information, that can be useful for marketing research.

The website claims to offer excellent, engaging surveys to it’s members, who have completed “hundreds of thousands of surveys,” that have helped create new products and influenced essential decisions. If you are eligible to take a survey, MyView will pay you for your time and answers.


  • MyView has an international network of reviewers ready to offer critical customer insight into consumer spending in it’s prime.
  • Functional internet presence. MyView’s website is up and running and ready for you to start earning rewards.


  • Unfortunately, the management at MyView failed to understand that reviewers needed to be compensated well for their contribution.
  • Consumers need to feel like they are receiving accurate information and not something that is being paid for or sponsored.
  • Lacking Customer Support: MyView management has not had a solid record of
    accomplishment with responding to customers, which is a surefire way to jeopardize your market position.
  • Lacking Surveys: Many users are saying that some days there’s absolutely no surveys available to complete.

What are internet users saying about this website?

From our preliminary investigation, previous users and contributors with in the MyView system were not fond of the procedures that ran their business operations. Clearly the procedures ran the business operations because it is abundantly clear that the management did not. Here are some other references to understand more precisely what put MyView out of business.

On one side,

“This used to be one of my favorite sites. I don’t know what it is anymore.”

On the other side,

“Notified it was closing so I lost all my accumulated points!”

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Survey Police


MyView is a critical component of retail e-voucher incentive marketplaces, offering payment to anyone contributing to their platform. MyView lives up to their goal, but their business model makes it impossible for anyone to make a real profit online.

MyView is one of few legitimate players in the incentivized consumer insights field, however, MyView ate more of it’s user’s time than what was compensated. For these reasons, we believe MyView is not a scam and users can sign up to find out whether their system is worth they’re time.

Do you have a different opinion about our MyView Survey review? If so, then definitely leave your comment below. Thank you again for reading our review on MyView Survey’s and we wish you nothing but the best.

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