Inspired Opinions Review-Your Way Of Monetizing Your Views Online Or Just Another Waste Of Time?

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Is Inspired Opinions your way of monetizing your views online or just another waste of time?

When searching for an opportunity for paid opinion sharing online, you might have come across Inspired Opinions. This organization is a community of like-minded individuals sharing their opinions and views on technology, food, healthcare, and much more. Read on below if you want to learn more about Inspired Opinions from us at

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Inspired Opinions is a Schlesinger Group online community. It is supposed to be a community interested in sharing their opinion and view to shape the development of technology, food, healthcare, and more – and get paid.

This organization operates in fourteen different offices across the United States, and their team
conducts business via telephone and personal computers across the world.

What is Inspired Opinions all about?

Schlesinger group prides itself on providing market research services that genuinely help its
customers understand the complexities of real-world problems. Schlesinger focuses on potential influences in the marketplace and customer needs, which they have been doing for over forty years. Inspired Opinions also boasts a variety of technical skills and expertise that provides clientele with a comprehensive understanding of deliverables.

When did Inspired Opinions Start?

Inspired Opinions is a Schlesinger Group community. Schlesinger Group has existed for over fifty years, since 1965.

Does it cost to join Inspired Opinions programs?

After performing some essential research, we discovered that the Inspired Opinions
business plan makes it possible, so there is no cost to using the site other than your time. As long as you are 18 years or older, you can join their platform for free.

What Membership do they provide?

Once you are a member, Inspired Opinions would allow you to share your opinion online and ‘earn’ money almost immediately. Their model operates on a single-tier account, allowing submitters to contribute and earn rewards on a point payout system.

Is Inspired Opinions Successful?

Yes, they are not successful. If we could give a rating, it would be a B+. Their web presence is
above average, but there are deficiencies in customer support and dozens of reviews reflecting the opposite of a satisfactory experience.

How Does Inspired Opinions Help People Make Money Online?

Inspired Opinions is designed to provide an online community of individuals willing to
share their opinions and views online for e-vouchers and redeemable points via gift card payout. It only takes a few minutes, and then you can help companies across the world with their consumer insights.

The website claims to offer excellent feedback and dozens of jobs. Unfortunately, this is not the
case if you find yourself on most other websites. I suspect the websites with positive reviews are
paid promotional by that company. Inspired Opinions says they will pay you for your time and tasks if you are eligible to contribute. Are you interested?


• Inspired Opinions has a domestic network of contributors.

• Active internet presence. Inspired Opinions website is up and running and ready
for you to get onboarded.

• It’s free to join.


• Unfortunately, Inspired Opinions is riddled with poor reviews and deceptive
claims from customers all over. Beware, and make sure they pay you for your work.

• This exciting focus group reportedly pays well in prepaid Visa/MasterCards for people
who enjoy a gift card payment.

• No option for cash payouts: You only get paid thru gift cards and free samples.

• You have to earn 100 points, to equal $1.00 in gift card funds.

What are internet users saying about this website?

Previous users and contributors on the Inspired Opinions have mixed opinions regarding
the business from our preliminary investigation. Users report that their business exploits you for your time and often does not access your rewards. Here are some other references to understand the Inspired Opinions experience.

On one side,

“Pretty easy to use only issue is you can’t cash out points whenever you want.”

On the other hand,

“I have contacted customer support numerous times- they keep resending my cards to the wrong address, despite numerous updates. They have done it so much that Bank Of America has refused to issue additional cards. so I guess there is no way for me to get paid.”

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Our Conclusion For Inspired Opinions:

Inspired Opinions is a good business that you can undoubtedly use to make money.
Inspired Opinions has been reported for having a simple to use website with many mixed customer interactions. Be safe when you use the Inspired Opinions site.

You might have trouble accessing your funds, but if your account is appropriately set up, you should be able to earn money in just a few minutes. For these reasons, we believe Inspired Opinions is not a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their system is worth their time.

If you have a different opinion concerning Inspired Opinions, let is know what it is! Do you have questions or comments concerning our review? If so, be sure to leave them below in our comment section. Thank you again guy’s for reading our review on Inspired Opinions and we wish you nothing but the best.

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  1. Thank you for writing this review of Inspired Opinions. The whole thing sounds like a good idea, but I’d tend to stay away from them, based on your negative comments. I would really prefer not to get involved with a company that might not pay promptly for work done, I also don’t care for deceptive practices. Thanks for alerting us to the problems people are facing with this company.

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