2Captcha Review-The Best Side Hustle or a Total Waste of Time?

screenshot of 2Captcha logoIs 2Captcha The Best Side Hustle or a Total Waste of Time?

In the modern evolving gig economy, there are many types of flexible and novel ways to earn an income online. One of these is by solving captchas. 2Captcha is a website that offers payment in exchange for users solving Captchas on many different websites. If you are looking for new and simple ways to earn an income online, this option may interest you. However, you will want to read on to find out whether or not it’s legit work online and worth your time,  or if it is simply just another online scam

Hete at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we are focused on finding out the correct information about online income generating opportunities. We will help you to uncover the truth about the latest online income options to find out whether or not you should spend your time on them or simply stay away. If you want to learn more about 2Captcha, read on below for our helpful review. 


2Captcha is a site that offers a payout in exchange for actions performed on their platform. In this instance, the action performed is completing Captchas for various websites. If you aren’t sure what Captchas are, they are the puzzles or image questions you must answer before gaining access to a website.  

2Captcha makes their payments in cash and the minimum payout is 50 cents. The idea behind 2Captcha is that companies need access to certain websites and they don’t have the time to solve these puzzles themselves. With this convenient service, they are able to have workers log on to a basic interface where they can receive the captcha puzzles and solve them by entering the text correctly. Funds are earned for every captcha that has been entered accurately. 

When Did 2Captcha Start?

2Captcha started in 2014 and since then has been providing a convenient service where users can be paid for solving simple captchas. 

What is 2Captcha All About?

You may be wondering what exactly 2Captcha is all about and if there are any hidden catches you need to know about. Don’t worry, we will break everything down for you so you can go forward with your decision to join the platform or simply stay away. 

2Captcha offers users of their platform a payout of a few cents for each Captcha they solve. The idea would be to complete as many Captcha puzzles as possible in order to make it worth your time. Although the payouts are relatively small, you can still expect to receive at least 50 cents after working on the site for a couple hours.

You can start working anytime you would like and at any location. When you are ready to log off of the system, you can simply select the Stop button. You will find that if you lapse into inactivity, the system will automatically go into sleep mode, however, you can reactivate it by simply resuming activity. 

How Much Can You Earn With 2Captcha?

The million dollar question is how much can you actually earn with 2Captcha? The answer varies based on how much work you put in. However, there is a base amount that 2Captcha will pay you. The pay range is about $.20 to $1.00 per 1,000 captchas completed. It’s helpful to note that more difficult captchas will offer a higher payout than easier ones. For a very fast user, they may be able to solve 1000 captchas in about 2.5 hours. 

screenshot of 2Captcha website page

Is 2Captcha Worth Your Time?

2Captcha pays out a very small amount of money for completing captcha puzzles. This may be a worthwhile task if you have a lot of downtime and if you are able to complete captchas very quickly. However, even if you have these going for you, it is still difficult to make a decent amount of money using this platform. If you are looking for something more sustainable instead, it’s better to invest your time in a different online money making pursuit. 

Pros of 2Captcha: 

  • Easy and quick to get started at no cost
  • Payouts are fast so you don’t  have to wait long to get your cash
  • Low barrier to entry as almost anyone can get started

Cons of 2Captcha: 

  • Very small payments for the time spent solving Captchas
  • Some members have complained of glitches not recognizing correct captchas
  • Members will need to work long hours to make a decent amount of money

What Others Are Saying About 2Captcha

“I have been working with this site for more than 2 months and they make all payments on a regular basis.

When they set a minimum of $ 0.5, that means you can get your money back whenever you want (98% of payments are made fast or on Fridays and Mondays).” 

-2Captcha User

“Its a legit site, but the payment was very low of 1 dollar please increase the payment, and at first the payout process is fast but lately it takes longer to receive my payout which is quite disappointing and also the errors in your captcha even if my answer is right they will mark it as wrong it’s so annoying hope you work on it. But it’s a good paying site for those who need a part time job only because it only pays less even if you work the whole day. Thank you”  -2Captcha User

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screenshot of 2Captcha website page

Our Conclusion For 2Captcha:

If you’re wondering whether 2Captcha is legit, the answer is yes! It is a 100% legitimate website that will provide compensation in exchange for you solving captchas for them. However, the amount is often so small that you will have to work several hours just to make a very miniscule amount of money. So in the end it may not be worth your time at all but can be a fun way to make some spare change. 

Do you have a different opinion about 2Captcha than our review expresses? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your comments below and be sure to check back often for more informative reviews on work from home opportunities. 

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4 thoughts on “2Captcha Review-The Best Side Hustle or a Total Waste of Time?

  1. This is my first time hearing about this! I never knew that such an opportunity was available! And it totally makes sense that companies would need to automate the captcha-solving processes for websites they need access to.

    While it may not be the best way towards financial independence, it’s a great way to earn some gas money!

    A really informative and eye-opening article! Keep up the great work!

  2. I have traded with this several brokers, i eventually gave up when 24option stole my investment funds and I can tell you categorically that I was/am unimpressed by their performance. Having lost almost $93,000 to them I decided to withdraw the remaining balance to meet a pressing need but they have found it difficult to release my money. I paid through Liberty reserve and they got my money instantly but when I wanted to have my balance back they said it will take 5-7 days and it’s exactly a week today yet I have not been paid. The so-called account manager lied to me that he has processed my money and that it’s on its way to my account but it is now 3 days after without any money. I have sent emails to him and he has refused to reply to me and this is somebody that has been disturbing me with calls and emails to make a deposit and trade and now it’s their turn to release my money they have not responded please be careful and know you in your money, I was able to get back my money through the help of robertojimmy366 @gmail.com who helped me recovery my funds from the scam broker.

    1. Hey Linda and thank you for commenting. Sorry to hear that you lost so much money, but thank God you were able to get your money back. Thank you for sharing your experience and that valuable information Linda! Take care.

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