Spare5 Review-Earn Money In Your Spare Time Or Unprofitable Scam?

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Earn money in your spare time or unprofitable scam?

Are you in the market to make money in your spare time, with free web and mobile apps? If so, at some point you might come across Spare5, a company designed to let you tap into a wide variety of tasks and provide human insight into audio, video, or image files. The Spare5 application bridges the gap between technology and human understanding, with a network of users worldwide who have a spare five minutes to offer, hence the name.

Spare5 allows you to input your human perspective in the form of language assessments, image annotations, element isolation, and keyword research. Let’s peel a layer back into Spare5’s business model, with analysis performed by experienced analysts here at

Here at, we help you by providing a common-sense breakdown of companies you know from real people that you can trust. Our whole goal here is to help you find legit work online for real, while also aiding you in avoiding those online scams. Our team of qualified analysts performs due diligence to understand businesses from a consumer perspective.


Spare5 is one way to offer machine learning assistance by telling their team about the tone, meaning, and content of messages, images, and other elements. Generally speaking, you can get paid to check and verify the information you are provided so that technology can better self-identify the same content independently. Spare5 claims to host a vibrant community of “Fives” that is excited about using their applications. Spare5 works with various companies to help train programs and algorithms to think and work better with human input. When you work with Spare5, you are not working alone; you are in a network with great companies like Expedia, GettyImages, Microsoft, and IBM, to name a few. It only takes a little digging to find that Spare5 has a proven track record of success.

Spare5 prides itself on servicing the needs of technology to improve corporate computer vision and natural language processing. Spare5 is not just another way to make money for the average consumer – it’s a way to make an impact.

So, what makes Spare5 so good at doing what they do? Let’s do more research and find out why Spare5 is a valid way to make money entirely remote. Here at, we help you identify fraudulent businesses before you decide where your hard-earned money and time goes.

What is Spare5 all about?

Spare5 is all about enhancing technology and providing human input to train computer vision and natural language processing more accurately. Spare5 operates as a legitimate technology application that lets you earn money by completing small tasks reviewing data entirely remotely.

When did Spare5 Start?

Spare5 is owned and operated by Mighty AI, Inc., a company headquartered in Seattle, Washington however, the Spare5 web application operates throughout the United States and the world. Spare5 has been up and running since 2014, over five years old. The Mighty AI, Inc. group is owned and operated by Uber Technology Inc.

What does it cost to use Spare5?

Spare5 costs nothing to use. As long as you are 18 years or older, maintain a PayPal account, and have reliable access to the internet, you can sign-up for the Spare5 platform and get to earn real money every day. With Spare5, each user has the same level account. This means that no one has preferred earnings, but accounts have a built-in experience or XP system that rewards your activity on their platform. You can earn a $2 bonus (up to $20) after you refer a friend and earn their first $10.00. Your friend will make $1 too.

What Membership does Spare5 provide?

Spare5 is a single-tier membership that pays you with real money via PayPal. You earn real money by inputting human data online behind the screen. The application is not yet available on the Apple or Android AppStore. To start earning with Spare5, you can register using the Spare5 links posted thru out this article.

Is Spare5 successful?

Yes, they are very successful. Spare5 has established a network of parent companies and top talent found within their management that proves they are a legitimate force to be reckoned with. If we could give Spare5 a rating, it would be an A+. This company is not your typical internet scheme. In fact, Spare5 has a proven history of putting cash in people’s pockets. The added benefit of trust in the virtual world means that you can use their network of businesses to pay you for your support wherever you are.

How does Spare5 help people?

Spare5 helps you make money through any device with access to the internet by inputting human feedback to data in the form of images, text, and other elements. Tasks are often sorted based on country, gender, and a client’s needs to help ensure that the proper connection is being made with both the client, service provider, and the information being assessed.


  • It’s free to join!
  • Spare5 has a proven track record of sales and a network of great companies requesting your support.
  • Spare5 has a platform that allows you to make money entirely virtual as long as you can submit human input data online regarding images, text, and other digital elements.


  • Spare5 might seem a little frightening if you are unfamiliar with recent natural language processing technologies ,or image recognition innovations.

Ultimately, you train a computer system to use your human input data when identifying components independent of human assistance. You can use their website to learn more about how they use your data ethically, to train machines to perform accurately.

What are internet users saying about this website?

Previous users of Spare5 have primarily positive opinions regarding the business from our preliminary investigation. Here are some references to understand the Spare5 business model.

On one hand,

“earned $.45 cents per minute from England”

On the other hand,

“Spare5 gives payment proof of the app and states that they typically earn anywhere from $.01 – $.05 cents per task”

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Spare5 website homepage

Our Conclusion For Spare5:

Spare5 is a terrific business that can help you make extra money online every day. Take caution when using Spare5 and understand the risks of doing business online and in person.

For these reasons, we believe Spare5 is NOT a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their technology training application is truly worth their time.

Have you had a different experience with Spare5 or do you have another opinion about Spare5? If so,we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Spare5 and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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