Cash For Apps Review – Earn Gift Cards Online or Scam?

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Earn Gift Cards Online or Scam?

Are you looking to get gift cards and in-app purchases? If so, consider checking out Cash for Apps, “the fastest way to get Gift Cards and In-App Purchases.” Cash for Apps is an iOS and android eligible service that allows you to download previously paid, or premium apps for free – and earn points doing so. The Cash for Apps website claims to let you collect points for every app you download and test out. This means that you could be making money using everyday applications like Twitter, Spotify, and more today.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we look at online businesses to identify real opportunities to make money behind the screen. Be sure to follow along to find out whether Cash for Apps can earn you money, or if it’s just another scheme to try and take your time. Below, we’ll reveal the critical aspects of the Cash for Apps business model, to understand how they operate with real-life research conducted by experienced associates over at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our whole goal here is to help you find real legit work online, whole also aiding you in avoiding those evil online scams. We help you identify real opportunities to make money online, in this forever transforming digital economy.


Cash for Apps claims to offer the “fastest way to get Gift Cards and In-App Purchases” – a bold claim in today’s day and age. The Cash for Apps platform allows you to make money by testing everyday applications and giving your feedback. The Cash for Apps platform uses gift cards from Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Target, and more. While the website details their primary business model, the question still remains; how much money can you make? Look at how much money you can create, using your mobile devices and their pre-installed app store.

Let’s find out more about Cash for Apps and their mixed record of servicing users online. At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we are here to help you identify real opportunities with businesses you can trust, all online.

What is Cash for Apps all about? 

Cash for Apps is a consumer feedback and insight network that incentivizes actual user activity, in exchange for gift cards that you can use at your favorite retailers in person, or online. When using the Cash for Apps website, there are a lot of drawbacks. For starters. The user doesn’t have much information about where their feedback goes, how it gets used, and or whether it is being put to use.

Erring on the side of caution, users might hear alarm bells tolling when they consider the vague website. Ultimately, Cash for Apps exists to provide a pool of user testing talent to large companies that need to outsource their testing with a giant net. Be sure to follow along to get a comprehensive understanding of Cash for Apps’ business model.

When did Cash for Apps Start? 

Cash for Apps is owned and operated by Mobvantage marketing. The application was launched as a free-to-download platform that helps you make money on your mobile device. Mobvantage and the Cash for Apps team are headquartered in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, as a private entity. Their organization releases no public financial documentation, or recent news and activity to gauge their performance in more recent weeks and months.

What does it cost to use Cash for Apps? 

It costs absolutely nothing to use the Cash for Apps platform. But don’t expect to make life-changing money. One option on android devices is to use the app to make money viewing an ad, every time you unlock your device. These points are the rewards that eventually add up to unlock real-life rewards, at trusted brand names. The Cash for Apps team can be reached via email at

Is Cash for Apps successful?  

NO, Cash for Apps is by no means prosperous. Their website is riddled with negative reviews online that report fraudulent services, mismanaged funds, and poor customer service. A measly $10 gift card would take 3,000 points to redeem. Thriving is not a word we would use for Cash for Apps. Ultimately – if we could give a rating, it would be a C-.


  • Cash for Apps has some history of proven exchange of real gift cards from reliable sellers, five+ years ago. 

  • There are no upfront charges to earning passive rewards.


  • The business has a negative history. Be sure to understand the risks of doing business in your local region. 

  • You may receive a fraudulent or stolen gift card.

  • No BBB accreditation.

  • You need to earn 1,500 point’s, to equal a whopping $5 goft card.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users of Cash for Apps have negative opinions regarding the business, from our preliminary investigation. Here are some references to understand the Cash for Apps business model.       

On one hand,

“Wanted to thank the people over at @CashForApps for helping out with my videos for the past few months. ❤️ chu guys” 

On the other hand,

“Fix the damn bugs… and I prefer real money.”

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Our Conclusion For Cash For Apps: 

While Cash for Apps may seem enticing at first glance, their business does not hold up under the microscope. The Cash for Apps business model does not allow for any substantial profit to be made. You are rewarded with a flawed points-based incentive system, that will enable you to download apps and get in-app discounts. While the business may not be the best, and you certainly won’t be able to use it as another passive income stream, our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal does not believe it to be a scam. Take caution when using Cash for Apps online and familiarize yourself with the risks, especially if you are new to working online.           

That being said, we believe Cash for Apps is NOT a scam for these reasons, and users can sign up to find out whether their business is a scam, as we conclude here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.

Have you had a different experience with Cash for Apps or have another opinion about Cash for Apps? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Cash for Apps, and we’ll see you in the following review.

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