Mobee App Review – Is Mobee The Best New Secret Shopping App or Just A Waste of Time?

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Is Mobee The Best New Secret Shopping App or Just A Waste of Time?

Mobee App is a highly rated app that is available in the App Store as well as on Google Play. With the app, you can get paid to shop and eat at your favorite places. Rewards can be earned by frequenting the same places you would normally visit. Read our review to find out whether or not Mobee App is legitimate or if it’s worth your time at all. 

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Mobee App can provide a fun and easy way to earn cash and rewards while you are on the go. It is described on the website as being a fast, fun, and flexible app where you answer questions while shopping at your favorite stores. 

The app is set up using secret missions. When you are ready to start using the app, you simply open it up and see which missions are available in your area. Users can use the app whenever they choose to so there is no pressure to complete a certain amount of missions. The missions are very straightforward and will tell you exactly what to do each time. From taking pictures inside the store to answering survey questions, many different missions can be completed to earn rewards. 

When Did Mobee App Start?

Mobee App started in 2012 and was founded by Prahar Shah who is the CEO and Thibault Le Conte who is the CTO. Prahar is an MIT graduate who has spent time at other companies including Bessemer Venture Partners and Google. 

What Is Mobee App All About?

Mobee App is a highly rated, extremely fun mystery shopping app that allows users to earn cash and rewards for completing small missions. Each mission is clearly outlined and takes only a small amount of time to finish. The app clearly states that each mission is supposed to be undercover and the mystery shopper should never take photos of the store employees or reveal their missions to the people who work there. 

The Mobee App assigns points for each mission that is completed and the points accrue over time. Points can be redeemed in 48 hours once the mission has been completed.

Does It Cost To Use The Mobee App?

It does not cost anything to use the Mobee app. The app is free to download and you can begin completing missions as soon as you are ready. 

Mobee App homepage

How to earn rewards with Mobee: 

  1. Download the Mobee App
  2. Find a mission closeby to your location
  3. Complete the mission
  4. Earn rewards and then redeem them

How Much Can You Earn With the Mobee App?

The Mobee App is one of the few apps that pay to perform an action that provides pretty good rewards. The rewards include gift cards to popular stores such as Amazon and eBay. The amount of money you can earn will be based on the missions you have been able to complete. If you are in a bigger town or city, you will be able to have the opportunity to earn more. However, you can earn as much as 1500 points per day. 

The Mobee app provides a referral program in addition to their rewards program. The user can earn 300 points for each new member that they recruit. Recruits can also refer other people to the program and earn 300 points themselves. The points are received after the referee completes their first mission. 

Is Mobee App Worth Your Time?

The Mobee App is one of those apps that we would be proud to stand behind and recommend 100%. As of today, it is still very highly rated in both Google Play and the Apple Store and has a good satisfaction rating. However, some users complain of not being able to get their missions approved even after they have done all of the required actions. 


  • Free to download and no cost to begin missions
  • Easy to use with straightforward missions
  • Rewards available as gift cards to popular stores 


  • Sometimes the app is glitchy and doesn’t provide rewards for completed missions
  • This app isn’t a viable source of full-time income
  • The app is only available to US residents

What Others Are Saying About Mobee App: 

“The gold standard of all apps like it, putting all these “go scan some obscure UPC” clowns to shame. Real tasks that aren’t luck-based. — Update to say they’ve lost several missions lately, but they’re still as reliable about payment and task simplicity as ever. Still well earned five stars.” 

-Mobee App User

Another user wrote;

“The app itself is ok, however, the missions are hard to complete. It is not a matter of finding or rating products but to actually follow the instructions and correctly answer the questions. The instructions are not specific and the questions are asked in a way that leaves room for interpretation.”

 -Mobee App User

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Mobee App homepage

Our Conclusion For This Mobee App:

Mobee app is overall a good pick when you are looking for some extra cash on the side. The fact that you can earn rewards for going to places in your local area is very beneficial. Many people have had a great experience with the app and it does come very well recommended on the Android and iPhone platforms. 

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