Le-vel Thrive Review-Another MLM Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

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Le-vel Thrive Review Another MLM Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

If you have a deep interest in health and wellness, then you may have heard of Le-vel Thrive. This is a health and wellness program that is quickly becoming one of the most widely used ones worldwide. This program makes many claims for improving one’s health as well as for providing an income opportunity. However, whether any of that is true, is yet to be determined by us here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal. Read on to find out more information about our opinion of Le-vel Thrive. 

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Le-vel Thrive website


Le-vel Thrive is a health and wellness company that has generated over $2 billion in its first seven years of operation. This MLM company provides health-based products that claim to improve your health while providing the option for earning an income. Also known as the Thrive Experience, this program is targeted at individuals who would like to improve their overall health and wellbeing. They offer a daily supplement regimen as well as fitness goals that are personalized to your unique needs. 

When Did Le-vel Thrive Start?

Le-vel Thrive started in 2012 and was founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. The two founders started the company with the mission of helping others thrive instead of just surviving. 

Le-vel Thrive website

What is Le-vel Thrive All About?

Le-vel Thrive is a premiere multi-level marketing system that consists of health products and fitness routines. The goal of the program is to provide health transformations and establish healthy systems to help people reach their health and fitness goals. There are three types of daily supplements in addition to extra products like beverages and snacks. The three-step products include:

Premium Lifestyle Capsules – These capsules are offered for both men (Thrive M) and women (Thrive W). They are supposed to be taken upon rising and before eating breakfast. These capsules contain essential ingredients like probiotics and amino acids. 

Premium Lifestyle Mix – This mix is a shake that is supposed to be ingested about 30 minutes after taking the first round of supplements. The mix is specially formulated to be absorbed more readily by the body and contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and natural plant extracts. 

Thrive DFT – The last step in the process is the Thrive DFT which stands for derma fusion technology. This process infuses the skin with added formulas for increased health and wellness. 

Le-vel Thrive Additional Products Include: 

  • Thrive PLUS
  • Thrive FIT
  • Thrive FIT BUILD 
  • Thrive FIT RECOVER 
  • Thrive SKIN

How to Join Le-vel Thrive?

Le-vel Thrive outlines four ways to get started as a brand promoter on their website. They offer the option for anyone to become a brand promoter and there are no purchase requirements.

Does It Cost To Join This Program?

Le-vel Thrive does not charge a fee to join their program.  

How Much Can You Earn From Le-vel Thrive?

At this point, you may be wondering whether Le-vel Thrive is a scam and just another get-rich-quick scheme or if it’s an actual way to make money online. They have been around for five years and although they have been through some lawsuits, they aren’t a scam. They do offer a compensation plan which allows distributors to make money when customers buy directly from them. Distributors also earn when the people they recruit sell products. 

Is Le-vel Thrive Worth Your Time?

As far as online income opportunities go, many options may be easier to make an income with. Most MLM companies require that you put in a lot of time upfront recruiting people and getting the word out about what you offer. This can be unprofitable for some people who aren’t comfortable with direct sales. If you aren’t scared off by the idea of selling directly to people then Le-vel Thrive may be an option for you to consider. 


  • No fee to enter the program
  • Fairly low Qualifying Volume required compared to other companies
  • Many great reviews about the products


  • Not everyone can succeed at MLM
  • Difficult learning curve for new sellers
  • May not see a large income for a long period

What Users Are Saying About Le-vel Thrive?

“The products are good but the prices make them unaffordable for most. A lot of deception going on. They’re FAR from “all-natural” and plant-based.” -Thrive user

Another User Wrote;

“Thrive has truly given me my happy self back. My family is happier because of it. I have been consistently thriving for 6 yrs now.” -Thrive user

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Our Conclusion For Le-vel Thrive:

Le-vel Thrive website

Le-vel Thrive was named as the winner of the Direct Selling News Bravo Growth Award in 2016. They also have gotten recognition for reaching $1 billion in sales in five years. Although it has some impressive accomplishments, Le-vel Thrive isn’t for everyone. This is because MLM companies can be difficult to progress in without the right support. If you’re looking for an online money-making opportunity, affiliate marketing may be a better choice.

Do you have a different opinion about Le-vel Thrive? If so, we would love to hear about it! If you have comments or questions about our review, be sure to leave them below. Thanks again and we’ll see you in our next review!

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