Teespring Review-Make Money Selling Custom T-Shirts or Scam?

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Make Money Selling Custom T-Shirts or Scam?

Are you looking to make money online selling products through a simple eCommerce storefront? If so, you might already be familiar with Teespring. Teespring is an online platform that allows you to get up and running by selling t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Teespring is supposedly an excellent platform for business owners to test their design and speed to market without any hassles of traditional business ownership. Teespring allows you to set up a convenient website, to set up a simple storefront, and end-to-end eCommerce functionality. Follow along to find out if Teespring is a legitimate opportunity and determine whether it is a good fit for you and your brand.

Let’s uncover the details of the Teespring business model, to understand what makes their platform so successful as a customizable storefront and eCommerce solutions provider. We perform consumer verified research with experienced associates here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we help you identify legit opportunities online. Our whole goal here, is to help you find real legit work online, while also aiding you in avoiding those evil online scams! Our team looks at online businesses to identify fraudulent companies, before you end up wasting your time and/or hard earned money.


Teespring claims to provide a simple solution for creating and selling products that engage your fans and help you monetize your content. The Teespring platform is supposed to provide your business solutions to make a simple eCommerce store online at no cost, hassle, or risk – all of which seems too good to be true. The Teespring business should be an eCommerce solution for people considering selling merchandise to support a brand storefront. Still, the Teespring website’s claims beg the question, is it just a scheme to take your time and money?

Let’s find more information together by researching and discovering why Teespring has a mixed record for their software-as-a-service platform. Here at LegitWorkForRealOnline.com, we help you identify fraudulent businesses and schemes to weed out fake opportunities from the real, legitimate, work online. 

What is Teespring all about? 

Teespring offers a series of eCommerce solutions that help you start a storefront on the internet, at just a few clicks of a button. The most practical use-case for T-Spring, is for idea validation. Essentially, Teespring lets you piggyback off their brand and create a digital commerce portal for products you design. If you think you have the potential for the next best design and you want to try out a product for your eCommerce community, then head on over to Teespring to set up an easy-to-customize digital storefront. Just take the time to read through the rest of this article, to get a vital buyer’s beware notice. 

When did Teespring Start? 

Teespring was founded in 2011, by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton in Providence Rhode Island, servicing the larger United States of America. Teespring prides itself on being an American company that operates “Spring,” their companies social commerce platform that helps you create and sell your brand.

What Does It Cost To Use Teespring? 

It costs no upfront money to use the Teespring platform. The start-up cost to build your brand are incurred on an as-needed basis, at a quantity and price point that is competitive for your needs. Beware; prices can get costly quickly. Teespring offers t-shirts for around $10 per t-shirt. With prices this steep, it is hard to profit from marginal sales.

Is Teespring successful?  

Yes, they are successful. But they also have some noticeable flaws. Some of these flaws include the fact that Teespring has no way to upload mockups, which frequently gets in the way as a designer trying to create an easy-to-replicate product. Mockups are essential because you can test your product before executing a more significant purchase order. Prices are costly. Teespring offers t-shirts for around $10 per t-shirt, making it increasingly hard to charge for a generic product. But, ultimately – if we could give a rating, it would be a C-. 


  • Teespring has several reports of maintaining an easy-to-use website and simple-to-navigate platform.

  • Teespring has a solid eCommerce website that allows you to check out their products entirely online without needing customer support.

  • Speedy Delivery. Teespring has a proven record of delivering products on time and communicating before receiving your package to the purchaser.

  • Their management explains the company with clear information and good videos to make high-level information easy to understand. 

  • There’s no upfront money to use the Teespring platform.


  • Teespring products suffer from quality. There are dozens of reports online concerning the fiber strands found on purchased shirts and the misprinting that happens. Be sure you are getting what you paid for.

  • Teespring has a misleading design view making it hard to get an accurate idea of your designs before receiving the first product. 

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users of Teespring have mixed opinions regarding the business, from our preliminary investigation. Here are some references to understand the Teespring business model.   

On one hand,

I ordered a t-shirt that was not as expected in thickness and didn’t work for my purpose. The customer service was excellent and I had an immediate refund. Customer Service with Jeannie was top notch.” 

On the other hand,

“Disorganized Company, Stay Away: I placed my order on Dec 14, 2021, for 4 T-shirts all the same style shirts, same designs but different colors going to the same address. They ended up shipping all 4 shirts separately in their own boxes and at different times and it took 1 month to finally get all 4 of them. Why they don’t make the T-shirts together at the same time and ship them together in 1 box is beyond me. They are really disorganized and very slow at responding to you. They don’t care about customer service at all. They just accept your money and screw you with everything else.

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Our Conclusion For Teespring: 

Teespring is a mediocre business, BUT our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com believes it is not a scam. Still take caution when using Teespring and understand online business risks, especially if you consider buying a product from Teespring. You might experience some delivery issues like the orders above.  

For these reasons, we believe Teespring is NOT a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their business is a scam, or as we conclude at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.Com.

Have you had a different experience with Teespring or do you have another opinion about Teespring? If so,we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Teespring and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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