Google Opinion Rewards Review 2022 – Survey Scam or Legit?

Google Opinion Rewards logoGoogle Opinion Rewards Review 2022: Survey Scam or Legit?

If you’re looking into creating a second income stream or you want to make cash on the side, that is definitely the right approach for 2022. The trend is that more and more people are looking into entrepreneurship and finding out how they can earn extra income online. With that in mind, you may have heard of Google Opinion Rewards. This is a reward-based program that was created by Google and provides users with the ability to earn income by completing opinion surveys. Each survey offers up to $1 in Play credit for the user. 

LegitWorkOnlineForReal is focused on providing you with the best information about online work-from-home opportunities. Our whole goal here, is to help you find legit work online, while also assisting you in avoiding those evil online scams! We provide well-researched content so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right opportunity for your needs. Read on for our honest review on Google Opinion Rewards in 2022. 


Google Opinion Rewards is a survey website that was founded by Google and is currently available in 26 different countries. In addition to the United States, Google Opinion Rewards is available in Brazil, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Singapore. Anyone who is 18 years of age and older can join and begin taking surveys once they have accepted the terms of service. 

When Did Google Opinion Rewards Start?

Google Opinion Rewards started in 2012 and as of today, the Google Opinion Rewards app has been downloaded over 10 million instances. 

Google Opinion Rewards app

What Is Google Opinion Rewards All About?

Google Opinion Rewards was founded with the idea of helping businesses to obtain user data simply and efficiently. Every business needs the opinions of its audience to make sound business decisions. Without the guesswork, these companies have the accurate data they need to make the right decisions. Google Reviews was founded to give companies the chance to ask their audience’s opinions directly while also allowing survey takers the chance to earn rewards. 

Google Opinion Rewards works with many different brands such as Ikea, Lowe’s, Chili’s, and many more. The surveys are available in different formats depending on the goal of the survey. Some of the surveys include opinion polls, hotel reviews, business satisfaction surveys, and many other different types of surveys. 

How to Join Google Opinion Rewards? 

If you are wondering how to join Google Opinion Rewards, it’s very simple. Simply sign up on the site and accept the terms and conditions. There is no charge for signing up and survey takers can begin taking surveys. 

To Sign Up For Google Opinion Rewards:

  1. The first step is to download the Google Opinion Rewards app. 
  2. Then you will need to link your Google profile. 
  3. You will need to fill in the introductory survey
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Start filling out surveys and earning rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app screenshots

How Much Can You Earn With Google Opinion Rewards?

According to the information posted directly on Google’s website, each user has the potential to earn between $0.10 and $1.00 for every survey that is completed. However, this amount can also vary depending on the survey’s length as well as how long it takes you to fill it out. 

This amount may not seem like much, however, some people may be thinking that they can fill out 100 surveys a day and quickly make about $100 a day. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t exactly work that way. Google Opinion Rewards users only get about 1 to 2 surveys each week and the surveys typically take under five minutes to complete. Users who want to receive more surveys can enable location settings on their devices. This will help the user to be more visible to brands so that they can receive additional surveys. 

Is Google Opinion Rewards Worth Your Time? 

With the payout being so small, you may be wondering if Google Opinions Rewards is even worth your time. The answer depends on what your goal is with the system. If you are using the platform just to make a few extra dollars here and there, then you will find that it is a great service for this purpose. However, if you are hoping to create another income stream, then Google Opinion Rewards may not be the right choice for your income goals. 


  • Available in 26 different countries
  • Short surveys that are easy to complete
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices
  • It’s free to join!


  • Only one to two surveys available each week
  • Not a high income potential available
  • Must respond to survey offers within 24 hours

What Users Are Saying About Google Opinion Rewards?

“The idea of this app is perfectly fine. BUT. So far, since I installed the app, I’ve gotten a grand total of.. 1 survey. Excluding the introductory survey, I have only gotten 1 survey and that is pretty ridiculous. If by some miracle, I do get another one, I will update this review.” -Ilknur Demirkoparan

Another user wrote:

“This is one of the best rewards apps I’ve used. If you use the Google App store, you need this app.” -Hope Gates

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Google Opinion Rewards app screenshots

Our Conclusion For Google Opinion Rewards:

Overall, it looks like Google Opinion Rewards is not a scam, it is actually a legit platform for completing surveys in exchange for rewards. However, if you’re looking to make a large amount of money with this site, you may need to think again. You will want to explore some other income opportunities besides Google Opinion Rewards if your income needs are higher. 

If you have a different opinion about Google Opinion Rewards, we would love to hear about it! If you have comments or questions about our review, be sure to leave them below. Thank you for reading our review on Google Opinion Rewards and we wish you all the best.

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