Karatbars Review-Make Money Selling Gold Online Or Scam?

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Make Money Selling Gold Online or Scam?

Are you in the market to hedge against inflation with precious metals, specifically gold? If so, you might encounter an organization known as Karatbar. Karatbar is a company that offers the future of payment solutions with gold. Karatbars was founded to make gold available and transferable for many people at all times. With the Karatbars platform, you can buy small integrated fine gold bars of 1 gram worldwide.

Today, the Karatbars international team markets itself as the leader in the small denomination gold industry. Here at LegitWorkForRealOnline, we’ll find out just how true that is. If you are a part of the Karatbars team, you believe that gold was the past and is the future of financial exchange. Follow along to find if Karatbars is a legitimate business and determine whether it is a good fit for you and your income opportunities.

Let’s reveal the essential components of the Karatbars corporate governance to get a comprehensive understanding of how their business works. As a fractional gold provider, Karatbar’s business model is underwhelming. The company relies on you believing that micro-purchases of marked-up gold are worth a delivery fee and a significant surcharge to make precious metal ownership more commonplace. We perform real-life research with experienced analysts here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we help you identify legit opportunities online by inspecting online businesses and identifying fraudulent companies before you end up wasting your precious time and/or money.


Karatbars claims to provide a secure opportunity to send and receive gold worldwide, with Karatpay and Karatbars. While Karatbars maintains a traditional financial model, their website advertises blockchain and the potential of new technologies like their gold-based cryptocurrency called Karatbars Gold Coin (KBC.) In 2018, Karatbars began broadcasting their cryptocurrency as the first-ever digital solution tying crypto to a physical good. While this is surely an overstatement, our team here at LegitWorkForRealOnline dives a little deeper to find out what value, if any, can be found at Karatbars. So, is Karatbars just a scheme to take your time and money?

Let’s find more information together by researching and discovering why Karatbars has a mixed record for their history as a gold provider. Here at LegitWorkForRealOnline.com, we help you identify fraudulent businesses and schemes to help you stay away from fake opportunities and get real legitimate work online. 

What is Karatbars all about? 

Karatbars is all about servicing international payments and delivering micro-quantities of gold. Karatbars promises to offer “a safe, cost-efficient, and fast Ethereum based” protocol that implements proven financial hedging. The goal is to bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets and start with gold within precious metals. Karatbars offers gold in small quantities and blockchain ecosystems that hedge their cryptocurrency risk with institutional holdings in gold. 

When did Karatbars Start? 

Karatbars was founded in 2011 under the name “Karatbars International”, by Harold Seiz in Stuttgart, Germany, servicing the larger European Union and international gold community. Karatbars prides itself on being positioned for the bleeding edge of the token revolution. 

What does it cost to use Karatbars? 

It costs anywhere from €150 to €3,017 to join their team, and a zero monthly fee to be a part of the Karatbar MLM. It costs no upfront money to use the Karatbar platform as a buyer – but don’t be surprised to find out they are in it only for a profit. This program gains recruiters by promising a clear-cut catalog of gold merchandise, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies.

Karatbar prices are pricey, not because the product or technology is of higher quality. Sets of gold gifts for special events like birthdays and graduations can cost anywhere from €60-$121 for one gram of 999.9 gold. You will also work on a €100 for50 points incentive system that does not allow you to make a substantial profit. With prices so high, it is hard to compete with name-brand gold dealers like APMEX or JMBullion. 

Is Karatbars successful?  

Yes, they are successful. Karatbars has a questionable price point, but their business has a proven history of delivering genuine gold to valued customers. Prices are costly, so be warned. Karatbars products are no better than your local gold dealer or any number of international gold suppliers who now also accept cryptocurrencies and sell gold for a lower price. Ultimately – if we could give Karatbars a rating, it would be a C. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Doing Business With Karatbars?


  • Karatbars sells real gold from reliable suppliers. 

  • There are no upfront charges to join their MLM network.

  • The eCommerce website allows you to check out their products entirely online without customer support.

  • Their products are available across the world.

  • Speedy Delivery. Karatbar has a proven record of delivering products on time.


  • The business has a mixed history in several countries. Be sure to understand the risks of doing business in your local region. 

  • No BBB accreditation. 

  • Not easy to complete sales because of price points set by Karatbars.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users of Karatbars have mixed opinions regarding the business from our preliminary investigation. Here are some references to understand the Karatbars business model.   

On one hand,

“Worked with a very competitive team. The Managing Director is strict but is open for feedback which is a nice thing. Colleagues are friendly and we worked like we are a family.” 

On the other hand,

“They’re talking to desperate people… It’s very hazy… Criminals will profit from this… Take extreme caution. There are numerous ways to purchase gold through established channels…”

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Our Conclusion For Karatbars: 

Karatbars is an alright business, and our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com believes it is not an outright scam. But take caution when using Karatbars for gold, cryptocurrencies, or other assets and get a comprehensive understanding of online business risks, especially if you consider buying a product from Karatbars. 

For these reasons, we believe Karatbars is NOT a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their business is a scam or not as we conclude at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.Com.

Have you had a different experience with Karatbars or do you have another opinion about Karatbars? If so,we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Karatbars and we’ll see you in the next review.

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