Global Test Market Review | Is This A Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

Global Test Market Review | Is This A Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

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Online paid surveys are among the many ways to make money within the online market. There are many websites that claim to offer legit paid survey services. But some are just plain online scams that will steal your time, energy, and money. 

That might explain why you are reading this Global Test Market review. You want to find out whether or not if this site is legit right? You want to know if you really can make money with this site right? Well if so, LegitWorkOnlineForReal has done all the legwork for you. This review will be highlighting everything that you need to know about this survey site. 

Our mission is to help online entrepreneurs like yourself, find legitimate online jobs and avoid falling into the trap of online scammers.

We will be cover the following topics:

  • When was it started
  • What is Global Test Market all about?
  • What does it cost to join?
  • How members would make money
  • Redeeming Global Test Market points
  • What we liked about Global Test Market
  • Good vs bad qualities
  • What internet users are saying about the site

When Was It Started?

Global Test Market was founded in 1999, by Lightspeed Research. For two decades, the site has served as one of the world’s leaders in the market research space, providing clients with market insights and data. 

But in 2019, Lightspeed shut down Global Test Market operations in several countries and rebranded itself into LifePoints. All members were integrated into According to Global Test Market’s LinkedIn page, the company is headquartered in Sidney, NSW. 

What is Global Test Market All About?

It’s one of the many sites where you can take online surveys for money and other rewards. The site serves as a go-between that connects freelancers like you with retailers, manufacturers, and other entrepreneurs in search of market data and insights. 

The goal here is to collect consumer opinions about different products and services offered by the company’s clients. By completing short online questionnaires, you provide direct market insights to the sponsoring companies and organizations. 

In return, you get paid for your opinions. However, you should take note that the website has ceased to exist since 2019. 

What Does It Cost to Join?

It was free to sign up with Global Test Market, and the registration process was pretty straightforward. All that one had to do was to click the join Button on the website’s homepage. 

To understand your demographic, the site would prompt you to answer simple questions about yourself. The answers provided for each of these questions would then help determine which survey opportunities you were a good fit for. 

How Members Would Make Money

Like with most survey sites, there were multiple ways to make money with Global Test Market. But the primary source of earnings came from completing surveys. The surveys would seek to collect your opinion on restaurants, movies, consumer products, automobiles, events, and other interesting topics. 

Every survey took about 15 minutes on average and the reward given depended on the survey’s urgency and length. Whenever one was screened out of a survey, they would still earn points for a quarterly sweepstakes competition. 

Each sweepstakes entry earned was automatically entered into the drawing. Winners were notified through email and you were to respond within the given timeline to claim and collect your prize. 

Members received MarketPoints for every completed survey. The accumulated MarketPoints could then be redeemed for prizes or cash. Each survey invite came with a clear indication of how many points you would receive for completing the task. 

On the new LifePoints website, MarketPoints have been replaced with LifePoints. One can redeem their points in many ways, depending on your country of residence. Generally speaking, 1,100 points were worth about $10 in cash. 

Redeeming Global Test Market Points

Every time a member would complete a survey, they would earn points that they could then exchange for cash via PayPal, retail vouchers for a variety of retailers, or by donating to charity. And the timelines for redeeming points depended on the type of reward requested. 

Either way, you had to accumulate about 1500 points (the equivalent of about $15), to redeem your rewards. After making a PayPal withdrawal, your money would reflect on your e-wallet account within five business days.

Sweepstakes allowed members a chance to participate in the Global Test Market quarterly lottery. The lottery had a maximum prize of $1,000. The number of sweepstakes awarded for every survey was shown in the survey invite sent to the member’s email. 

What We Liked About Global Test Market

Even though the website has already shut down, there are a number of things that we liked about the program. These are:

  1. It was free to join

The fact that the site was freely accessible to interested online entrepreneurs made it possible for anyone to benefit from the opportunities. Any online job opportunity that has an entry barrier tends to deny the common ordinary job seeker a chance to find employment. 

  1. Great work flexibility and convenience

Once signed up with the website, you would take up tasks at your convenience. This meant that members were free to tend to other areas of life. That being said, there’s nothing that beats having a job that allows you a great deal of convenience. 

Good vs. Bad Qualities

This section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages that came with this paid survey website. 


  • Offered cash payments via PayPal
  • It was available in many countries
  • It was run by a reputable company
  • Free to join
  • Had a decent amount of survey opportunities
  • Multiple ways to redeem one’s earnings


  • Some surveys take a lot of time to complete
  • You had to give too much information about yourself when creating your profile
  • Qualifying for some surveys was a challenge

What Were Internet Users Saying About The Site?

The website had a 1.2/5 stars rating on Trustpilot, from 170 reviews. The same website has a 2.68/5 stars rating on from 274 reviews. From these statistics, it is evident that users have a lot to say about Global Test Market. 

There are both positive and negative reviews, which is normal for all legit survey sites. Below are a few examples of the consumer reviews we came across:

Anandpanwar728 from India

Global Test Market customer reviews rating from Trustpilot

Maulikapasi from Rajkot India

Global Test Market customer reviews rating from Trustpilot

Our Conclusion For Global Test Market

Global Test Market was a legit survey site that shut down in 2019, after merging with MySurvey to form LifePoints. Members earned between 150 and 250 points per survey. 1100 points were equivalent to $10 on this site. 

Since the website is no longer operational, you should consider alternative legit survey sites that we have already reviewed on this site. And if you are hell-bent on working with the company behind Global Test Market, you should check out 

In the event that you are looking for other legit online job opportunities besides survey sites, take a look at our “Legit Work Online” page (at the top right of the homepage banner). We have generated honest reviews on many online hustle opportunities across different industries. 

Now that we have come to the end of our Global Test Market review, we welcome you to share your comments, opinions, experiences, and thoughts below in the comment section. Thank you and see you in our next review. 

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