JustAnswer Review | Can You Make Money Answering Questions or Is It Just Another Scam?

JustAnswer|Can You Make Money Answering Questions or Is It Just Another Scam?

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Today’s information age and the subsequent proliferation of information, particularly online, provide people unrestricted access to vast amounts of information. Search engines such as Google and other platforms including JustAnswer, have made it possible for people to ask questions and receive feedback at a moment’s notice, all for a small fee.

However, it is also important to note that while some of these websites are genuine, others are online scams put in place to rob you of your valuable time and your hard-earned money. As a result, we believe you are reading this blog to determine whether this site is legit or just another well-disguised evil scam. 

This site claims to answer questions posed by online users and also claims to provide money-making opportunities to experts willing to offer their knowledge as a service. JustAnswer is a top expert question and answer site, where you receive feedback on your question or questions from an accredited expert. 

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we aim to help online users differentiate legit online job websites from the scams. With that being said, this piece will go deep into everything you need to know about JustAnswer’s website.

Within this review, we will be covering the following areas: 

  • When was it started?
  • What is JustAnswer all about?
  • How does JustAnswer work?
  • What does it cost to join?
  • How does JustAnswer make money?
  • What we like about JustAnswer?
  • Good vs. bad qualities
  • What internet users are saying about JustAnswer
  • Our final conclusion

When Was It Started?

Andy Kurtzig founded JustAnswer in 2003, which used to go by the name ExpertAsk. This business was established to solve problems. Their a legit brand registered as a limited liability company in California. When Andy’s wife was expecting their first baby, Kurtzig was very curious and had many questions.

During this period, Andy struggled to find a medical professional who could address his concerns. He repeatedly received advice to schedule an appointment within regular business hours, from every specialist he phoned. 

As a result of his frustration, Kurtzig concluded that there was a need for a platform that would enable users to consult physicians, attorneys, and other specialists at all times.

What Is JustAnswer All About?

JustAnswer is a well-known website for anyone with queries. Users can access information on various topics, including sports results, academia, taxes, money matters, computers, programming, electronics, smartphones, wellness, and lifestyle. The business hires professionals to provide solutions. 

For as little as $1, these consultants conduct virtual meetings with customers and assist them. Nonetheless, JustAnswer does not have all the solutions for operating an enterprise. The brand has received numerous complaints in recent years. A serious issue plaguing the company includes auto-enrolling users in the paid premium subscription plans. Even so, the business has lots of devoted clients. 

Users enjoy getting professional counsel for a little portion of what professionals charge. JustAnswer has also received recognition from The NY Times, CNN and Fox News.

How Does JustAnswer Work?

The site offers users the chance to pose urgent queries at a fee. Then, it urges it’s specialists to respond to those inquiries in exchange for payment. JustAnswer serves as a link connecting individuals with questions, to those who can provide the answers.

The website takes extensive measures to screen the people who sign up. When a client posts a question, the first professional to reserve that inquiry will get the chance to respond.

To make money on the website as a professional, you need to look out for queries that pertain to your area of expertise.  The client pays a nominal cost of $5, essentially a security deposit, for posting a question.

Paying the charge demonstrates your seriousness in getting a solution to your inquiry and compensating a professional for their time. Once a response is given, the customer must evaluate and rate the professional’s feedback. The consultant only receives payment if the client accepts the solution. If not, the customer has the choice to disregard the feedback and seek another professional’s assistance.

What Does It Cost to Join?

JustAnswer’s business model relies on compensating clients for answers. Users enter their search terms into the chatbot and receive a response. The bot then forwards users to the account creation page.

Customers need to register before being linked to specialists. JustAnswer’s fees start at just $1 per question. However, although the site promotes feedback from $1 to $5, they also impose a $50 subscription charge, which renews regularly. This hasn’t gone well with many clients who have filed numerous complaints with the Better business Bureau to register their displeasure.

These recurring monthly renewal fees are hardly ever reimbursed. Enrollment cancellation is problematic, and even after notifying the business to discontinue their subscription, many previous clients are nevertheless still being billed. Some for months.

Open an account on their website to offer your expert services at JustAnswer. The process only involves you entering your email and name. Upon verifying your email, sign in to your profile and choose a category.

Among the categories are:

  • Finance and Taxes
  • Advocates
  • Veterinarians
  • Mechanics
  • Physicians and nurses

How Does JustAnswer Make Money?

JustAnswer’s business model relies on selling solutions to life’s problems to generate revenue. To submit a query on the website, users must incur a fee. About 20–50% of the fee goes to the specialist who responds to the inquiry. JustAnswer takes the rest. 

The business also makes money by signing people up for a monthly subscription. This costs $40 to $60 per month. GrowJo estimates that JustAnswer presently earns $140.7M in annual sales.

What We Liked About JustAnswer:

  • The fee incurred is only a tiny portion of the amount you’d spend if you consulted an expert in person.
  • JustAnswer guarantees that you can exchange messages back and forth until you receive the response you want and are content with it.
  • All their experts are verified and possess the required qualifications.

Good Vs. Bad Qualities

Below are the pros and cons of using this platform;


  • Users have access to answers at any given moment. Clients can actually expect an instant or quick answer most of the time.
  • Clients can spend less money by consulting a professional. Virtual medical and legal services are far less expensive than visiting a doctor or attorney in person.
  • Customers can inquire on JustAnswer on a wide range of subjects. It’s a simple and practical way to obtain information.
  • The business has received many favorable reviews, including BBB’s A+ rating.
  • The website levies a nominal fee to eliminate tire kickers and prevent wasting their specialists’ time.


  • The business’ billing procedures are suspicious. Client’s are automatically debited monthly fees, even in cases where they pose one query. The fee structure and the justifications for the payments are not made clear.
  • Each fee only covers one inquiry. This may be very expensive for users who frequently ask follow-up questions to elaborate on previous answers.
  • They offer no free alternatives or information sources. Customers who can’t afford it cannot utilize the service. You can’t access even general information without paying.
  • Some professionals say the platform doesn’t receive enough monthly queries to generate a sizable income.
  • Numerous customers have complained about having trouble securing refunds.

What Internet Users Are Saying About JustAnswer

Online customer reviews offer the best way to get a real feel of a platform based on customer experience. Below are some JustAnswer reviews published on TrustPilot;

Customer reviews experiences from Trustpilot concerning JustAnswer

Customer reviews experiences from Trustpilot concerning JustAnswer

Our Conclusion For JustAnswer:

JustAnswer might offer a legit way to earn some extra cash. This website provides a forum for experts in a particular field to use their expertise and benefit others. Signing up as an expert is free.

Although you can succeed if you are well-rated and in a competitive niche, it probably won’t provide a full-time salary for most individuals. It is also important to note that certain invoicing and customer service issues are associated with this site. Thus, do your research before enrolling.

That marks the end of our JustAnswer review. Feel free to share your experience and comments with us, by leaving them down below in the comment section. Thank you and see you in our next review. 

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