Rewardable Review – The Next Best App That Pays You Back or Should You Just Stay Away?

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Is Rewardable The Next Best App That Pays You Back or Should You Just Stay Away?

Rewardable is an app that promises to pay users for small actions performed on its platform. It is available in the Apple Store as well as on Google Play. Before jumping on the bandwagon of the latest in apps that pay for actions, it’s best to do a bit of research to see if it is even worth your time. In this review, we will be unpacking the Rewardable app and seeing exactly what  it is all about. 

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Rewardable is an app that pays you for certain small actions performed using the app. Some of the examples of tasks that you can receive payment for include mystery shopping, writing product reviews, and answering trivia questions. The purpose of the app is to help companies get more inside information about their buyers. It also helps users to be able to make a bit of cash while doing very simple and straightforward tasks. 

When Did Rewardable Start?

The Rewardable app was launched in 2012 and is owned by a US-based company, Rewardable, LLC. The company was founded by Joe Sofio, John Boccuzzi, and Peter Komass. The owners of this app also own the Rewardable TV app as well as a separate company known as Acorn Hunt. 

What is Rewardable All About?

You may be wondering how you actually use the app as well as how it works. It’s pretty simple to use the Rewardable app as it works in three simple steps outlined below. 

  1. Find the app and download it. 
  2. Choose and complete the tasks available in the app.
  3. Receive payment for tasks completed. 

There is a squirrel and acorn theme that is running throughout the app and the acorns are the points you earn after completing tasks. After completing several tasks, you will be able to earn more acorns which translates into cash. One acorn equates to one penny while 1,000 acorns will be equivalent to $1.00. 

How Much Can You Earn With Rewardable? 

To withdraw your earnings, you will need to connect your PayPal account to the app. You can do this very simply and quickly. However, you may be wondering how much you can even make using the app. That all depends on how much time you have to invest into earning acorns and points using Rewardable. You can expect to earn about 2,000 to 3,000 points in roughly two to three hours. So, if you have that amount of time to dedicate to the app each day you will be looking at about $14 a week. 

Is Rewardable Worth Your Time?

When everything is said and done, you have to ask yourself if $2 to $3 per hour is really worth your time. The truth is, it’s easy to waste this time on other meaningless tasks such as waiting in line at the grocery store or browsing social media for a couple of hours each day. Replacing these activities could mean an extra $10 to 14 dollars a week which could be helpful. By considering these factors, you can decide whether the Rewardable app is worth your time or not. It’s helpful to review some of the pros and cons below before deciding whether or not you will use the Rewardable app. 

Is There A Cost To Join Rewardable?

Rewardable is a free app and there is currently no cost to begin using Rewardable. 

Is There a Membership With Rewardable?

There isn’t a membership fee to pay with rewardable. Once you sign up and register, you can begin using the app without the need for a membership. 


  • Rewardable is available around the world
  • The app is very user friendly
  • Convenient PayPal payments make receiving payments a breeze
  • Free to join


  • You may not qualify for all of the tasks
  • Some tasks are not available based on your location
  • Not everyone has a PayPal account and this is the only payout method

What Are People Saying About Rewardable?

“These guys change their payment policy whenever they feel like.” -Rewardable user

 Another user wrote;

“Pretty easy to use and seems to cater to a lot of different people.” -Rewardable user

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Our Conclusion For Rewardable:

Rewardable is one of the many apps that pay users for performing actions and often these actions can be done anywhere. One of the great things about this app is that no technical knowledge is needed and the tasks are very simple to perform. At the same time, the payouts range from a few cents to about $3 per task, and in the end, it may not offer much of an earning opportunity. If you’re looking for more of a solid income-earning opportunity online, the Rewardable app may not be the right choice for you. 

Do you have a different opinion or experience with Rewardable than our review? If you do, we would love to hear about it! Be sure to leave your comment down below and make sure to check back often for more informative reviews on online money-making opportunities. 

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