Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

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Visit Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 cost (Starter Membership)
Completely Optional: $49 (Premium Membership)
Who is it for: Newbies and Experts
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What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

First off, lots of people ask: “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?” Well my answer is hell yes, Wealthy Affiliate is legit, and it’s an online based business that you can work with from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world if you’d like. This beautiful online opportunity is all about teaching you the proper ways to make money “legit” online, while giving you the tools you’ll need to succeed.

It’s an all in one deal – one that no other online business opportunity is offering. WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is real, not fake. It’s also more of a service than a product.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I do realize that I don’t know a thing about you. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that since you are on this “Getting Started” page, you want to make some legit money online, right?

No scams and no bull crap, right? I’m also going to assume you are interested in taking your business, or your interest of making money online, to the next level, right?

If that’s the case, Wealthy Affiliate will easily allow you to do this, even if you don’t have the experience or a technical background. This is just one of WA’s specialties!!

So, if you are good at following steps, you will have great success within WA, and make money online, which is the whole purpose why you visited this site.

The Benefits of Joining the Program

Here’s a list of the goods that made me fall in love with Wealthy Affiliate:

A picture of some of Wealthy Affiliates training program

  • Getting Started Wealthy Affiliate Training (SIMPLIFIED to PERFECTION!)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Support Classroom Training, Tutorial Training, Video Courses
  • Excess to Experts and Millionaires in the company
  • 2 FREE websites, ready to make you $$$
  • FREE Wealthy AFfiliate Website Hosting
  • 100,000+ live community and Site Builder Support, I can chat with 24/7
  • All completely FREE to get started, No Surprises!!

All Completely FREE to get started was the biggest for me. No other “make money online” opportunity on the Internet, not alone in the world, is offering this much good, for this amount of money (ZERO)!

I didn’t believe it, at first. But maybe after a week into the business, it brought true meaning to the saying, “Some of the best thing’s in life are FREE.” This changed my old way of thinking. Seriously, it did.

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Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program –
Does it Fit ALL PEOPLE

Wealthy Affiliate fits many people from all walks of life. WA is good for anyone looking for a legit way to make money online. Period. You could be brand new to online marketing, or someone who already owns their own business, and wants to take that business to the next level.

You could also be someone who’s Completely Lost Online (who SERIOUSLY wants to make money online). Maybe you simply don’t know where to start. Whatever the issue, we can help guide you in the right direction.

Needless tosay, Wealthy Affiliate suits ALL ages, Newbies to the online world, and Experts who want more success or who want to make more money online.

College kids fit in well here, too, by the way. Basically, EVERYONE’S invited here, no questions asked!! If you want to get started with the Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program, you are in the right place.

Wealthy Affiliate Guidance & Training:

Once you become a part of our community, you’ll soon find the training to be very understandable, in order, and up to date. The training is not only offered in different formats, but also in all levels of intelligence. Here’s a list of our different formats of training:

A picture of the Bootcamp training of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Detailed Tutorial Bootcamp training/Video Training
  • Weekly Live Training Classes
  • Question & Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms on certain Subjects
  • Task Based Courses
  • Huge Discussions (You could become a part of)

That being said, Wealthy Affiliate has over 1,000, fully detailed training modules. As far as the Classroom’s go, each room focuses on different business models that could be used to make money online, full-time.

These perks are just some of the benefits Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s members. Did I mention how you also get instant access to all the tools you’ll need to build your online business? As a member, you get your very own back office:

  • 3 Click Website Builder (Takes 30 sec.)
  • Rapid Writer Tool
  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • Low Competition Keyword Lists
  • Unlimited Cloud Website Hosting(Premium Members)
  • 2,400+ website templates or themes
  • Add 30,000+ Features to Your Site.

After becoming a part of Wealthy Affiliate, I assure you that you won’t be worried about being misguided or joining another business opportunity.

All the knowledge and tools you need to succeed and run your business, is right here. You won’t find another online business, with this much guaranteed support!

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Join One of Many Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

Getting stuck can be a PAIN! Trust me, I know this personally! Please allow me to share my story with you.

Especially when your main focus is to make legit money online! No one wants to sit around for hours searching Yahoo, Google, or Bing when needing help with something; or when needing to know how to do something.
Who knows if you’ll ever find what you were looking for. Have you ever found yourself in this position? I’m pretty sure you have. We all have, quite frankly.

That Stops Here and Now. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you will always get the exact help you need, on time, when you need it! We have a 24/7 community and support team, that’s always ready to assist you and tell you what needs to be done, if you have a question. Other types of support offered at Wealthy Affiliate include:

  • Private Access to a community of Top Earner’s
  • Live Question & Answer Period’s
  • Live 24/7/365 chat-room Access
  • Support from me Anytime!!

Once you become a part of this community, it’s impossible to feel alone! Need help at 3am? Just ask! If anything, Wealthy Affiliate is a community, and I (we) have your back from start to finish.

I know it can be hard to swallow at first, especially since now-a-days you will find NO online opportunity with this much support! Especially legit ones! Don’t ever forget that there’s always someone here to help you at Wealthy Affiliate.

a screen shot picture of Wealthy Affiliates affiliate process

How to Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

New prospects are always asking me: “How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate – what is it all about?” Please allow me to walk you through the process. I want to clear that all up for you and make it easy. Let me tell you about the 2 routes you can take when joining Wealthy Affiliate:

Option 1.) Let’s say your passionate about something and you really want to get that information out there. Or your passionate about selling a certain merchandise for example. This could be a nhiche-like idea to you could build your website on.

You could build your own online store (website) and have 100’s of visitors a day checking out and buying your product’s 24/7! There’s literally no Limit to what you can do, once you have these tools and this knowledge.

Option 2.) You can choose to build a website, where all your content is focused on Wealthy Affiliate itself, which I chose to do. I found this to be a lot easier, since I couldn’t find anything else to promote at the moment.

I needed something to focus on, to promote and to build my content on. WA is the best work from home, online opportunity out there!!

Summed up into Steps, this is what you’ll be doing to make money online with WA:

1.) Choosing Your Interest/Niche:
I would suggest you choosing something your passionate about or love! That way you can feel even better about the website you are about to create!

2.) Building Your Website:
It’s not as hard as it sounds. With Wealthy Affiliate’s Site builder, sites can be put together in about 30 seconds (3 simple steps)!

All you have to do is delete the examples and fill in the blanks. Keep in mind that your website is the foundation to your business. Your website will allow you to make money online 24/7, so make sure you don’t skip this step.

Start Building Your Website Here

Have no interest in opportunities that require having or building a website? Check out:
Legitimate Virtual Customer Service Work

Here’s another company hiring:
Virtual Customer Service Representatives.

3.) Getting Your Visitors:
This is the one step, if not the most important ste to focus on. If your focus is to make money online, your website is going to need traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make online. The more work you put into your website the more success you will have. It’s that simple.

4.) Make Your Money Online:
From promoting different Amazon products, to promoting the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity itself, the number of ways to make money online with your new website is absolutely limitless!

Follow My Lead:

  • For step 1, I chose to teach people how to make legit money online with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • For step 2, I then made a website, totally focused on that subject, which was how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. You are now on that website!
  • For step 3, I then started attracting visitors to my website, that were interested in what I had to offer
  • For step 4, (the money part), I could sell products from any place like Amazon (books, training DVDs, Avon, etc…) and make money online, every single time a visitor purchases something from my website.

In conclusion, you will be learning how to build an online business or website with Wealthy Affiliate and through Wealthy Affiliate. This business and website will specifically focus on a niche of your choice. You get what you put into it. Once again, my choice was sharing the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.

Did I mention the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp? Boot Camp will walk you through the entire process. Boot Camp is thoroughly detailed through video and written format. If you still have questions, feel free to leave them at the bottom and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, it’s all about you trying to make real, “legit” money online from the comfort of your home. So, this will require some real, “legit” work and dedication! If you need help or have a question, don’t hesitate to ask!

A picture that reads $0 in green, upfront cost in red

How Much Does it Cost | Starter verses Premium Membership

There are 2 Amazing Memberships to choose from, when deciding to become apart of Wealthy Affiliate. Both memberships offer you the capability of making money online. You can either create a Free account to test it out, or you can upgrade to premium, for $49.00.

A screen shot of Wealthy Affiliates website, membership, and list of benefits

Learn more about our $0 Starter Membership direct: Click Here Now!!

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership, not only is it Completely FREE, but you still get your 2 websites, access to live chat, excess to all the training modules, detailed classroom’s, networking and around the clock support.

All members get instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community, soon after signing up. No one’s left in the dark! There is no other company or online opportunity out there offering this much quality and support, for absolutely nothing in return.

The Premium membership is like the starter membership. But on steroids. It has a few extra benefits to it, for those that really want to take their business to the next level. Take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options and Benefits below:

Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate|How to Get Started

Joining the Starter Membership is what most people do first. Reason being is because it’s FREE. This way, you get a chance to see for yourself without spending anything. Eventually, most do see the importance of upgrading to the premium side of Wealthy Affiliate.

Ending Summary

Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Owner’s: Carson And Kyle
Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Reviews and Testimonies: Click Here

People just like you are making money online with Wealthy Affiliate every day!

Lastly, I Just Wanted to Mention How Wealthy Affiliate Has Changed My Online Business.

I’ll be brief.

In short, because of Wealthy Affiliate, I now know how to build websites just like this. I know how to get easy and free traffic from visitors just like you. Not only that, but I can sell anything that I need to online now that I’ve learned about WA. WA’s Website Builder makes it so easy.

I can now make money online with no problem. I do not have to worry about searching for prospects! And I don’t have to bug my family and friends about joining this venture, either. I do not have to pay for advertising (a huge money-saving benefit).

I say this in hopes that you will have the same ending result too! I believe that those of us who are determined and hard-working will end up making money online in the end. And by supporting one another, we can be accountable to one another – so we don’t give up on ourselves, you know?

I can’t say it enough. If you run into any problems or obstacles, don’t hesitate to let me know. Just leave a comment at the bottom and I would be more than happy to help! I’ll see you folks on the inside .

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23 thoughts on “Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

  1. I just signed up for Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago and it’s definitely not a scam. I had just started my website. One of the best parts about wealthy affiliates is the health meter for the website. The more I post and the more I would on the website, the higher the health meter goes! I love that feature. Great post!

    1. Hey Jason and thanks for commenting. Yea the health meter for your website is a great feature. It definitely does keep you on the right track toward being successfull online, while your working on your website. Thanks again for your feedback Jason..

  2. Hi Hassan, If I was not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would have joined immediately based on your impressive advise and layout of your website. Congratulations on the good work and keep the focus and optimism going.
    Below is my website, please return the favor and also share with friends and family especially those who have children.

    1. O’Ok Darsh, well I appreciate you visiting my website, and thanks for commenting. I’ll be sure to share your link too, as others continue to visit my website. Thanks again for the positive feedback!!

  3. Hello, Hassan, Great intro! I’m just starting out and have a ways to go yet before I publish, but I’m very excited about the WA opportunity. All the best to you here!

    Jini Li

    1. T
      Hey Jini Li. You’ll get to publishing your first site sooner than you think, trust me! Gotta be optimistic about getting things rolling! And Thanks a lot for commenting too, take care.

  4. The site is really good for learning and filled with a community of people that are new and experts. You cant really go wrong. I did sign up to be premium. I love learning about social media marketing. And yeah 50 a month might sound like a lot but its really not especially when WA host 25 domains for you and gives you 25 free sub domains. They also have a really helpful keyword search tool that cost money on other sites. Ive only been signed up for a month and i am happy. Unlimited training, Literally.

    1. Hello Jayzmyn, and thank you for your wonderful feedback, and also justifying that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit. You definitely made the right decision in upgrading to premium because we have the best, up to date training, and 24/7 support, hands down. We have a lot to gain when we have WA in our lives. Thanks again for commenting, and good luck!!

  5. Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? Or one of those multi-level marketing plans? Like, would I have to recruit so many members that recruit more members and then I sit back and make easy money off their downstream?

    1. Hello Andrew, and thank you for commenting. No, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a pyramid scheme. You don’t have to recruit people, to make your money, nor do you have to depend on the people you bring in, to make money. When you come aboard, you will actually be taught how to build your own business/website(which literally takes 5 min to do), and promote your own products.

      We show you how to do everything step by step. Your website will be doing the promoting for you, which we show you how to do also. Then you’ll be able to sit back and make the “easy money”, sorta speak, if that answer’s your question, once everything is set up. Thanks for commenting and let me know if you have any more questions Andrew. I’d be glad to help!

  6. Great review about wealthy affiliate, and I will 100% back up what you said and tell everyone wealthy affiliate is the place to be if you truly want to learn how to make money online each and every month.

    being a member myself, the main benefits I like is being able to create up to 50 free websites, having all the tools available right within the course to work with, and a community of over 1 million people to help you out.

    1. Hey Michael, and thanks for commenting and sharing your wisdom for the new comers!! WA is truly amazing, and a blessing from God. Continue to be blessed, and I wish you nothing but the best.. Take care Michael..

  7. Hi
    I really like your post on Wealthy Affiliate, I am a member also and love it. I joined for free but in 2 days I became a premium member, I knew this was a legit site. You explain everything one needs to know about starting out in the lucrative affiliate marketing business and building a life time business.

    1. Hello there Mr.Wayne, and thank you for clarifying that Wealthy Affiliate truly does work. Good luck with your success.

  8. Thank you for such an exciting post. You make Wealthy Affiliate sound like the place to be when wanting to start an online business from home. I have tried other programs, and like you said, I was pushed into another and another, or I was left with no clue as to what I needed to do or how I needed to do it.
    Thank you for answering any question one might have about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hey! My pleasure Ms.Lee Ann. It is my goal to make sure people of fully aware of everything they need to know about Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for confirming me doing so

  9. These are some insightful information! I was having doubts about Wealthy Affiliate since there were many sites complaining it was a scam and stuff. However, I realized it was due to competition and these companies are just calling each other scams to gain customers themselves.

    Wealthy Affiliate may be a little expensive but I definitely see why its worth! With an extremely responsive website support and motivational community, it is not something that you can get in random business Facebook groups. Definitely worth trying out! Thanks for the enlightening read.

    1. Hello Neil, and thank you for commenting, and giving that insightful analysis. Wealthy Affiliate is a little expensive, as far as it being almost $50 a month for premium, and FREE for the Starters. But like you said, it’s most definitely worth it. I mean, would you rather spend $300 and get scammed being sold a dream” or spend $50 and get everything you need to become successful online? You do the math. Thanks again Neil for commenting! Good luck with your success..

  10. It’s almost 3 years for me at Wealthy Affiliate. I can say that it’s the most honest platform that teaches online business. There are no hidden fees, no empty promises and loads of resources that you probably have a tough time keeping up. All you need is patience, focus and you’ll start seeing results.

    1. Well I didn’t say it really was a scam, or that I had a hard tume keeping up. WA has a system that’s completely suitable for all people.  But thanks for the extra insight. Take care..

  11. Wealthy affiliate is the best resource I have found online for making money. At first I was sceptical because I have been burned in the past. After a while I realised this platform was unlike others I had tried.

    It is one full of friendly people who want the best for you. This makes it a great environment for learning.

  12. I also lost about $75,000 to an IQ option broker and 2 fake binary option website as well but I am sharing my experience here so as to enlighten and educate everyone that is losing money or has lost money to a scam including binary options, dating scams,Recover all your lost money to Bitcoin and other Crypto currency, mortgage/realestate scams and fake ICOs.However , I have been able to recover all the money I lost to the scammers with the help of a recovery professional and I am pleased to inform you that there is hope for everyone that has lost money to scam. Contact this via mail ( ) or via whatsapp (+18133243782) she will help you recover your funds……..

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