HempWorx Review: Build A Successful CBD Business From Home or Scam?

Build A Successful CBD Business From Home or Scam?

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Do you want more control of your schedule and the ability to make real money online? If so, HempWorx offers the ability to have that control and access to an authentic money-making experience through the HempWorx Affiliate Program. The HempWorx Affiliate Program is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the CBD Industry, delivering high-quality products to customers. CBD products are developing into a promising industry. HempWorx claims to be supplying “the World’s purest CBD oils.” The HempWorx Affiliate Program allows affiliates to grow a CBD business from the privacy of their home. Online jobs promising the ability to earn up to 85% of the total business volume are hard to trust; LegitWorkOnlineForReal determines if companies are worthy of your trust.

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, were all about helping you find real legit work online, while also aiding you in avoiding those evil online scams. We explore new opportunities to make money from online companies everyday. Want to know if joining the HempWorx Affiliate Program will help you develop a CBD empire? Read further to know if HempWorx lives up to it’s profit promises, or if investing in this program isn’t worth it and/or could break the bank. Learn about the critical characteristics of operations at the HermpWorx Affiliate Program, from legitimate research conducted by experienced analysts over at LegitWorkOnlineForReal. Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we help you identify legitimate ways to build a career online.

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HempWorx is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that claims its affiliates can earn up to 85% of the total business volume. By signing up and providing some initial investment to build your CBD inventory, you’ll be given the support by HempWorx to launch your network. They advertise the HempWorx Affiliate Program as a highly lucrative affiliate program, that puts you at the forefront of a booming industry in development. So, is it as easy as it seems to make real money through the HempWorx Affiliate Program?

Discover the facts behind HempWorx and it’s affiliate program, which offers a big return. LegitWorkOnlineForReal determines if the program is worth the investment before paying the activation fee, or anything for that matter.

What is HempWorx all about?

The HempWorx Affiliate Program gives you the support to grow a CBD business from home. After providing a one-time activation fee of $20 and purchasing an inventory package, HempWorx provides a replicated website, back office, and welcome kit. Through the continued promotion and investment into the inventory on your HempWorx site, you can develop a high-paying business. Explore their compensation plan to understand more on the return estimations of specific packages. Keep reading to learn more about how profitable becoming an affiliate for HempWorx is.

When did HempWorx Start?

HempWorx is a brand of MyDailyChoice, inc. MyDailyChoice is a network marketing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. MyDailyChoice has four brands: HempWorx, Mantra Essential Oils, High Life Travel, and Daily Sprays. According to MyDailyChoice, the company is recognized as a leader in the Direct Selling Industry. If you wish to sign up as an affiliate for HempWorx, or MyDailyChoice, you do so through the MyDailyChoice website. There is a phone number and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to contact HempWorx.

Who Started HempWorx And When?

HempWorx was founded in May 2017 by Jenna Zwagil, wife of the founder of MyDailyChoice, Josh Zwagil.

What does it cost to use HempWorx?

The cost to join the HempWorx Affiliate Program differs depending on the package you select. When joining the affiliate program, you will be asked to provide a one-time activation fee of $20. After this point, you will be prompted to purchase a product package to build up your CBD inventory. There are currently nine product packages offered, and the price varies from $69 to $599. Your affiliate rank is determined by the business volume attributed to each package. The higher your position in the ranking, the more potential you have for bonuses and higher monthly earnings. To learn more about the compensation structure at HempWorx, check out their compensation plan.

Is HempWorx successful? 

Yes, HempWorx is successful. According to the MyDailyChoice website, (at the time this review was written) they have over 75,000 active affiliates. However, many affiliates can be a problem for individuals attempting to enter the market. Additionally, those new to sales marketing may not match the business growth advertised by HempWorx. If we gave HempWorx a rating, it would have to be a B-.


  • Product offerings relate to a fast-growing industry.
  • Good quality products with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Provide replicated websites, compensation plans, and back-office duties.


  • Product packages are expensive. There are cheaper alternatives to wholesale CBD oil.
  • No marketing by HempWorx.
  • Mandatory monthly affiliate purchases to stay active.
  • Confusing compensation structure.
  • B- BBB rating and no BBB accreditation. 

What are internet users saying about this website? 

Previous participants of The HempWorx Affiliate Program and customers of Hempworx have mostly negative opinions over their experience with the affiliate program and products. Here are some references to understand how accountable HempWorx is in its business operations.

One customer wrote;

“WOW.. wish I would have seen these reviews long before I got involved with My Daily Choice. I ordered the HempWorx 750 cinnamon CBD oil and discovered I had an allergy to the oil. Requested a return only to find out that they gave me the wrong address for the return. They don’t cover shipping. Not very customer-friendly. Their order shipping is too slow., and returns can be a hassle.”

Another former affiliate wrote;

“First of all it’s a joke to work for. The commission policy is horrible. Try to call in for customer service and you get so many different answers it’s unreal. Oh and wait they put you on hold for a very long time as well. They shipped them out two weeks ago, it will be in your back office, they will email it to you, they shipped them on the 30th….. So which is it??? This is a pyramid company and I would highly recommend not even getting involved. There is so many other CBD oils on the market and they are half the price.”

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HempWorx website

Our Conclusion For HempWorx:

HempWorx claims to be providing high-quality CBD products and even better-quality career opportunities to it’s customers. You might be able to grow your CBD business, but it will come after intense self-promotion of your replicated website and investment in many CBD products. While it seems very difficult to make any real money from HempWorx, our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal does not believe it’s a scam. It is still important to learn more about the compensation plan and take caution when paying to start a business.

We believe HempWorx is NOT a scam for these reasons, and users can sign up to find out whether their business is a scam, as we conclude at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.

Have you had a different experience with HempWorx or have another opinion about HempWorx? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about HempWorx, and we’ll see you in the following review. 

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