Legerweb Review: Legit Online Survey Program or Scam?

Legerweb: Legit Online Survey Program or Scam?

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Taking part in surveys is one of the most common and probably the easiest way to make money online. There are many survey websites offering remote working opportunities to individuals looking for at-home online jobs.

With so many options to choose from, one can easily get overwhelmed when deciding on the best survey site to sign up with. While most sites are legitimate, we cannot ignore the fact that there are many online scammers as well. 

Legerweb is one of the many survey websites that you can choose to work with. You are here right now reading this Legerweb review because you want to find out whether the site is legit or not. 

To help you avoid online scams, LegitWorkOnlineForReal reviews online money-making opportunities to help our visitors identify programs that are legit and worth their time and effort. 

In this review, we will focus on uncovering everything about Legerweb, which is an online survey platform for people residing in Canada and the United States. We are going to cover the following area:

  • When was it started?
  • What is Legerweb all about?
  • How does Legerweb work?
  • What does it cost to join?
  • How much money can you make with Legerweb?
  • What we liked about the program
  • Good vs. bad qualities
  • What are online users saying about Legerweb?

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When Was It Started?

Legerweb is a Canadian-based digital marketing and market research company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The company was founded in 2004 by Jean Marc Leger and claims to be the largest online community in Canada, with over 400,000 active participants. 

What Is Legerweb All About?

Legerweb is essentially a Canadian survey website that pays participants for sharing their opinions on popular products and services from well-established brands. 

Though the primary focus is online surveys, the platform also has focus group opportunities that participants can take part in and get paid for their time and efforts. Legerweb is only available to Canadian and US residents who are 13 years of age and over. 

However, you should know that Legerweb was recently rebranded to Leo under the website Legeropinion.com.

How Does Legerweb Work?

When popular companies and brands want to find out more about how the market is responding to their products and services, they often turn to companies like Legerweb to collect this data through polls and surveys. 

Legerweb then pays it’s members to take the polls and surveys requested by it’s clients. The kind of survey offers that you receive will depend on your qualification. If you are a 17-year-old millennial for example, you will not qualify for a survey that seeks to collect opinions on the best baby diapers – you get that right?

What Does It Cost to Join?

It is absolutely free to join Legerweb. You will not have to pay a penny to become a member and start earning with this online survey platform. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Legerweb:

  1. Head to the platform’s website, Legeropinion.com 
  2. Click on the Sign-Up button to open the registration page
  3. Fill in your name, email address, and password
  4. Accept the website’s Terms & Conditions
  5. Fill in your Promo Code (optional)
  6. Complete Registration and account creation by submitting the registration form.

Once your account is live and active, you can proceed to set up your profile and start completing polls and surveys. 

How Much Money Can You Make with Legerweb?

There are four ways to earn money with Legerweb. These options are discussed below in greater detail. 

Survey Offers

Most surveys on this site, earn you an average of $1 and could take you roughly 8-10 minutes to complete. However, some pay $2 upon completion of the survey. But for $2 surveys also take longer than the average 10 minutes to complete.

And the bad news is that there is no guarantee that you will qualify to participate in any of these surveys. 

Referral Programs

Legerweb has a referral program that pays members $1 for every new member that they bring onboard. But for you to earn your dollar, your referral must create an account, set up their profile, and complete their first survey. 

Focus Groups

You can also earn more when participating in focus groups. Getting invited to take part in a study is, however, harder than earning a survey opportunity. The platform follows strict eligibility rules when selecting members for focus group studies.

Monthly Draws

There is also a monthly raffle drawing, which is entirely based on luck. Depending on how lucky you are, you can win as much as $1,000 or an iPad. 

At this point, I know you are probably wondering how much money you can earn with this platform in a good month. Unfortunately,  it’s not much. Considering that a survey can only earn you $1 to $2 and that there aren’t enough survey offers to go around for everyone, you shouldn’t expect to grow your bank account with Legerweb. 

You can earn $20 to $40 using the site if you are lucky enough, and withdrawals are only possible after hitting the $20 minimum threshold. You can choose to either withdraw your money in cash using PayPal of a check, get Aeroplan or AirMiles credit, or donate to charity if you are in a generous mood. 

It will take at least 30 days for you to receive your money after making a withdrawal. 

What We Liked About the Platform

Though the platform doesn’t earn enough money as one might expect, there are several things that stand out. Below are the things that we liked about Legerweb:

Multiple Earning Opportunities

Unlike most survey websites which focus solely on surveys, Legerweb offers it’s member multiple ways to earn money. These options are survey offers, focus groups, referrals, and a monthly raffle draw. 

An Option to Get Paid in Cash

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being paid in cash equivalents such as gift cards, cash is always king. Therefore, it is a big upside that Legerweb allows members an option to get paid in cash. 

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

Like any other online survey platform, Legerweb has it’s share of advantages and disadvantages. Since LegitWorkOnlineForReal is committed to giving unbiased reviews, we will outline both the pros and cons of Legerweb.


  • You can work at home or on the go
  • It is free to join
  • Offers cash equivalent payments
  • Multiple earning opportunities


  • Not enough survey offers
  • A $20 payout minimum
  • It can be tough to qualify for surveys
  • Payouts take too long (up to 30 days)

What Are Online Users Saying About the Program?

The best way to get a clear picture of what to expect from any online job platform, is by reading user reviews from people who have already had their experience with the website. Below are some of the reviews that users left on Sitejabber.com.

Customer reviews of Legerweb on Sitejabber.com

Our Conclusion For Legerweb: 

As the facts have revealed, Legerweb is a legitimate survey website that pays $1 to $2 to complete 10–15-minute surveys. If you are interested in the platform, it is absolutely free to sign up. But the website rebranded to Leo LegerOpinion.com. 

Although there are four different ways to earn with Legerweb, the monthly earnings aren’t much. It is also a bit frustrating that you have to wait 30 days to receive your payment. With that all being said, if this is not what you are looking for, there are other legit online job opportunities that we have reviewed and might be worth your time. 

Thank you for reading this Legerweb review. We’re hoping that we have provided you with sufficient information about the program, to help you make an informed decision. If you find the review helpful, please share it with those who might be in need of the information. 

Do you have any thoughts, questions, or opinions? Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section. Thank you for reading and we’ll  you on our next review. 

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