AWOL Academy Review | Is This Overpriced Training Program Legit Or A Scam?

AWOL Academy|Is this Overpriced Training Program Legit or Scam?

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AWOL Academy is an online affiliate marketing training program designed for people interested in getting started in the business of online marketing. You are probably here because you want to find out whether AWOL Academy is legit or just another scam program designed to milk your wallet dry. 

Well if this is the case, this review will uncover all the good and ugly concerning AWOL Academy. And the first order of business is to state plain and clear, that the program has been receiving endless negative reviews for having too many upsells. 

Learning how to make money on the online market requires specialized training. There are many online training programs that claim to teach newbies how to succeed in online marketing. One such program is AWOL Academy, which has a number of packages on the nitty-gritty of the online marketing world. 

In this AWOL Academy review, LegitWorkOnlineForReal looks inside the training program, to see whether it is worth your time and money. Will you learn anything of value from this AWOL Academy? Is it worth the high fees? Is it a scheme only designed to dig deeper into your pockets? Let’s find out now?

We are going to cover everything you need to know about the AWOL Academy program. We will focus on the following areas:

  • When Was It Started?
  • What Is It All About?
  • What Does It Cost to Be Apart Of AWOL Academy?
  • What AWOL Academy Alternatives Could You Pursue?
  • How Much Money Can You Make With This AWOL Academy?
  • Is AWOL Academy A Legit Way To Make Money Online?
  • Good vs. Bad Qualities
  • What We Liked About The AWOL Academy?

When Was It Started?

AWOL Academy was founded in 2015 by Keala Kanae and Kameron George, and it’s headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Crunchbase, AWOL Academy is described as the world’s most comprehensive internet marketing training and mentorship platform. 

But why would the world’s most comprehensive training platform close its doors to the public, relaunch and rebrand only later in 2019? The shutdown and rebranding came after the co-founders parted ways due to their diverging visions for the company – or so it’s claimed. 

On the contrary, many industry experts believed that the major reason for the rebranding of AWOL Academy to Fullstaq Marketer, due to the negative perception of the pioneer company. 

What Is AWOL Academy All About?

We have already mentioned that AWOL Academy claims to teach people how to make money online, by offering training, a community of online marketers, and full support. Below are the different training AWOL training programs that you can choose from, including their hefty prices. 

Pro Academy – $99

This program was designed for individuals seeking to become professional internet marketers. It offers step-by-step guidelines on how to set up a sales funnel. The Pro Academy program also comes with a free domain, website email marketing, conversion tracking system, and lead-capture pages. 

Internet Income Explained – $49

This particular course is an advancement to the basics of internet marketing, that teaches students how digital marketing and online sales processes work. 

Inbox Academy – $247 

This program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of email marketing or what they call the “secret strategies applied by the world’s best email marketers.” The goal is to help you grow your number of subscribers on your email list. 

Conversion Academy – $997

Conversion is when online traffic converts into active customers. This course outlines strategies that you can apply to connect with your audience through techniques such as story-telling, hypnotic language, persuasive copy, and presentation. 

Traffic Academy – $997

The course is designed to teach you how to turn your conversions into leads. The objective is to help you master how to generate website traffic that will convert into loyal customers. 

Masters Academy – $3,497

With this course, the duo claimed to teach their students how to better manage their money, invest, and tax planning, all in a bid to help scale their business. 

As you can see, AWOL Academy courses get pricier as you advance, and it’s not even clear  whether or not you’ll get the value for your money. This is what led to complaints and concerns among customers, with most calling AWOL a scam designed to dig deeper into their pockets. 

If the high up-sells are a deal-breaker for you, you should check out affordable alternatives like Wealthy Affiliate 

How Much Does AWOL Academy Cost?

The cost of your AWOL Academy training will depend on the type of courses that you decide to take with them. The program’s prices range between $99 and $5,497. You can choose to start with any program depending on your unique individual needs. 

If the cost of these programs is beyond your budget, you can try out other legit work at home online opportunities

What We Liked About AWOL 

While we do not like that the programs are too pricey or even overpriced, we do like the following about AWOL Academy:

  1. In-Depth Training 

With the program, students receive access to detailed information about the workings of online marketing in a step-by-step model. You will also have access to experienced online marketers to help you grow your online business. 

  1. A Relatively Good BBB Rating

As of this writing, AWOL Academy had a B rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, there have been several complaints. 

The Good vs. Bad Qualities


  • Money-back guarantee refund policy
  • Courses available to students across the world
  • Great training and support
  • Legit course details 


  • Too expensive 
  • BBB complaints
  • Not worth the price
  • Pushy upsells

What AWOL Academy Alternatives Can You Pursue?

At this point, it is clear that AWOL is not worth your time and money, and you are probably wondering whether there are better alternatives. The simple answer to that is yes!

There are numerous online platforms where you can learn everything about internet marketing at a bargain, bypassing AWOL’s overpriced courses. One of the best sites to learn about online marketing is Wealthy Affiliate, which happens to be our number one recommendation. You can read more about wealthy affiliate, by clicking here

What Are online Users Saying About AWOL Academy?

AWOL has received it’s share of positive and negative reviews from customers. A majority of the complaints though, arise from the fact that the company lures students into tiered upsells every step of the way. 

Each course gives a bit of information, and before you know it, you are required to buy the next program to learn more – that sucks big time! Below is a bitter comment from a frustrated customer:

Jerry B. wrote:

 I would give AWOL ZERO if I could. This company is SO incredibly RUDE! Don’t give them your contact information because they will NEVER stop bugging you. I’ve asked them to stop texting and calling me at least a dozen times and I’ve blocked several of their numbers but they just keep contacting me over and over and over with different phone numbers. Unbelievable! All they want is your money and they’ll do anything to get it!

Is AWOL Academy a Legit Way to Make Money Online?

There are too many complaints about the program. The sheer fact that there are so many customers on AWOL’s BBB page complaining about not receiving their refunds is an indication that they are so unhappy with the product, that they want their money back. 

That takes us back to the initial question: is AWOL Academy a legit way to make money online? Considering that the views from customers on BBB are mixed, it is hard to give a straight yes or no answer. 

However, there are so many complaints about the program on review sites such as Sitejabber. We think that the question should not be whether the program is a legitimate way to make money, but rather whether your money could be better spent elsewhere. The answer to the latter is pretty simple, yes!

Our Conclusion For AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy might not be a scam per se, considering that it’s courses offer useful information on internet marketing. But it’s pricing and upsell model is a deal-breaker for most. While the program will teach you a great deal about online marketing, it is not worth your money. There are better and way more affordable alternatives out there. 

Like most online training programs, AWOL Academy is a high-ticket player that charges you bit by bit, until your wallet has bled dry.  So, if you are okay with being treated this way, be our guest and go for it. But if you are conflicted with the cat and mouse game of upselling, you should check out affordable alternatives like Wealthy Affiliates. 

That concludes it for our AWOL Academy’s review. Thank you for taking your time to read this review to this point, and feel free to share your comments below in the comment section. See you on our next review. 

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