Mediavine Review: Can You Make Money Using Mediavine?

Mediavine Review: Can You Make Money Using Mediavine?

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Have you been looking for a genuine opportunity to help you monetize your web traffic? Chances are that you are having a hard time picking the right ad network because there are so many scams online. At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we understand how frustrating that can be, which is why we commit to calling out scams and reviewing legit programs. 

On this page, we intend to review Mediavine, which is one of the many ad networks on the internet. Our objective is to assess whether the program is legit or just one of the numerous online scams. Our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal is all about helping you and others find genuine and lucrative online entrepreneurial opportunities

With this Mediavine review, we seek to uncover everything there is to uncover about the ad network. Our mission is to give objective and unbiased reviews to our esteemed visitors. We spend tons of hours digging into websites and programs to assess the validity of their revenue generation vehicles. 

We understand that you are here looking for a legit online Revenue stream. That is why we did all the legwork to prepare this review – for free considering that Mediavine does not have an affiliate program 

We are going to cover the following thematic areas about Mediavine:

  • When was it started?
  • What are they about?
  • What’s the Cost of Using Mediavine?
  • What are their membership/product plans?
  • What we liked about them
  • Can you make money with Mediavine?
  • Good vs. bad qualities 
  • What users are saying about the program
  • Conclusion 

When Was It Started?

The company Mediavine was founded in 2004, just a few years after the invention of the internet. In January 2022, 18 years later, Mediavine was ranked among the Top 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web. 

What Are They About?

Google Certified Publishing Partner Mediavine is an ad network that manages and optimizes ads for websites, helping users monetize their web traffic. 

The program’s ad display feature is pretty hands-off since all you have to do is install the WordPress plugin, configure the settings, and the ads will display automatically. 

What’s the Cost of Using Mediavine?

For Mediavine to accept partnering with you, your blog or website must be in good standing with Google. In addition, your site/blog should have at least 50k sessions in the last 30 days. The rationale behind this requirement is that advertisers need assurance that your traffic is engaged and of high quality to be worth bidding on. 

In other terms, all you have to do is to ensure that your content is great enough to draw high-quality traffic. If you meet these eligibility requirements, you can proceed and apply by filling and submitting the online application form on Mediavine’s website. 

Besides that, you do not pay anything monetary-wise to use Mediavine. 

What Are Their Membership/Product Plans?

Mediavine does not have any membership or product plan. It is one of the most straightforward ad networks on the market. Provided you have signed up with the platform and met all requirements per their terms and conditions, you are good to go. 

There are no membership programs or tiered user levels. All users are treated equally at Mediavine. The company does not sell any products either. It’s purely an ad network that allows users to run ads through their websites and collect revenue for it. 

What We Liked About Mediavine:

Before we can even get to say anything, you should know that there is nothing in for us for giving positive comments concerning Mediavine because the company does not have an affiliate program.

That being said, what we liked the most about Mediavine is that it’s registration process is pretty straightforward and that its ad plugin is easy to use.

We also like the fact that the company does not charge any sign-up fee or subscription charges. There are also no hidden fees or deductions from the user’s earnings. After using Mediavine to run ads on your site, you get to receive your whole commission as displayed on your earnings dashboard.

Can You Make Money with Mediavine?

Yes! There is only one way to earn money with this network – by offering an audience to advertise to. All you are required to do is present high-quality traffic through your blog or website and collect ad revenue. 

RPM and Revenue 

RPM is an abbreviation for Revenue per Mile, which alludes to the money you make per 1000 visitors, page views, or sessions. With this network, the RPM is based on your website’s sessions and the session RPM formula is as follows:

Mediavine’s Session= (Estimated earnings/number of sessions) *1000

Case in point: Let’s assume that over the last 30 days, you made $1200 and had 100,000 sessions. Your RPM would be ($1200/100,000) *1000 = $12. 

That means that you will make $12 for every 1000 visitors coming to your site. If you had 50,000 visitors in that month, your monthly revenue would be a cool $600. 

The Good Vs. Bad Qualities 

We would be lying if we told you that Mediavine is a rose without thorns. Below are the pros and cons that come with this moneymaker. 


  • No subscription charges
  • Easy to register
  • Great transparency
  • An RPM formula that rewards users with high traffic
  • All users are treated equally – no tiered membership plans


Mediavine does not have an affiliate program

What Users Have to Say About Mediavine:

There are thousands of Mediavine user reviews on the internet. From our research, we figured out that Mediavine has been receiving praise and positive reviews. Below are a few sentiments from Mediavine users:

“I have said it before and I will say it again; for those of you looking to monetize your blogs, hit your monthly sessions ASAP and apply to Mediavine. I can’t praise them enough,” Lia Garcia. 

Lia runs a travel site, Practical Wanderlust, which just surpassed $10,000 in monthly income from Mediavine. Here is Lia’s full testimony

I have been happy with my Mediavine experience and earnings so far. If your site can get over 50,000 sessions a month, then I highly recommend that you check out Mediavine,” Spencer Haws.

Spencer is the founder of, and you can read the whole story about his Mediavine experience on his site. 

Click Here, to read more real user experiences!!

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Our Conclusion For Mediavine: 

Mediavine is a legit ad network that has helped thousands, if not millions, of users generate a steady income from their websites through advertising.  If you are having any doubts or need to hearthe final words of assurance, Mediavine is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. 

Considering that you have read this review to this point, it means that you are serious about making money online. That is why I am going to conclude this review by giving you a few hacks and best practices based on my personal experience.

Since its clear that Mediavine only works with websites with over 50K monthly sessions, your website has to have high traffic. The tips below will help you draw free traffic to your site:

  • Only publish useful and user-relevant content
  • Conduct keyword research to find keywords you want to rank for
  • Implement effective search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, loads fast, and is aesthetically appealing 
  • Market your content

That is all for today. Feel free to share your comments in the comment section below. Tell us about your experience with Mediavine or any other ad network that you might have worked with. Thank you for your time with us and we’ll see you on our next review. 

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