Yoonla Review: Does This CPA Course Really Work?

Yoonla Review: Does This CPA Course Really Work?

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Are you interested in making money online, as an affiliate and learning from the best CPA programs? If you are, you may have come across Yoonla, a cost-per-acquisition program designed to turn you into an affiliate marketer. Yoonla claims to be the leading digital lifestyle platform, that provides you with a crystal clear blueprint to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur. Their goal, is to make money by helping you work less, earn more, and become a digital nomad. With Yoonla, you can discover new opportunities selling to customers online.

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we’re all about helping you find real legit work online, while also assisting you in avoiding those evil online scams. We get the right information you’ll need to find real opportunities online. Our team applies the proper methods to uncover the companies you engage with for work online. This article examines Yoonla, a cost-per-acquisition company that turns you into an affiliate to make a profit. So, you want to make money by joining an affiliate program? If so, follow along to understand precisely how much money you can actually make with Yoonla.


First off , Yoonla is no longer active. So don’t get your hopes up after reading this review. That being said, the way that Yoonla previously worked was eerily cult like. This was due to the design of their system and the approach it required to make money. You make money by doing two things, having people sign up to the Yoonla Community with your affiliate link and/or having current members in your network upgrade to the VIP program.

So, how legit is Yoonla? The Yoonla website claims that their platform made people real money. So, is it as easy as signing up for an account to start making money? Discover the details behind Yoonla and it’s joservices. LegitWorkOnlineForReal helps you determine whether the opportunity on your screen is as it seems.

What is Yoonla all about?

Yoonla is about creating affiliates with dedicated mailing lists. When you join Yoonla, you are hoping to set up a domain, web hosting service, and auto email responder to outreach and grow your mailing list. The benefit to the Yoonla system, was that there was no fee that the customer had to incur for them to make a few bucks. Previous estimates of $2 – $4 per cost-per-acquisition signup, which were very lucrative to existing affiliates and obviously very attractive.

When did Yoonla Start?

Yoonla was founded by Reno Van Boven, a “New Zealand based entrepreneur.” The internet history of Reno is very limited and suspiciously low for a marketing and affiliate expert. Reno has less than 100 connections on LinkedIn and sparse information on his previous experience. 

What does it cost to use Yoonla?

It costs nothing to use Yoonla. The business and profit facing side comes from users upgrading to their maximum account level, which results in a domain fee of $15/year (plus $1.99 hosting fee/month) and an email responding software that costs $15.00/month.

Is Yoonla successful?  

No, Yoonla isn’t successful. Their business is now defunct and the program has been shut down for some time now. The Yoonla team had a destructive go of it. It was very rewarding for their affiliates while it lasted, but there were obvious obstacles in the balance sheet with such payouts. Ultimately, if we give their business a rating, it would be a D+.


  • Their platform had a free membership tier.
  • They had a very large community consisting of 1.5 million active registered users.


  • The business and program are defunct.
  • No BBB listing
  • The founder is inexperienced.
  • You don’t get paid for every lead that you refer. You’re only pay for high quality leads.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous Yoonla users and customers have mainly positive opinions about their business model and customer experience. Here are some references to understand how Yoonla did business.

One customer said,

“it is free to join. but, if you dont buy a membership, you wont make any money. They only want your money”

While another unsatisfied customer wrote,

“Not good at all”

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Our Conclusion For Yoonla:

Yoonla was an affiliate platform designed to reward you for bringing additional affiliates into the fold of growing an email list and outreach group. The program was seemingly profitable for some time and very lucrative for affiliates to the point that the business is no longer operational and the service is no longer available to join.

The application has since gone out of business due to market failure and inadequacies. Though their payment structure was known for being profitable, you can no longer join to make extra cash to help pay the bills. While it is not a scam, it is certainly not very successful nor operational.

With that all being said, we believe Yoonla is NOT a scam. Either way, users can sign up and find out for themselves if it’s a scam, as we conclude here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.

Have you had a different experience with Yoonla or have another opinion concerning Yoonla? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Yoonla, and we’ll see you in the following review.

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