Rebate Processor Jobs: Why these are considered a Scam?

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The Reality of Rebate processor Jobs: Why these are considered a Scam?

If your a frequent web-surfer, you may have seen, or heard about companies that offer Rebate processing jobs that suppose to payout reasonably. These companies are spread out all over the internet. These companies claim that you can make hundreds of dollars on the daily basis, by processing rebates for third parties. However in reality, you are paid in pennies. If not pennies, nothing at all. Let me further explain.

Rebate processor jobs are just one of the many famous work from home job opportunities, that can possibly earn you a reasonable amount of money. But the scams that are associated with this job, have made it ambiguous. A lot of people now wonder what these jobs are all about, and how much money one can make working with them. Let’s see what the real Rebate processor jobs are all about, and what pros and cons are linked with them. You’ll also learn the difference between a scam Rebate processor job, and a legit one. Let’s dig right in shall we..

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What are rebate processor jobs?

A Rebate processor, is an individual who processes rebates by checking that the provided information is completed, filled in, and done correctly. Rebates are incentives given to customers by a company for buying its products, or services. It can be in the form of a reduction, refund, or return, in the amount of money paid for a specific product, or service. A Rebate is a kind of promotion that companies use to boost their sales. So a rebate processor fills the forms, and records the data. These jobs do not require hard technical skill, and can easily be carried out from home.

There are a number of online companies that are continuously searching for new rebate processors. They advertise thier ads on all kind of popular media sources, including newspapers, radios, and the internet. The work is easy to execute, and the pay is reasonable. You earn between $5 and $20, per rebate that was processed. The company allows you to access their customer’s database, where you would complete the required work.

At the end of the day, is when you would be able to track the amount of money you’ve made for the day. The money you made depends on the number of Rebates you’ve processed. The more completed Rebates, the more money you could make. So if you are interested in this type of job, you would have to carry out a detailed search online and weave out the good companies. Get comfortable because finding a Rebate gig online that’s legit, could take a minute.

With that being said, be careful about the companies you choose to work with, and approach everything you find with a little skepticism. There are lots of companies out their (especially online), that make huge promises to lure new prospects in. But the whole goal is to rip you off. So always do your research before joining a company. Don’t believe in the testimonials you read, and the pictures you see.

These are often complete fakes. Instead, check the original reviews about the company that actual employees are saying, and search for a Better Business Bureau profile, on the (BBB) website. If the company does not have a BBB profile, this could be a sign of it being a huge scam. So beware, and do your research well before starting to work or invest in a rebate company.

The companies that advertise having the ability to generate bundles of cash daily, direct you towards affiliate marketing, instead of being an actual Rebate processor. You end up selling a companies products for a commission, instead of doing the work you actually signed up for.

Usually these companies ask for a $50 signup fee or more (upfront), often stating that it’s their little way of weaving out the serious folks, from the skeptical one’s. So, they take initial money from you on a guarantee that you’ll be making money. Later on, you find out that this work requires too much effort and in reality, pays you nothing. The money you spend on advertising the products your promoting, could add up to more than what you’ll actually earn. So you may end up losing money instead of making it.

How to differentiate between legit and scam rebate processor jobs?

As mentioned earlier, the internet is filled with scams associated with Rebate processing jobs. So you need to watch out for companies that are looking to rip you off. I’ve compiled a check list below, that could assist you in determining whether or not a Rebate processing job is legit, or a scam. The list goes as followed:

      • Big Claims: Scams are often labelled, and advertised with astonishing statements, and claims. Any company that tells you that you can make hundreds of dollars daily by simply processing rebates, is more than likely trying to scam you. The real Rebate processor jobs offer a certain amount of money per rebate, which is generally between a whopping $0.1 and $0.3 cents. So don’t fall for those  ridiculous claims.


      • Marketing and promoting products: Real Rebate processor jobs will never ask you to market, or advertising their products. Rather, it is all administrative work. You will be required to fill in forms for documenting Rebates. In return, you will be paid as agreed. That’s what a real Rebate processor job is all about.


      • Fee for joining: The company could be a scam, if yov’ve signed up for a Rebate processor position, and they then start requesting fees for some kind of a starter packet. Real jobs don’t require a start up cost/fee. Especially for processing Rebates online. The sign up is always free.


      • BBB profile: Visit the Better Business Bureau and search for the company that is offering the job. Most scams don’t have BBB profiles (of any!). However, if somehow these companies manage to get one, do not forget to check the complaints section. You might find your answer there.


      • Reviews: Don’t believe everything posted by Rebate processor jobs. Most of the time, these websites show testimonies from customers speaking on their success over the years. But they aren’t real. These are completely made up testimonies. Instead visit a website that does real reviews on legit/scam opportunities (like this one). Reviews that include real research, real users experience, and users point of view.

Pros and cons of Rebate processor jobs

The Rebate processor industry isn’t small. It has created plenty of jobs for people. But is this a suitable job for you, or not. You can decide for yourself by checking out the pros and con’s of doing this type of work.


      • No direct contacts with customers: A Rebate processor only documents data. He/she doesn’t have to directly deal with customers. So you won’t have to call customers, or worry about reaching out to them thru email. Not having to follow up with customers will allow you to be more flexible with your time.


      • No contract: Most online companies allow you to work without a contract. This is a noticeably huge advantage of being a Rebate processor. If you don’t like the job, or your not satisfied with the company, you can stop working, or transfer to another company. With a  contract not being in place, you aren’t bound by law to work for anyone.


      • Good earning potential: Another good thing about this job is that it has an ok earning potential. Especially if your doing this for a few extra bucks. If you process enough Rebates, you can make $5 to $20 (total), on the daily basis. 


      • Monotonous job: The Rebate processing job is administrative, and monotonous. You don’t need to be creative to pull through with this job. That also means that you’ll need to be focused and discipline, to avoid minor mistakes. Because of the boring nature of this type of work, it’s possible to make a simple small mistake, that could carry a large consequence.


      • Greater chances of being scammed: The internet is filled with scams. So folks looking for this type of work online, need to be on the look out, and extra careful. There’s plenty of companies out there that trick people into affiliate marketing, instead of providing them with a real Rebate processor job. So if your looking for this type of work online, be sure to do some good research well before joining, and investing in what you think might be legit. 


      • No scope for professional growth: This job is all about checking, filling, and submitting in forms with customers personal data. With that being said, there’s not much for you to learn, or many ways for you to grow professionally. Most of the jobs online pay more for experience, and offer a better position. However, this job won’t allow you to upscale your salary, or your position. Huge bummer!!

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My Conclusion:

With all that being said, (with direction) having a Rebate processor job could be a good option for working from home. Rebate processors are real, and do exist. But the best way to approach this ( I would say), would be to follow behind a family member or close friend, who’s already doing it. You need to be as careful as possible. You need to especially be careful and on the look out for scams that are using the same job title.

Their only trying to get you to join unrewarding affiliate marketing programs, or to flat out scam you. Whether you should pursue them or not, depends on how bad your desire is to make money online, or work from home. If your a patient, disciplined, diligent, hard working person, you might locate one, and this job could be for you. But I’ll leave you up to the task of locating one. Either way my conclusion is that Rebate processor jobs aren’t scams. It just might take a tough cookie to pursue it, that’s all.. 

Need help finding legit work online?

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But other than that, would you happen to have something to say about your experience being a Rebate processor? Maybe something to add? If so, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to know what your point of view on all of this is! Thanks for checking out my post, and good luck with your success online!

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