Uber Eats Review | A Legit Food Delivery Job or Scam?

Uber Eats | A Legit Food Delivery Job or Scam?


Uber Eats website logoIntroduction: 

There are so many ways to earn money online – just like there are many ways to kill a rat. Some online job opportunities are so convenient, that you might not have to leave your room. But others require you to be more active. 

A company like Uber Eats claims to help riders and drivers make extra cash delivering food. Considering the popularity of Uber Eats, chances are that you are already aware of this. If you are, then what brings you here? Let us guess, you want to know whether you can actually earn a decent income as a delivery person with Uber Eats. 

If that is the case, welcome to our Uber Eats review, which will focus on uncovering the nitty-gritty of this online food delivery service. Our mission here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, is to help our community of online entrepreneurs find legit work at-home opportunities and avoid online scams

This review will cover the following areas concerning Uber Eats:

  • When was it started?
  • What is Uber Eats all about |How does it work?
  • Making money as an Uber Eats restaurant partner
  • Making money as an Uber Eats Delivery Partner
  • How much money can you make making Uber Eats deliveries?
  • When and how does Uber Eats pay you?
  • What does it cost to become an Uber Eats delivery partner?
  • What we liked about Uber Eats
  • Good vs. bad qualities
  • What are internet users saying about Uber Eats?

When Was It Started?

Uber Eats was founded in 2014 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, the founders of the parent company Uber Technologies Inc. The food delivery service program is an online operation at UberEats, but the company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

What Is Uber Eats All About |How Does it Work?

In essence, Uber Eats is a Food delivery service that partners with restaurants and delivery persons to deliver food to customers’ doorsteps. A customer will open their Uber Eats app, select items from the menu, and place an order. 

These orders are then received by the restaurants, packaged, and pushed to Uber Eats delivery partners, who then make the actual delivery. Therefore, there are two ways to make money with Uber Eats; as a restaurant partner, or as a delivery partner. Let’s dive deeper into how these complementary programs really work.

Making Money as An Uber Eats Restaurant Partner

If you happen to own a restaurant, you can partner with Uber Eats for them to promote your menu through their mobile app, website, and other channels. 

Whenever an Uber Eats customer orders from your menu, you prep the order as usual. The app will then send an Uber Eats driver to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer, at an agreed upon fee. 

Statistics published by the company show that the best-performing US restaurants that partner with Uber Eats make an average of $75,000 a year using the app. However, how much you make will depend on your menu, customer base, and location. Uber Eats will also collect a commission from your sales. 

Making Money as An Uber Eats Delivery Partner

Becoming an Uber Eats delivery partner means picking up food packages from restaurants and delivering them to clients at an agreed upon fee. You will need to have a bike, scooter, motorcycle, or car to qualify as an Uber Eats driver/rider. 

How Much Money Can You Make Making Uber Eats Deliveries?

On average, drivers and riders earn $5 to $50 on average, depending on factors such as the time of day and location, and tips. That typically means that you can earn more when making delivery trips in a busy city. Drivers also reported earning more during peak times like lunch and dinner rushes. 

Your Uber Eats delivery partner earnings will be calculated based on the following metrics:

  • Pickup location – every restaurant has it’s own pick-up charge
  • Drop Off location – every drop-off location has it’s drop-off charge
  • Milage covered – the distance covered is also accounted for, via a per-mile rate 

Case in point: If you make a delivery to a customer who is 5 miles away from the pickup restaurant, your trip fee will be calculated as follows: $2 (pickup) + ($0.20 x5) miles + $3 (drop-off) = $6 delivery fee. 

According to Ubereats.com, distance rates and fees are calculated depending on the type of vehicle used and the city you are working in. 

In addition, each city has it’s service fee or typically Uber’s cut. So, if the company charges a 25% service fee in your city after making the trip in the example above, you will pocket approximately $4.50. Fortunately, you get to keep 100% of the tips collected from happy customers. 

When And How Will Uber Eats Pay You?

Restaurant partners receive their earnings based on terms spelt out in their contractual agreement signed at the time of registration. 

On the other hand, delivery partners can cash out their earnings after every trip, up to five times a day or opt for weekly online payments via your bank account or debit card. 

What Does It Cost to Become an Uber Eats Delivery Partner?

Registering to become an Uber Eats driver is free of charge. However, you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A vehicle (car, motorcycle, bike, or scooter)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Submit a government-issued ID
  • Must have a smartphone to install the Uber Eats App

These eligibility requirements can change, depending on where you are registering from. 

What We Liked About Uber Eats

  1. You get to keep 100% of all your tips

It is expected that you will, sometimes, make deliveries to generous and kind customers who will tip you. These tips are yours to keep, when working as an Uber Eats delivery partner. 

  1. Multiple Daily Cashouts

We also liked the fact that you can make up to five withdrawals every day, as an Uber Eats driver/rider. Some alternative online delivery programs will restrict you to a single daily withdrawal or weekly payments. 

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

Below are the upsides and downsides of being an Uber Eats delivery partner:


  • Flexible working hours
  • Multiple daily cashouts
  • You will keep 100% of your tips
  • Free to join


  • All operation costs are on you
  • It’s not an at-home job. You have to actively move from place to place
  • The income can be relatively low. Not enough to make you quit your day job

What Are Internet Users Saying About Uber Eats?

Below are some of the comments and reviews written by other Uber Eats delivery partners at SiteJabber. It is important that you read such reviews because they help paint a clear and realistic picture of what to expect from the program you are about to sign up with. 

Julian C

Uber Eats review from Sitejabber

Below is a quite interesting experience and sensitive sentiments from an actual Uber Eats driver:

Uber Eats review from Sitejabber


Uber Eats website logo

Our Conclusion For Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a legit online food delivery program, that pays drivers and riders to deliver food packages from restaurants to customers. It is free to become an Uber Eats delivery partner, but you will have to meet the eligibility criteria to be accepted. 

How much you earn making food deliveries will depend on several factors such as time of day and distance covered, and tips collected. You can expect to make $5 to $30 per trip on average. However, you will have to bear all operational costs such as vehicle service and maintenance, self-employment tax, gas, wear & tear, etc. 

If you do not mind driving around your city making food deliveries, then Uber Eats is ideal for you. However, if you are looking for an at-home online job, you can check out other legit online gigs that we have reviewed on this site. 

If you have any experience, thoughts, or comments on Uber Eats, feel free to share them with us. Thank you for reading this Uber Eats review, and see you in our next review. 

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