Copy Paste Commission Review | Can You Make $1,000 a Day Copying And Pasting Things or Is It A Flat-Out Scam?

Copy Paste Commission | Can You Make $1,000 a Day Copying And Pasting Things or Is It A Flat-Out Scam?

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Making money online and achieving self-sustenance is an admirable goal. There are many online programs that promise to either offer jobs or train you on how to earn money online. However, not all online money-making programs are legitimate. Some are schemes designed to rob your hard-earned money through programs that are packaged and marketed as legit, only to turn out as online scams. 

Copy Paste Commission is one such program that promised to help people earn thousands of dollars in daily profits for simply copy-pasting “what successful affiliate marketers have done to become millionaires.”  

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s probably because it is. If earning money online was that simple, then everyone would be an online millionaire. At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our mission is to help our community find legit online job opportunities, while also aiding you in avoiding those evil online scams.

Let’s face it, you are reading this Copy Paste Commissions review because you want to know whether it’s worth your time and money. This is the first step to protecting yourself from online scams – so, kudos to you! 

In the text that follows, we are going to uncover everything that you need to know about this program and whether it can help you earn money online or not. We will cover the following areas:

  • When it was started
  • What is it all about?
  • What does it cost to join Copy Paste Commissions?
  • Can you make money with Copy Paste Commissions?
  • What we liked about the program
  • Good vs. bad qualities
  • What are internet users saying about the program?

When Was It Started?

CopyPasteCommisions was launched in 2015, by Michael Cheney and Omar Martin. They claim that the program is a straightforward copy and paste online money-making system and training program that teaches people how to generate profits on auto-pilot. In essence, Copy Paste Commissions is designed and themed around internet marketing. 

What Is It All About?

The program works on the premise of gaining traffic from Facebook and building an email list. You are required to buy a training program that comes with an 80-page eBook, downloadable videos, and MP3 audio files that discuss the various strategies that the founders used to make over four million dollars. 

Strategies taught through the Copy Paste Commissions training program include:

  • The Crush Campaign: A strategy on how to increase your email list entries and create bonus materials that will grow your bottom line.
  • The Fence Shaker Strategy: Teaches you how to move people interested in your product/service off the fence and turn them into buyers. 
  • Traffic Strategy: Teaches you how to take advantage of paid and free traffic generation techniques on Facebook. 
  • Email Strategy: This course shows you how to build an email list. It also offers copy & paste templates that will make sure your emails don’t get trashed. 

What Does It Cost to Join and Use Copy and Paste Commissions?

At registration, the cost of joining Copy Paste Commissions is an upfront $19.95. Though this amount doesn’t seem like much, that’s just the upfront cost of joining the program and does not account for costs incurred for generating traffic, purchasing ads, and hosting/creating a website – services offered by the founders. 

These costs will soon add up to drive the price over the roof. As if that’s not enough, you will be bombarded with up-sells advertised as programs designed to help you become more successful. The up-sell programs range between $17 and $37, and there have been complaints that they don’t provide any real value for your money. They are:

  • Toolkit LITE: $17
  • Top Commissions Premium Toolkit: $27
  • Done for You Commissions Services: $37

Can You Make Money with Copy Paste Commissions?

This program claims that if you apply the training provided and build an email list using their system, you stand to make about $1,000 or more each day on autopilot. Promising to help students earn a thousand dollars every day without doing much work is a very bold claim, which makes most people question the legitimacy of Copy Paste Commissions.

If you feel the promise is too good to be true, you could be right! Though the training resources are great and helpful, we haven’t come across a single testimonial from a Copy Paste Commissions graduate who has managed to make $1,000 every day. 

In our opinion, Copy Paste Commissions is a sales funnel intended to sell, sell, and sell until you have paid your last penny to the site. If you are looking to buy a training program that will actually give you value for your money, then your money is better spent on a legit affiliate marketing program like Wealthy Affiliates

What We Liked About the Program

  1. Helpful Resource

The training material in this program provides useful information on effective online marketing and affiliate marketing strategies. If you want to learn a few best practices for effective email marketing and generating free Facebook traffic, then Copy Paste Commission’s training program resources may be worth your time and money. 

  1. Money Back Guarantee 

We liked the fact that Copy Paste Commissions uses JVZOO, which makes it easy for users to claim refunds if they are not satisfied with the product/service. 

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

To keep this Copy Paste Commissions Review unbiased, we have prepared a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this program. This information will help you make an informed decision on whether this program is worth buying or whether it’s a hard pass. 


  • Offers helpful information for beginners
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Relatively affordable compared to other online training programs
  • Free traffic generation 


  • No BBB rating 
  • Unnecessary upsells
  • Atypical or hyped income claims
  • It’s not really copy and paste as advertised
  • Obsolete strategies 

What Are Internet Users Saying About the Program?

Since we are not affiliated with Copy Paste Commissions or any of the other online programs we have review, we love to keep things as honest as possible. Each of our reviews feature this section, which seeks to bring customer reviews directly to our readers’ attention. 

We understand that the best way to form a clear image of what to expect from an online program, is by reading what people who have already used the program are saying about it. What’s that all being said, unfortunately we couldn’t find any customer reviews on Copy Paste Commissions on the internet. 

However, there are roughly about 16 testimonials on, all of which praise the program to be the holy grail of affiliate marketing. But anyone would forgive us for saying that these comments could be paid testimonials, with zero juice (not even a drop!), the actual experience. 

Copy Paste Commission website logo

Our Conclusion For Copy Paste Commission

Drawing a conclusion that Copy Paste Commissions is legit or a scam is not that straightforward. The website offers pretty useful information for beginners looking to learn how to build and monetize an email list. Though some of the strategies taught are already obsolete, one can still learn a few tricks here and there.

However, there are plenty of red flags on Copy Pate Commissions. The first red flag is the name itself, considering that the program does not work as a copy and paste subscription, as one would expect. Secondly, the promised income is too hyped and difficult to actualize – you are not naive enough to fall for a promise to make $1,000 every day, from simply copying and pasting, are you?

Building a successful online business takes more effort and time than what Copy Paste Commissions is trying to suggest. The fact that the business lacks a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating could also be a deal-breaker for some. Especially us!

That brings us to the end of our Copy Paste Commissions review. We are hoping that the information given herein, has been helpful. If you have any thoughts or experience with Copy Paste Commissions, feel free to share them with us. Thank you and see you in our next review. 

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