10 Tips For Highly Effective Email Marketing

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10 tips for easy, highly effective email marketing..

Today, it’s nearly impossible to visit most business websites without a pop up to join their newsletter, or receive free information for bettering your brand. Especially legit online businesses! These business owners are utilizing the beauty of email marketing. It’s your turn to do the same for your business. This marketing technique could potentially change your business forever. I will provide 10 tips for effective email marketing to help you start your journey towards success – in no specific order.

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Tip 1: Offer Free Tips and Insights

Those websites that you visit with the pop ups, usually mention wanting you to give you email address for “free tips,” “free examples,” or “free insights” towards the topic of their brand. Your customers like free, but even more they like free things that will ultimately help them.

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Tip 2: Build Trust

Ensure that your website encompasses trusting material so that customers will want more from you. If you provide content that intrigues them, they will WANT to sign up for your email lists for more information and updates. Make them feel like they’re getting the inside scoop on your business.

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Tip 3: Limit the Emails

No one wants their email spammed with multiple emails a day. Limit the amount of emails you send after getting them to subscribe to your email list. You’ve already accomplished getting their attention if they signed up, tread lightly with massive amounts of emails. Keep your subscribers on their toes, wanting more, so that they’re waiting on the next email.

Tip 4: Keep It Interesting

If you reread your emails and they read like a textbook – delete it and start over. You want to keep the email content interesting enough to keep your subscribers subscribed! If they are constantly receiving textbook material, they will unsubscribe – it only takes a few clicks to lose a subscriber.  

Tip 5: Guide Readers Back to Your Website

Send a short and simple email so that you can guide subscribers back to your website. Have a link included in the email for them to read the full posts. This allows business professionals to read your entire email and know they have a link they can check out later to read more information about the topic of the email. Not only does this keep them subscribed, it creates traffic back to your site!

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Tip 6: Make It Personal

Your subscribers want to feel that the email is for them – and only them. We can be selfish beings! Let them feel that way by personalizing your emails. Use a software that allow you to use your subscriber’s name at the beginning of the email and sign your name at the bottom.

Tip 7: Consistency

Tip 3 mentioned to limit the amount of emails you send, but don’t interpret that as slacking off with emails. For new subscribers, a solid 3-5 emails are a good rule of thumb before slowing it down to one every few days. This ensure that your subscribers don’t forget you and your brand.

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Tip 8: Provide Useful Material

If you find yourself emailing, simply to say that you met your email quota for the week or month – STOP! Make sure you’re providing useful material to your subscribers. You will be of no help to them if you send them random emails, rather than something to keep them interested in your brand. You want to remain relevant to them so that you keep their subscriptions.

Tip 9: Effective Subject Line

You don’t want your email to be placed in the trash folder before it’s opened. No ones that. Make sure you immediately catch their attention with the subject line first so that they actually open the email. You can’t be effective is no one reads your material.


Tip 10: Don’t Overdo It

A lot of these tips can also plummet your effectiveness with email marketing if you over do them. Be genuine because people catch on to fake business strategies and will unsubscribe because of it. You don’t want to look like you’re solely focusing on boosting your business, but you also don’t want to make people question your authenticity. Look for the happy medium for you and your subscribers.

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Successful Email Marketing:

If done right, email marketing could cause a huge boost in your customer conversion. Utilizing the tips above could help you make the right next move with your emails. Email marketing doesn’t have to be hard – follow my advice to help give you an easy transition into this marketing technique.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips For Highly Effective Email Marketing

  1. Excellent email marketing tips. I really like the ones where you said have good headlines, be consistent, and also be personal.

    With how busy people sre now a days, it’s important to catch their attention with a headline then keep their attention once they click on the email.

    Thanks again for the tips.

    1. My pleasure Michael! Thank you so much for commenting on my post. More informative post coming soon. Take care and good luck with your success.

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