RapidWorkers Review-Completing Tasks To Serve Customers Or Scam?

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Would you be interested in completing tasks to serve a variety of customers, while working entirely remotely?

Well, if you are in the market of completing projects at a low rate, through an entirely crowdsourced service, with more than 100,000 workers, you might want to look at RapidWorkers. When you are in the job market to complete simple online tasks, you are sure to have to consider working with a team of individuals, small businesses, and/or professionals. You’ll be (most of the time), working at a low rate, but still required to provide a world class service to clients on-demand.

RapidWorkers crowdsources services to create low-cost marketing campaigns, designed to drive growth, enhance ranking, and optimize backlinks, with a variety of other SEO services. Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we dig deep to uncover the truth to RapidWorkers business model. Is RapidWorkers a legit online opportunity? Can you make money with RapidWorkers, or are they just another big scam?

With our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com, we aim to help you get straight to business, with making a better, more informed decision. We perform extensive research to find the right opportunities for you. Let’s get started..


RapidWorkers is a micro-job website that connects businesses with individuals willing to complete simple-to-do tasks wherever you are. If you have done any basic research into RapidWorkers, it’ss understandable if you find yourself unsure whether the organization is a scam or not. Yes, their now decade+ of experience gives the impression that they are a credible team. But we’ll take a deeper look at their system. It’s not uncommon to come across a scheme as a micro-service provider. As a micro-service provider you can leverage your own skills to get paid for simple tasks.

But we leave it to your judgment (after you’ve done a little due diligence), by visiting RapidWorkers and learning that UnikScripts, Inc. is a fictitious business with potentially nefarious intentions. With that being said, we are confident that RapidWorkers is at best a suspicious scheme.

Who started RapidWorkers and when?

RapidWorkers is owned and operated by UnikScripts, Inc., which claims to have been
established way back in 2009.

What is RapidWorkers all about?

RapidWorkers is a micro-service provider that connects you with simple-to-do tasks over the
internet. In the RapidWorkers online community, members are willing to provide tasks in exchange for PayPal payments. RapidWorkers boils down to a freelance platform where you can get paid for extremely basic and short-term tasks.

When you compare this payment system with other freelance service providers, suspicion may arise. Especially when you identify the lack of native billings with RapidWorkers. Genuine businesses have official forms of payment (even with PayPal), but the manual system the RapidWorker site implements is inconceivable.

Does it cost to join RapidWorkers programs?

After performing some essential research, we discovered that RapidWorkers business plan
makes it possible so there is no cost to using the site, other than your time. RapidWorkers
compensated their users an average of $0.35 per task submission. You have to consider how
much money you are missing out on in trade-off cost at that rate.

What Membership do they provide?

Once you are a member, RapidWorkers would allow you to complete tasks and ‘earn’ money online. Their model operates on a single-tier account, allowing submitters to contribute via pending reviews, and be paid out via PayPal.

Is RapidWorkers Successful?

No, they are not successful. If we could give a rating it would be a F. Their web presence is less than decent, but there is zero customer support, and dozens of reviews reflecting the opposite of a satisfactory experience.

How Does RapidWorkers Help People Make Money Online?

RapidWorkers is designed to provide an online community of simple micro-jobs and job hunters looking to provide value through small tasks. You can help companies, brands, and products by completing simple online tasks to support low-cost marketing and SEO campaigns. The website claims to offer excellent feedback and tons of jobs.

This is unfortunately not the case if you find yourself on most other websites. We suspect the websites that have positive reviews, are paid promotional by that company. If you are eligible to take a survey, RapidWorkers says they will pay you for your time and tasks. Are you interested?


  • RapidWorkers has a network of micro-task takers to offer critical marketing services.
  • Functional internet presence. RapidWorkers website is up and running and ready for you
    to get onboarded.
  • $8 Minimum Payout.
  • Each task takes an average of 3 min to complete.


  • Unfortunately, RapidWorkers does not require any specific constraints for users, so the talent pool is entry level and no one can confirm their age. Consumers need to feel like they are receiving accurate information and not unethical.
  • Find jobs according to your geographical location. If you are willing to sacrifice the
    integrity of your device’s location, you will surely receive access to location-specific tasks.
  • There’s a very high (6%) Payment Processing Fee.
  • Your earning potential depends on the Country you live in.
  • There’s no BBB rating for this plateform.

What are internet users saying about this website?

From our preliminary investigation, previous users and contributors on the RapidWorkers system were not fond of the procedures that ran their business operations. Their business exploits users locations to create a less-than lucrative business model, to complete simple tasks online. Here are some other references to understand more precisely what put RapidWorkers out of the running for “micro-service provider of the year”.

On one side,

“Not worth the time, loads scam tasks including signing up to adult websites via
advertisers affiliate link. Task pay very little.”

On the other side,

“Rapidworkers provide only 1 payout option. Which could not be suitable for
every user… I could not receive payment because I did not have a credit card.”

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Our Conclusion For RapidWorkers:

RapidWorkers without a shadow of a doubt, is a scam. RapidWorkers has reports for being the
worst microwork site on the planet. At this point, users sign up and ultimately are unable to access the rewards that they are supposed to have be awarded.

The management is known to be aggressive, or entirely absent, making claims that users use fake VPNs, which forces them to lock and block users access to their account. With that said, we believe that you should not waste your time with RapidWorkers and that their organization could ultimately use the money more than you could. For these reasons, we believe RapidWorkers.com is a scam and users shouldn’t sign up, period!

If you have a different opinion concerning RapidWorkers, we would love to hear it! Do you have questions or comments concerning our review? If so, be sure to leave them below. Thank you again guy’s for reading our review on RapidWorkers and we wish you nothing but the best.

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